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How Does SILICA NID Mock Test Help?

Preparing for NID can prove to be quite a difficult task, even more so if you do not have the right materials to help you prepare for your exams. Every year hundreds of students compete with each other to get admission to one of NID’s campuses in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, Gandhinagar, and many more.

The objective of the NID 2023 mock test is to test students’ knowledge on various topics related to drawing and design, visual thinking, material handling, design specialization, and many others. By practicing several NID mock test papers you can easily get accustomed to handling the exam pressure and be able to better your time management skills. Check out the marks allocated for a particular section and devise your strategy accordingly.

The pattern of NID’s B.Des entrance exam

A total of 100 marks will be allocated for the NID B.Des program.

By taking a look at the sample papers uploaded the following pattern can be seen:

B.Des DAT Prelims

Topics which can be tested Questions Marks allocated for each
General knowledge, events, sequences, and other related categories Q1-Q15 1 mark
Numericals Q16-26 2 marks
Identification of various styles Q27 3 marks
Critical thinking, visualization, written skills, drawing ability, and others Q28-31 15 marks

The pattern of NID’s M.Des entrance exam

A total of 100 marks will be allocated for the NID M.Des program.

By taking a look at the sample papers uploaded the following pattern can be predicted:

M.Des DAT Prelims

Topics which can get tested Questions Marks allocated for each question
General knowledge, pattern, logic, numerics, and other topics Q1-Q34 1 mark
Logic and numerical questions Q35-Q37 2 marks
Part-A Total Marks Part-B Total Marks 
Numerical Answer Type (NAT) – 8Q 24 Designing, Drawing and Sketching based 5Q 100
Multiple Select Question (MSQ)- 10Q 30    
Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)- 23Q 46    
Total marks 100   100

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What does Silica’s NID mock test paper consist of?

Silica’s NID mock test paper consists of various topics that can be easily understood by this categorization:

  • Design and Creative Aptitude section

This section checks the candidate’s imagination level to portray on-the-spot drawing and designing skills by displaying various types of graphic and pictorial questions. The marks for each question could range from a total of 10-15 marks respectively. Our NID’s mock test questions will help you develop a clear picture of the type of questions that could be asked.

  • General Aptitude section

The choice to pick from various answer options is provided in each section and an answer will be required to be chosen. The desired general knowledge expected from the future NID student will be tested in this section. The candidate’s mathematical knowledge will get tested as well. By our NID’s mock test questions, you can prepare in advance the quantitative aptitude which is required for NID.

Discipline-Specific DAT Section for M.Des

This section will be based on the specific type of category chosen by the candidate. Through our NID dat mock tests get prepared for your NID dat prelims as well as NID dat mains exam. Silica’s NID mock test can be seen divided into various areas:

  • Product Design 

The candidate’s intelligence to incorporate various elements into a distinct category could be asked from the candidate. The candidate could previously practice from our NID mock test papers to become exam-ready in a short period.

  • Automobile Design

The candidate could be asked to complete a visual image of a product or an automobile design. The candidate can get thoroughly prepared for this test through our NID mock tests which are available online on our website.

  • Graphic Design

The candidate could be tested to portray his ability in the form of a social movement or an incident in this section by integrating the use of graphical representations. Through our NID mock tests questions, you will easily be able to do them in any type of form asked.

  • Interaction Design

The candidate’s written ability will get tested in this section along with his designing skills. How basic interaction could be integrated into a candidate’s drawing is a skill the candidate needs to master. Through our NID mock tests get prepared in advance to deal with any type of exam question.

  • Universal Design

The candidate’s ability to make a design that could be utilized in several different ways will get tested in this section. The candidate can get his preparation done correctly and not waste time on useless and outdated questions through our NID mock tests question samples and pdf.

These are just a few of the categories which are illustrated from our NID mock tests. The others include the addition of Furniture and Interior Design, Animation Film Design, Information Design, and many more.

Our NID mock tests are freely available website on our website in online as well as pdf format. We even provide NID’s previous year’s test papers on our website. All that is required from your side is to fill in your basic details regarding your phone number, email, and city to get started on your NID preparation. 

Our expert faculty is here to help you with any doubts you can face during your preparation. Become aware of your weakness and work on your strengths through the support of our faculty and nail your NID entrance exam!

We even provide 20+ materials for your Mock test to help you with your NID preparation. This contains various resources including preparatory videos, pdf resources, and many more. 

The link to the online study kit can be accessed through 

NID Studio | Test NID Mains 2022/2023 |NID Studio Test Preparation Kit (

We even provide various sample papers for your NID preparation which are freely downloadable.

Link to Silica’s sample papers: NID Sample Papers, NID Question Paper PDF & Answers 2023 & Mock Tests (

Official B.Des sample papers link: 

Official M.Des sample papers link: 

By practicing more and more, you develop the ability to clear your NID exams seamlessly.


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