How does SILICA’s CEED Mock Test Help?

CEED requires the candidate to possess various types of skills to get admission to prestigious design institutes like IIT-Bombay, IISC Bangalore, IITDM-Jabalpur, and several others. Merely preparing through regular study material isn’t enough. The candidate needs hands-on practice to clear the exam successfully. This can be made possible through SILICA’s CEED mock test questions.

By solving several CEED mock test papers you can improve your time management and stress handling skills which would prove useful on your exam day. All our mocks are expertly crafted and based on the new pattern as specified on the official website.

Pattern for CEED 2024 entrance exam:

Part-A Total Marks Part-B Total Marks 
Numerical Answer Type (NAT) – 8Q 32 Designing, Drawing and Sketching based 5Q 100
Multiple Select Question (MSQ)- 10Q 40    
Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)- 23Q 78    
Total marks 150   100

In Part A, questions about visual and spatial ability, environmental and social awareness, analytical and logical reasoning, language, observation and design sensitivity of the candidate will get tested as specified on the official website of CEED.

Similarly in Part B, the design, drawing, and writing skills of the candidate will get tested. The medium through which the exam will get conducted is computer-based and the answers are to be implemented in the answer booklet.

Weightage mentioned:

Part A- 75%

Part B- 25%

In CEED’s most recent paper questions could be seen divided among various topics of Sketching, Creativity, Visual Sensitivity, and Form Sensitivity.

The 2024 CEED paper will be of 250 marks and through the use of our CEED mock tests you will already become familiar with the pattern and the strategy required to clear your exam.

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CEED 2019 Solved Paper – Solution for Question No. 1

What does SILICA’s CEED mock test consist of?

SILICA’s CEED mock tests will consist of the following categories:

Part A 

This first section of CEED mock tests will consist of various topics such as

  • Visual and spatial ability

This section of SILICA’s CEED mock test will consist of visualizing and transforming various 2D and 3D shapes. The candidate’s understanding of spatial relationships will get tested in this section.

  • Environmental and social awareness

The candidate’s general knowledge about various topics like pollution, natural resources, climate, and other socially awareness-related important topics will get tested in this section of SILICA CEED mock test.

  • Analytical and logical reasoning

Apply logic and solve various questions requiring logic and reasoning through the help of our CEED mock tests which are freely available online. By solving several CEED mock tests, online become proficient in handling various types of analytical questions.

  • Language and creativity

The candidate’s communication and creative ability gets tested in this section. The candidate needs to portray his creative side to show his uniqueness on the CEED mock test. SILICA’s CEED mock test and guidance will improve your ability to think faster in a short amount of time.

  • Design thinking and problem-solving

By solving SILICA’s CEED mock tests improve your design thinking and problem-solving skills based on the latest syllabus of CEED. 

  • Observation and design sensitivity

Observe the minute differences in a design and test your sensitivity through our CEED mock tests. Improve your observational skills by practicing multiple test questions or resolving specific questions through our curated CEED mock test online.

Part B

The second section of CEED’s mock tests will test the candidate’s:

  • Communication skills

How a candidate thinks in a particular section as well as his solution-finding attitude will be checked in this section. Improve your writing skills by solving various mock test questions from our CEED mock test question papers.

  • Language skills

Language and communication skills become quite necessary when clearing CEED’s entrance exam. Improve your language skills by integrating the use of our CEED’s mock tests freely available online.

  • Drawing skills

Constantly improving your drawing skills becomes a must when it comes to clearing CEED’s entrance exam. Through SILICA CEED’s mock tests, you can easily keep a track of the progress of your drawing skills by practicing multiple times different types of questions.

Along with this the candidate’s creative, analytical and problem-solving skills also get tested. 

Avail SILICA’s CEED mocks test online and develop a brief idea about the pattern and the preparation required to crack CEED’s entrance-level exam.

We even provide an online study kit for CEED which contains information about various video lessons, past papers, and mock tests. Help for both CEED-Dat as well CEED-Gat is presented in our online test kit.

For more information visit: 

CEED 2022-2023 – Online Study Kit – SILICA 

The candidate can even make use of the previous year’s sample years which are available on our website. 

Link to access our latest sample papers:

CEED Sample Question Papers 2023, Previous Year Answers & Mock Tests (

Important dates

Last date for online registration with regular fee: November 9, 2022

Last date for online registration with a late fee: November 16, 2022

Date of Examination: January 13, 2023

Declaration of results: March 7, 2023

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