NID Mains 2023/2024 – Home Coaching Kit


  • 30+ Video Lessons

  • 140+ Studio Test Exercises

  • 20+ Materials for Real Studio Test Experience

  • 20+ Examples of Past Toppers Portfolios

  • 20+ Examples of Past Toppers SOPs

  • MDES: Workbook for 19 NID Disciplines

  • FREE 2 Days Workshop @ Live Online

Compare Kit Options:

# Particulars of Product Online Kit* Rs 500 Box Kit Rs 1,000
1 7 Day Course with 30+ Preparatory Videos Online Online
2 7 Day Workbook with 100+ Studio Test questions Online Book
3 20+ materials forMock Tests @ Home
4 For M.Des. - Discipline Specific questions / tests Online Online
5 PDF and Video Resources for Interview Preparation Online Online
6 PDF and Video Resources for Design Portfolio Online Online
7 FREE - 2 Day Workshop @ Live Online
*Note: Recommended for all NID MDes Students.

NID Mains 2022 – Classroom Coaching


  1. Both Offline & Online options available
  2. Conducted by NID Alumni
  3. Course covered in 10 / 14 / 21 Days
  4. Solve Mock Studio Tests
  5. Mock Interviews with Panel
  6. Portfolio Preparation & Compilation
  7. For MDes: Discipline Specific Coaching
  8. FREE: Access to Online Home Coaching Kit

₹5000 ₹3000/-

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NID Preparation 2022/2023

SILICA provides online videos on youtube and as part of the Home Coaching Kit. Many students have cracked their NID Mains exams with the help of these video lessons.

NID Studio Test Question – Steps by Step Solution

NID Exam 2022-2023  Key Updates:
Application forms for NID B.Des and M.Des 2022 - 23 are out Pls find the details below:
1. Exam date : 2nd Jan 2022

2. Last date to apply : 30th Nov 2021

3. Registration link -


B.Des -
M.Des -

The key dates for NID 2022-23 admissions are as follows:
1. Last date of Application - 30th Nov 2021
2. NID Prelims Exam Date - 2nd Jan 2022
3. NID Prelims Result Date - 23rd April 2022
4. NID MDes Mains Exam Dates - Apr-May 2022
5. NID BDes Mains Exam Dates - June 2022
6. NID Mains Result Date - July 2022 (*expected)
7. Academic Year Start Date - August 2022 (*expected)

Important links to the official website:
1. Admission portal -
2. BDes Admission Handbook -
3. MDes Admission Handbook -

Teacher Icon - NID Coaching Classes in MumbaiOur Top Ranking Students


Merin Thomas

NID MDes 2021 AIR 1 (Open)

"I am thankful to SILICA Institute, its faculties & coordinators for helping me in my preparation, especially when it came to sketching, solving problems & making my portfolio. The Quizzes, Mock Tests & Guidance sessions by toppers helped me a lot. I strongly recommend SILICA for cracking Design Entrance Exam"

Khushi Purohit

NID BDes 2021 AIR 1 (Open)

"I convey my heartfelt gratitude to the SILICA Team for helping me top in both Prelims & Mains. The secret of cracking NID goes beyond books & I would like to thank my faculties for guiding me throughout. The study material & LMS provided by SILICA helped me alot. The Masterclasses by experts were amazing."

Dipra Arora

NID BDes 2021 AIR 2 (Open)

"The major part of my success goes to SILICA. Even though the classes were online, every class was interesting & valuable. The faculties were super helpful. Classwork & Homework discussions, feedback on Mock Test papers helped me a lot to improve. SILICA’s course structure is very well defined and rigorous."

Khushi Shringi

NID BDes 2021 AIR 1 (PwD)

"SILICA has guided excellently from foundation to advanced level. They were very supportive & motivating throughout the year. The Mock Tests & Discussions helped understand questions & how to improve. The Design Talks helped me to understand the design industry. I would like to thank SILICA; you truly are our Design Career Guide"

FAQ’s on NID

1. What happened in NID Mains 2021 during COVID19 lockdown?

Due to COVID-19 , the NID DAT Mains was conducted Online from home. Details related to Online interaction were sent to the candidate’s registered email id. The exact time and date was mentioned in the admit card. Also, students had to submit their required documents for verification purposes. Candidates were allowed to choose their campus and course program during the process of counselling and can freeze their seat.

There was change in weightage for the evaluation of final result of NID DAT. The weightage for B.Des DAT Prelims was 70% and for DAT Mains is 30% (online interaction). For M.Des, the revised weightage for DAT Prelims – Common Design Aptitude Test was 15% & Discipline Specific Test was 45% and for DAT Mains (online interview) weightage was 40%.

2. What is the cut off for NID DAT Prelims?
The cut off for NID DAT Prelims in 2021 – Click here
3. What is the final cut off for NID DAT Mains?
The cut off for NID DAT Mains in 2021 – Click here
4. What questions are asked in the NID DAT Mains exam?

The DAT Mains consists of two parts:

    • Studio Test: This may consist of tests in different formats such as drawing / sketching, hands-on model making, group discussions, observation tests, problem solving tests etc. This test will be marked out of 100 marks and will be conducted in English.
    • Interviews (only for MDes): The interviews will be conducted separately for each discipline, immediately after the Studio Test, at the same centre. This will be marked out of 100 marks. This will be an opportunity for the students to present themselves and their design portfolio to the jury.

Note: The DAT prelims score carries 70-80% weightage in final score. For MDes, the split is Studio Test (50%) and Interview (30%).

5. What kind of questions can be asked in the NID Studio Test?
  • NID B.Des. Studio Test – The questions will be common / similar for all.
  • NID M.Des. Studio Test – The questions will be design discipline specific.
  • The following table shows a list of topics and questions, which can be asked in the Studio Test:
# Type of Question Sample Question
1 Doodling & Drawing Observe the car parked outside and sketch it from 2 different angles.
2 Observation Tests Questions which will test your observation through the 5 senses: Sight, Hearing, Touch, Smell, Taste. E.g. List down all the ingredients that made up the breakfast you had this morning.
3 3D Model Making Use the given clay and thin wire to create a 3D model of your favorite cartoon or animation character.
4 Problem Solving More Applicable to M.Des. E.g. Automobile Design: Design the dashboard of concept motorbike by Honda. Please explain your concept through notes and sketches. Please show final rendering of the dashboard of the motorbike.
5 Group Discussions In a group of 10 candidates, have a group discussion on the following statement. Discuss either For or Against the statement. “Do quarrels strengthen relationships?”
6 Other Tests (Skits etc) In a group of 5 candidates, prepare a 3 minute skit on the following topic:“Incredible India!”
6. What kind of questions can be asked in the Interview?
  • There is no standard list of questions which are asked in a design admission interview. The questions will revolve around the candidate’s life, personality, temperament, achievements and creative outputs till date.

    Some sample questions are:

    1. Why do you want to join NID? What will you do if you don’t get into NID?
    2. What would you do if you find a homeless person on the street shivering in cold?
    3. In one minute, tell us why we should select you at NID?
    4. You have one minute, make us laugh.
    5. For M.Des. (E.g. Product Design):
      • Who is your favorite Product Designer?
      • What are some of the new products that fascinate you? Why?
      • What is happening in the Indian Product Design industry?
7. What student design portfolio is required for NID?
A design portfolio is not mandatory for admission to NID, but it helps the interviewer in assessing the suitability of the candidate for NID. During the interview, the candidate may present their past work (academic and/or professional) such as drawings, photographs, models, relevant documents etc., which they may like to share with the interview panel. These may be in analogue or digital (in a USB drive or your own laptop) format. The portfolio should reflect the candidate’s interests and abilities.
The NID distance learning course is a well-refined content to prepare for the NID entrance exam. This home coaching kit has been developed keeping in mind the best possible solution for your NID exams. It covers studio test, interview & portfolio preparation. The module has been prepared by NID / IIT Alumni. The NID kit has the perfect learning examples as per the NID exam pattern. The National Institute of Design has been one of the top institutes to aim for your design career. The NID exam pattern has been thoroughly researched by our experts and they have come with the best possible solution for students to crack them. In order to get the desired NID result, students have to understand and learn the content of this kit. So that they can pass out with flying colors. Silica aims at giving every student the best of their shot to clear the exams with the desired result.

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