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NIFT (MDes) 2022/2023 - Study Material Kit

SILICA student AIR 1 at NIFT in 2017, 2018, 2019

8 reasons why SILICA’s Study Material helps students top NIFT exam:

1.Created by NIFT Alumni
5. 50+ GK PDFs
2.Mapped to Exam Pattern
6.Past 10 Years Solved Papers
3.20+ Video Lessons for GAT
7.Fashion Aptitude Book
4.50+ Video Lessons for CAT
8.Online App. Learn 24x7

Online Kit (Rs 1,500) Order Now
Study Books (Rs 4,000) Order Now

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See detailed table of contents below.

NIFT Study Material - Table of Contents

# Modules Highlights
1 Books 12 Books for CAT & GAT preparation
2 Online Learning Module Online App with with E-Books, Practice Quizzes
3 Free NIFT Group Discussion & Personal Interview Online Kit For Group Discussion & Personal Interview, to make you a topper at NIFT

I. Books: The Study Material Kit contains set of 12 books as follows:
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Book No. Description of the Book Purpose of the book / How to study from the books
1 Introduction to Drawing & Design These 5 Books are to prepare for Creative Ability Test (CAT), which carries 40% weightage, in NIFT Results.

Every fashion entrance exam will check Drawing, Design & Creativity skills. The books will help students learn drawing & design through a step by step learning approach. The books are made of lectures. Each lecture covers key topics. Students are expected to complete the learning exercises, exploration exercises and application exercises. The outcome from these exercises can become part of the students’ portfolio, which is required for admission to most fashion schools.
2 Color Theory & Compositions
3 Perspective & Object Drawing
4 Human Figure Drawing
5 Compositions & Memory Drawing
  1. Numerical Ability – Practice Sets
These 4 Books are to prepare for General Ability Test (GAT), which carries 30% weightage, in NIFT Results.

Every fashion entrance exam will check basic mental ability or IQ of the students. These books are made of practice sets to test and improve your basic mental & IQ abilities like Quantitative, Analytical and English Communication abilities. Students should complete these practice sets and check their answers against Answer key given in the books.

Every fashion exam will test your General Awareness & Knowledge. These books will encourage you to know about important topics. More such topics such as Fashion Awareness are included in SILICA’s Online Learning Module (see below).
  1. English Communication & Comprehension – Practice Sets
  1. Reasoning & Logical Deduction – Practice Sets
  1. General Awareness & Case Studies - Practice Sets
10 NIFT (CAT & GAT) Test Series This book contains 6 mock tests each for CAT paper & GAT paper. They are prepared based on inputs from NIFT alumni.
11 NIFT Test Series – Approach to Solutions (CAT & GAT) Part A of the book provides suggested approach and Answer key for 6 CAT mock tests. Part B provides Answer key for 6 GAT mock tests.
12 NIFT Creative Aptitude Development Book This book is specially designed by NIFT Alumni for SILICA students. The book contains 10 most important topics on Creative Aptitude (CAT) based on the last 10 years CAT papers. For each topic, it has tips for solving questions, activities to develop creative aptitude, online links to study and questions expected in the NIFT CAT paper.

II. Online Learning Module (OLM): SILICA’s OLM is free for students who have ordered this Study Material Kit. The OLM can be accessed at or through Moodle App. Your username and password will be sent to you by email and SMS once your Study Books are dispatched. The OLM contains following:
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# OLM Course Course Contents
1 NIFT Creative Aptitude (CAT) This course contains Visual E-Books on:
- Last 5 years NIFT Papers Solved
- Fashion Aptitude Development
- 20 ways to develop a Portfolio
- 10 Example Portfolios of SILICA’s Past Toppers
2 NIFT General Ability (GAT) - 11 Quizzes / 300+ Practice Questions on Quantitative Ability
- 12 Quizzes / 400+ Practice Questions on Analytical Ability
- 6 Quizzes / 200+ Practice Questions on English Communication
- 8 Quizzes / 200+ Practice Questions on General Knowledge
- 50+ Topics on General Knowledge & Current Affairs
- 20+ Topics on Fashion General Knowledge
- Bonus for MAT: 20+ Practice passages for Critical Reasoning
- Bonus for MAT: 10+ Practice passages for Case Studies

III. Free NIFT Group Discussion & Personal Interview Online Kit: If students prepare with this Study Material Kit and crack the Written Exam / Phase 1 of NIFT, SILICA will provide free access to Online Home Coaching Kit for NIFT Group Discussion & Personal Interview. This Kit contains:
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1. Guidance on Portfolio Preparation 2. Guidance on Interview Preparation 3. Guidance on Group Discussion with 50 Topics

NIFT Preparation 2022/2023