1. Download NID Sample Papers & Mock Tests PDFs : NID 2025 Practice Papers with Solution

For a candidate appearing for the NID entrance exam 2024, it is highly recommended to solve NID sample papers or NID mock test. These are the benefits of solving NID Question papers:

Prepares them to attempt unexpected or out of syllabus questions

Gives them a clear idea about the entrance exam paper pattern

Helps them understand the topics asked in the exam paper

Increases their confidence by attempting a full mock paper

Improves their ability to complete the paper in given time

Helps them understand their strengths and weaknesses and areas to focus

Makes them aware of their level of preparation and areas for improvement

The pattern for NID entrance exam papers is not fixed. It can vary from year to year. Hence, just solving NID previous year question papers may not be enough. Expert faculties from SILICA Institute have developed sample papers, which have an equal mix of questions similar to NID previous year papers and unexpected questions that may come in the NID 2024 exam paper.

Our faculties, who are alumni of NID, have collectively contributed questions to create these sample papers for the benefit of candidates appearing for NID 2024. The NID sample papers contain questions on all important topics which can be expected in the exam. They cover questions on Creative Aptitude as well as General Aptitude. Candidates should download these NID sample papers PDFs from the link given below. This will be the best type of self study, which a student can do to prepare themselves for the NID entrance exam.

Note: The sample paper PDFs for NID M.Des DAT at above link includes questions from multiple disciplines such as Product Design, Transportation & Automobile Design, Furniture & Interior Design, Graphic Design, Animation Film Design, Interaction Design, Information Design etc.

2. Download Previous Years NID Papers PDFs

Apart from sample papers, an aspiring candidate must also solve NID previous year question papers. Solving previous years’ question papers will help the candidates understand the level of difficulty of questions asked by NID in the past exams. This will help the candidates to crack the entrance exam if previous years exam pattern is repeated by NID in 2024. Ideally, a candidate should attempt the previous 5 years’ exam papers, as if they are giving the actual NID exam. This will be the perfect preparation for excelling in the actual exam.

Candidates can download PDFs of NID previous year question paper from below link. The previous year question papers are given along with solutions and answer keys. The below link provides previous 8 years’ NID exam papers for 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017 accompanied by solutions and answer key. The PDFs include previous year question papers for both NID B.Des and NID M.Des DAT Prelims exam.

Candidates applying for admission to the B.Des, GDPA, and M.Des programs at National Institute of Design campuses must take the NID DAT entrance exam, which is offered in two stages. Given the tremendous competition for coveted slots at these top institutes, hopefuls must begin their exam preparations by tackling NID DAT sample exams. These example papers, which are accessible for download, cover both M.Des and B.Des formats, giving excellent practice chances for success in the NID DAT.
The major goal of providing these sample papers is to help hopefuls become comfortable with the exam’s structure and obtain insight into the types of questions that will be asked. However, before attempting to solve the NID DAT sample papers, candidates must first understand crucial factors such as seat availability, test center locations, and the institute’s admissions reservation policy. Engaging with these practice papers prepares applicants to effectively traverse the final examination.
Furthermore, working through the NID DAT sample question papers is a useful tool for determining the difficulty level of questions and pinpointing key areas that require focused attention during exam preparation. Aspirants can use these tools to fine-tune their strategy and increase their confidence in taking the NID DAT Mains exam.

3. Sample Questions for NID 2023 Exam

Question of the Day

Q.  A rat has suddenly entered from the bottom right corner and looks at this scenario. Draw the following image in the given space from a rat’s perspective. (Do not use color) – 15 marks
Image sourced from: Daily Life in South and Center Cameroon 09, a painting by Emmanuel Baliyanga.

  1. Here are sample questions from the Design & Creative Aptitude section of NID Question Paper:


Q.1.  If there was zero gravity on earth, draw yourself in your living room long with the things you would like to anchor? [10 marks] [NID 2017 Paper]

Zero Gravity - NID Sample Papers - Silica

Q.2. Given here is the silhouette of a few objects in a specific position with respect to each other. 

Silhouette - NID Sample Papers - Silica

Imagine that the three objects are made of a) transparent glass, b) paper and c) wood respectively. In the given space below, draw the same arrangement of all the three objects without changing their relative position. Your drawing should be as large size as possible in the given space. Use shading to render material on the objects, such that the source of light is from the top right corner. [10 marks] [NID 2018 Paper]

3. To commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Government of India has invited ideas to design a CIRCULAR postage stamp (Rs.20) from young minds. Depict your idea for the stamp in the given format. (you need to use colours). [10 marks] [NID 2019 Paper]

  Postage Stamp - NID Sample Papers - Silica

4. Draw the scene of a student attending an online class and their sibling is troubling them during the class. The scene should also include the view of the inside of the room e.g. student’s study items, door, table, cupboard and other things. [15 marks] [NID 2021 Paper]   

Online Class - NID Sample Papers - Silica

5. Illustrate and depict a funny conversation between “X” and “O” of tic-tac-toe in 6 squares. [15 marks] [NID 2021 Paper]

tic-tac-toe - NID Sample Papers - Silica

  1. Here are sample questions from the General Aptitude section of the NID Question Paper:


Q.1. Colors of Coriander and Cabbage fall under which color scheme? [NID 2016 Paper]

A. Split Complementary

B. Analogous

C. Complementary

D. Harmonious


Ans: Option B – Analogous

Q.2. Which one of the following is the image associated with? [NID 2017 Paper]

 Universal Serial Buffer - NID Sample Papers - Silica

A. Unified Sequential Buffer

B. Universal Serial Buffer

C. Universal Serial Bus

D. Unicode Sequential Bus


Ans: Option C – Universal Serial Bus


Q.3. Choose the correct option from given choices for matching the right pairs.

1-Spiral Binding;  2-Perfect Binding;  3-Wire-o Binding [NID 2018 Paper]

NID Sample Papers - Silica

A. P-2, Q-1, R-3

B. P-3, Q-2, R-1

C. P-1, Q-2, R-3

D. P-2, Q-3, R-1


Ans: Option A, P-2, Q-1, R-3


Q.4. Observe the image given below: [NID 2019 Paper]

Rotate disc - NID Sample Papers - Silica

Imagine the following processes on the image-

1. Rotate disc “m” 90 degrees clockwise around the center “o”

2. Rotate disc “n” 180 degrees counter-clockwise around the center “o”

3. Rotate disc “p” 180 degrees clockwise around the center “o”

What will the resultant figure look like?

Answer Options - NID Sample Papers - Silica

Ans: Option A


5. The weight of a mother and her child together is 70 kg. The weight of the father and the child together is 90 kg. The weight of the father and the mother together is 120 kg. What is the combined weight of the family? [NID 2019 Paper]

A. 100 kg

B. 150 kg

C. 140 kg

D. 200 kg


Ans: 140 kg. Father = 70kg, Mother = 50 kg, Child = 20kg.


  1. Here are sample questions from Discipline Specific DAT section of the NID M.Des Question Paper:


Q.1. NID M.Des – Product Design:

Make a product that can be used in Bathroom taking inspiration from Mushroom.

Mushroom - NID Sample Papers - Silica

Q.2. NID M.Des – Automobile Design:

Complete the following Visual by Designing the dashboard of a Futuristic Car from your imagination.

Automobile Design - NID Sample Papers - Silica

Q.3. NID M.Des – Graphic Design:

There is a steep rise in the death rate of people dying due to road accidents in India. Make a poster suggesting people to follow traffic rules, car safety rules and so on.

Q.4. NID M.Des – Interaction Design:

Parking Fares in cities in India are still collected by Human Collectors. Design a Parking Fare Vending Machine for Parking Lots in India. It should consider aspects of how to monitor duration, penalty for overstay etc without any human intervention. Task: Explain your concept in less than 100 words. Show a Design of the vending machine in a drawing.

Q.5. NID M.Des – Universal Design:

This is an image of a regular tin opener at work. Identify at least 3 problems that are faced by older people while using this product. Design a new tin opener such that it takes care of the problems and can be used easily for older people.

Tin Opener - NID Sample Papers - Silica

5. NID Entrance Exam Pattern & Syllabus

NID Sample Papers for M.Des

Practicing NID sample papers can help you build clever strategies for passing the test with maximum precision and less mistake.

It will also help you enhance your speed and accuracy in the NID Design Aptitude Test in 2025.
Solving NID sample papers on a regular basis enables you to readily assess your performance. Here are the NID sample question papers in PDF format for the M. Des program.

The NID entrance exam consists of a Design Aptitude Test (DAT), which is made of the DAT Prelims and DAT Mains. Students who clear the Prelims exam are shortlisted for the Mains exam. NID DAT (Prelims) will be conducted in the first week of January 2023 and NID DAT (Mains) will be conducted in April / May 2023. Candidates have to clear both exams to be eligible for admission to these programs. For final admission at NID, the weightage of marks obtained in DAT Prelims is 30% and in DAT Mains is 70%.

NID DAT Prelims Exam Pattern:

The B.Des Prelims exam paper generally has 2 sections- Objective and Subjective questions.  The distribution of marks between the sections is usually- Objective = 40% and Subjective = 60%.

The topics covered in the  Objective section of the NID DAT Prelims exam are General Knowledge & Current Affairs, Numerical & Logical Ability, History of Art, Elements & Principles of Design, Color Theory, English Language and Comprehension, and Basic understanding of Science.

The topics covered in the Subjective section of the NID DAT Prelims exam are Visual Sensitivity, Form Sensitivity, Object Drawing, Sketching, Problem Identification & Solving, Creative Thinking, Visual Communication, Sequential Drawing,  and Creative Writing.

The M.Des DAT Prelims paper is split into 2 parts- Common DAT and Discipline Specific DAT. The Common DAT is common for all 19 disciplines. The Discipline Specific DAT section contains only questions based on the discipline chosen by the candidate. This paper is different for each of the 19 disciplines for M.Des at NID. Candidates can choose to apply for up to 2 disciplines at the NID entrance exam.

NID DAT Mains Exam Pattern:

Candidates who score above the cut off marks in the DAT Prelims are shortlisted for the DAT Mains exam. The DAT Mains exam for B.Des is called a Studio Test which includes Observation skills tests, Sensory tests, Drawing & Sketching tests, 3D Model making tests, and Material handling tests.

The NID DAT Mains exam for M.Des is a discipline-specific studio test. The candidate will get questions on problem-solving, model-making, sketching, and sensory tests from the disciplines they have chosen. For M.Des candidates, the NID studio test is followed by a personal interview, where they have to present their design portfolio.

How to Crack NID DAT MAINS?

Cracking the National Institute of Design (NID) entrance exam requires thorough preparation and strategic planning. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you crack the NID entrance exam:

  1. Understand the Exam: Know the exam pattern which includes Prelims (MCQs) and Mains (Studio Test & Interview).
  2. Gather Material: Get books, sample papers, and previous years’ questions for preparation.
  3. Enhance Drawing Skills: Practice drawing and sketching regularly to improve.
  4. Design Thinking: Work on problem-solving and innovation skills.
  5. Stay Updated: Follow design trends and current affairs in the design world.
  6. Time Management: Practice with time-bound mock tests for better time management.
  7. Mock Tests & Papers: Solve NID mock tests and previous years’ papers to understand the pattern.
  8. Prepare for Mains: Practice hands-on activities and projects for the Studio Test & Interview.
  9. Stay Confident: Believe in yourself and maintain a positive attitude.
  10. Seek Guidance: If needed, seek help from teachers or coaching institutes.

Prepare early, practice consistently, and stay focused to crack the NID entrance exam. Best of luck!

Advantages of solving NID Sample Question papers:

Solving NID question papers offers several advantages:

  1. Familiarity with Exam Pattern: By solving NID question papers, you become familiar with the exam pattern, structure, and types of questions asked. This helps you understand what to expect on the actual exam day.
  2. Understanding Question Types: NID question papers expose you to various types of questions, including drawing-based questions, design aptitude questions, and logical reasoning. Understanding these question types allows you to tailor your preparation accordingly.
  3. Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses: Analyzing your performance in NID Sample Papers helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses. You can focus more on areas where you are weak and build upon your strengths for better performance.
  4. Improving Time Management: Solving NID question papers within the stipulated time frame helps you improve your time management skills. Practicing under timed conditions prepares you to manage your time effectively during the actual exam.
  5. Boosting Confidence: As you solve more NID question papers and see improvement in your performance, your confidence levels increase. This confidence is crucial for tackling the exam with a positive mindset.
  6. Acclimatizing to Exam Pressure: Practicing with NID question papers simulates exam conditions, helping you acclimatize to the pressure and stress of the actual exam. This reduces exam anxiety and enhances your ability to perform well under pressure.
  7. Refining Problem-Solving Skills: NID question papers often include design problems and creative challenges. Solving these problems sharpens your problem-solving skills and enhances your creativity and innovative thinking abilities.
  8. Understanding Exam Trends: Regularly solving NID question papers allows you to track exam trends over the years. This insight helps you anticipate potential changes in the exam pattern and adjust your preparation strategy accordingly.

Overall, solving NID question papers is an essential component of effective exam preparation, offering numerous benefits that contribute to your success in cracking the NID entrance exam 2024-2025.

For more detailed information, read our blog on NID Entrance Exam Pattern and Syllabus.

6. FAQs about NID Exam

1. How many sample papers to solve before NID exam?

A good starting point would be to solve at least 5-10 sample papers, in addition to previous year’s question papers. You can download more than 25 sample + previous years papers from SILICA website. As you progress with your preparation, you can increase the number of sample papers you solve, depending on your comfort level and study schedule.

It is important to note that simply solving sample papers is not enough – it is equally important to analyze your performance, identify areas of weakness, and work on improving them. Additionally, it’s important to prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to solving sample papers, as it’s better to thoroughly understand a few papers than to quickly skim through many without learning much from them.

Our SILICA Guides can help you with your preparation and doubts, please connect with them on: 08080809198

2. Where to download NID Sample Papers?

You can download more than 25+ solved NID sample papers and previous years papers from the SILICA website. Download Here. Additionally, you can call your NID guides and ask for any doubts or guidance you need. You can contact us on: 08080809198

3. What are the benefits of solving NID Sample Papers?

Solving NID Sample Papers can help you in the following ways:

  • Get familiar with the format and pattern of the exam.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Practice answering questions under timed conditions.
  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • Improve your speed and accuracy.
4. How to prepare for the NID entrance exam paper?

There is no standard plan to prepare for the NID entrance exam. Every candidate has to create their own plan based on their abilities and motivation. If you have just started, you will need to put 2-3 hours every day over the next 2-3 months before the exam date.

Here are top 10 tips for your NID exam preparation plan:

  1. Study NID previous year question papers. Learn about topics & types of questions.
  2. Practice rapid sketching every day. Sketch objects, people, scenes.
  3. Learn and practice drawing in perspective
  4. Practice colouring using dry colours. Understand colour schemes.
  5. Come up with unique & interesting ideas as solutions for creativity questions.
  6. Practice time management. Solve questions in a fixed time.
  7. Read the newspaper and current affairs websites everyday
  8. Study History of Art and revise basics of Science from 8th to 10th Std
  9. Practice quizzes on Numerical Ability, Analytical Thinking, English
  10. Solve NID previous year question papers and sample papers.

Read in detail at our blog on top tips to prepare for NID entrance exams

5. What are important dates for the NID 2024 exam, application and admission?

NID DAT 2024 Prelims exam will be held on 8th January 2023. The key dates for the NID Entrance Exam and Admission Process are as follows:

Important stage Expected Date
Date for announcement of NID Results – DAT Prelims 15th March 2023
Date for release of NID Admit Card for DAT Mains 31st March 2023
NID Exam Date – DAT Mains 7th – 30th April 2023
Date for announcement of NID Results – DAT Mains 25th May 2023
NID Admission Cycles / Rounds 1st – 30th June 2023
Start of NID Admission / Academic year 15 July 2023
6. Top tips to crack the CAT & GAT questions during the NID exam paper?
Candidates often find the NID entrance exam paper difficult. To excel in the exam you need to rely not only on your preparation but also on the spot thinking. Here are some tips you can rely on during the exam:

For GAT (objective) section:

  1. Read the questions carefully. Avoid silly mistakes.
  2. Time is critical. Solve through mental calculations rather than writing.
  3. Don’t get stuck in one question, it is better to move forward.
  4. Attempt the easy or known answer questions first.
  5. Try the method of elimination, where you do not know the answer.

For CAT (subjective) section:

  1. Read and understand the question carefully. Do not hurry to start answering.
  2. Think of unique and interesting ideas for the answer.
  3. Visual presentation should be aesthetic and neat.
  4. The drawing should be technically correct & in proportion.
  5. Add notes to explain your design where necessary

Some more tips:

  1. Do not panic in the exam. If it is tough for you, it is tough for others too.
  2. Sleep well before the exam. Do light exercise and meditation in the morning.
  3. Eat well and drink water, do not be hungry or dehydrated.
  4. Carry your admit card, ID proof and stationery materials.
  5. Reach the exam venue 1 hour before exam time.
7. What is the eligibility criteria to apply for the entrance exam for NID admission?

There are 2 eligibility criteria to apply for the entrance exam for admission to NID-  Age and Educational Qualifications. The eligibility criteria is different for B.Des and M.Des programs as follows:

Eligibility For B.Des:

1. Age: Only candidates born after 1 July 2003 (i.e. up to 19 years age) are eligible to apply for admission in 2023-24 year. This requirement is relaxed by 3 years for candidates of Reserved Category (OBC-NCL, SC, ST) and 5 years for candidates of PwD Reserved Category.

2. Educational Qualification: Applications for academic year 2023-24 are open to candidates who have passed or will appear for Higher Secondary (10+2) qualifying examination in the academic year 2022-23 in any stream (Science, Arts, Commerce, Humanities etc) from any recognized board such as CBSE, ICSE, State Boards, IB or equivalent or AICTE approved 3 year Diploma after X Std (10+3).

Eligibility For M.Des:

  1. Age: Only candidates born after 1 July 1993 (i.e. up to 29 years age) are eligible to apply for admission in 2023-24 year. This requirement is relaxed by 3 years for candidates of Reserved Category (OBC-NCL, SC, ST) and 5 years for candidates of PwD Reserved Category. 
  2. Educational Qualification: The candidate must have minimum one of the below qualifications:
    1. Minimum 4 years Bachelors degree*
    2. Minimum 4 years Diploma in Design / Fine Arts / Applied Arts / Architecture*
    3. Minimum 3 years Bachelors degree completed by 31 August 2022

Note: *The 4 year degree or diploma need to be completed by the time of document verification in May/June 2023.

Read in detail about the eligibility criteria for applying to NID entrance exam.

8. How do you apply or register for the NID Entrance Exam?

You can apply or register for the NID entrance exam at the following link: https://admissions.nid.edu

The process for registration has 4 steps:

  1. Fill your personal details
  2. Complete your academic qualification details
  3. Upload photo, signature and documents, if any
  4. Make payment of exam fees

Read our blog on https://silica.co.in/blog/nid-dat-application-forms-for-2022-23-out-all-info-here

9. What is the expected cut off score for the NID DAT Mains 2024exam?

The expected cut off marks for NID DAT Mains in 2024 is expected to be similar to previous years. Here is the cut off for 2021:

Cut off For NID B.Des DAT Mains:

This is the percentile score of the last candidate who was assigned seat at each NID B.Des campus for each category:

Category Ahm AP MP Haryana Assam
Open 97.35 93.26 89.80 88.71 86.87
Gen-EWS 63.59 56.39 53.28 60.89 NA
OBC-NCL 81.80 71.89 62.85 61.41 55.47
SC 75.63 55.82 52.48 45.45 43.95
ST 42.97 43.72 NA 40.38 NA
PwD 40.15 NA NA NA NA
Overseas 54.67 NA NA NA NA

Note: NA = Not Available.

 Cut off Marks for NID B.Des DAT Mains:

This is the percentile score of the last candidate who was assigned seat for each NID M.Des discipline for the Open category:

# Name of Discipline Cut off Percentile
1 Animation Film Design 76.71
2 Ceramic & Glass Design 82.93
3 Film & Video Communication 80.00
4 Furniture & Interior Design 85.07
5 Graphic Design 86.30
6 Product Design 77.61
7 Textile Design 90.54
8 Apparel Design 86.30
9 Lifestyle Accessory Design 81.94
10 New Media Design 72.00
11 Photography Design 82.76
12 Strategic Design Management 87.50
13 Toy & Game Design 50.00
14 Transportation & Automobile Design 85.51
15 Design for Retail Experience 81.25
16 Digital Game Design 76.27
17 Information Design 86.84
18 Interaction Design 89.47
19 Universal Design 62.71

Note: We will update the cut off marks for 2022 as soon as they are available.

10. What is the level of difficulty of questions asked in the NID entrance exam paper?

It is not easy to crack the NID entrance exam. The level of difficulty of questions is quite high since it is a competitive exam. About 14,000 candidates appear for the 425 seats available in the 8 B.Des programs across 5 NID campuses (Ahmedabad, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Assam) and 6,000 candidates appear for the 375 seats available in the 19 M.Des programs across 3 NID campuses (Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Bengaluru).

NID entrance exam is a unique exam. The exam paper is not based on a fixed pattern. The pattern and type of questions can change every year. In the past, this has caused discomfort in candidates when attempting the exam. The candidates should not prepare for a pattern and go for the exam with an open mind.

11. What are the pros and cons of studying for the NID entrance exam on your own, without coaching?

It is possible to study for the NID entrance exam on your own, without any coaching. The candidate has to decide based on their abilities and motivation. Here are the pros and cons of preparing on your own:

Pros: No coaching fees, prepare at your own pace, convenient as you don’t need to attend coaching class, makes you a better student of design, avoids cheating by unscrupulous coaching classes.

Cons: No expert help, lack of structure in your learning, lack of feedback from faculty, non-availability of group learning, full responsibility for success is on you.

For more detailed reading on pros and cons, read our blog on how to prepare on your own for the NID entrance exam. 

12. What are the number of seats available for admission at NID?

Admissions are available at NID for Bachelor of Design (B.Des) and Master of Design (M.Des) programs. NID offers 425 seats in the B.Des program across 8 disciplines. NID offers 347 seats in the M.Des program across 19 disciplines.

There is category reservation available as follows: Open = 40.5%, Gen-EWS = 10%, OBC-NCL = 27%, SC = 15% and ST = 7.5%. There is 5% horizontal reservation across all categories for persons with disability (PwD).

Read our blog for detailed information of seats available and reservation for admission at NID.

13. How to Prepare for NID in 15 Days?
  1. Revise regularly: Make it a habit to review key concepts and topics every day.
  2. Avoid New Topics: To avoid confusion, do not study new topics.
  3. Improve Sketching Skills: Sketching daily can help you visualize things better.
  4. Solve Previous Papers: Familiarize yourself with the previous year’s NID exam questions.
  5. Stay Current: Be aware of current events and design trends. 

– Keep a disciplined study routine.
– Take short breaks to refresh.
– Seek clarity on any doubts as soon as possible.
– Maintain an optimistic attitude.

– Do not cram new topics.
– Avoid distractions, such as social media.
– Do not jeopardize your sleep or health.
– Prevent last-minute stress.

8. NID Results of SILICA Students

9. Prepare for NID 2023 / 2024 with SILICA

Classroom / Live Online Coaching

Comprehensive coaching for NID DAT Prelims & Mains. Classroom Coaching & Live Online Coaching is available. Students are provided with NID previous year question papers, mock sample papers along with 15+ Study Books and Online Study App. Options are available in 2-year, 1-year and Fast Track courses. 26 coaching centres across 11 cities.

Study Materials

Self Study Kit of 13 books to prepare for NID DAT Prelims exam including Drawing Foundation Books, GAT Books, NID previous years question papers, NID Sample Paper and Mock Tests. The Online Learning App contains 1,000+ video of questions solutions, 100+ drawing videos, 100+ PDFs, 5,000+ Practice Questions.

Home Coaching Kits

Online Video kits to prepare for the NID DAT Mains exam. Covering Studio Test, Interview and Portfolio preparation along with NID DAT Mains previous year question papers, NID sample paper along with 30+ Video Lessons and 140+ Assignments. Discipline specific assignments for all 19 M.Des discipines.

Student NID Results

In the year 2022, 140+ Students have qualified the NID DAT Mains examination. SILICA Full-Time Coaching students have bagged AIR 1 (Open) in 2022 and 2021 attempts. With the help of NID alumni faculty, best study material, online learning app and best effort of students,, SILICA Institute has consistently delivered AIR 1, 2, 3, 4…… at NID entrance exams.

10. Google Reviews

Krishika Sawant

Choosing Silica is the best decision I made My experience with all faculties and staff is absolutely great !! Supportive and Encouraging teachers and Helpful and staff. Special thanks to Pooja Ma’am our coordinator she helped me a lot through this journey.

SILICA – Borivali, Mumbai

Vasudha Gaikwad

In order to prepare for the entrance exam i got a lot of recommendations to join SILICA MG Road for their crash course. I’ve secured common merit rank 391 and category merit rank 10 in nift entrance exam 2022. I’m extremely grateful for this guidance and support.

SILICA – M.G.Road, Pune

Maahi Shetty

I love how organized and well planned each of our sessions are! Besides the predation for entrances we are exposed to various designs, get first hand tips from past alumni who are currently in top tier design schools. The quality of teaching and approachable teachers definitely make the experience a lot more enriching.

SILICA – BTM, Bangalore

Kohina Agnihotri

I am Kohina Agnihotri from SILICA Indore , SILICA is the best design coaching in Indore . Faculties here give you so much information/guidance and every support you need to start your goals till the end of your goal.

SILICA – Indore


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