NIFT Situation Test 2024 / 2025 – Home Coaching Kit

In the past 5 years over 3,000+ students have cleared Studio / Situation Tests, Interview & Portfolio rounds of Private Design Colleges.

SILICA’s Home Coaching Kit contains:

  • Mobile App: 30+ Video Lessons for Studio Test
  • Workbook: 15 Solved Situation Tests. Guidance on Creative write ups.
  • Materials: 20+ Materials for 10 Practice Situation Tests
  • Portfolio: E-book for Fashion Portfolio, 25+ Samples Portfolios & SOPs
  • Interview: 40+ Expected Questions & Suggestions

Check Out This Video:

This is a short recap video. The Kit 30+ detailed videos of How to Solve NIFT Situation Test Questions.

NIFT 2024 Result OUT.  The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) has declared the NIFT Phase 1 results for the NIFT 2024 entrance exam, stirring excitement among candidates. Following this, NIFT will proceed to conduct the NIFT Situation Test for the B.Des program after announcing the results of the written exams. Congratulations to all successful candidates!


Compare Kit Options:

# Particulars of Product Online Kit* Rs 500 Box Kit Rs 1,000
1 Videos: 7 Day Course with 30+ Preparatory Videos Online Online
2 Workbook: 15 Solved Situation Tests. Guidance on Creative write ups. Online Book
3 Materials:20+ Materials for 10 Practice Situation Tests
4 Workshop: 2 Days Workshop @ Live Online
5 PPT and Video Resources for Interview Preparation Online Online
6 PPT and Video Resources for Fashion Portfolio Online Online
*Note: Recommended for all NID MDes Students.
Click for Detailed Contents of Kit:
Section 1 – For NIFT BDes Situation Test:

Topic Details
1.Guidance Videos The videos cover all details of the NIFT Situation Test i.e. what will happen, criteria, tips, Do’s & Don’ts etc We will upload more such videos
2.E-Workbook: NIFT Situation Test Prep Workbook Covering all guidance on criteria, materials, tools, writeup, concept development for the 3D model.
3.Videos: 7 days video lessons 28 video lessons for day 1 to 7
4.E-Workbook: Solutions to past NIFT Situation Tests Step by step Solutions to past 15 years NIFT Situation Tests (2005-2019)
5.DIY Mock Tests Guidance & Do It Yourself (DIY) assignments using materials normally available at Home during Lockdown.
6.Real Mock Tests 10 Mock NIFT Situation Tests with:
Criteria for evaluating each test
Steps to solve the test
Guidelines for write up
Best examples of 3D models
Upload your solutions on LMS to get feedback during Live Lecture.

Section 2 – For NIFT Masters GDPI / BDes Other Design Colleges:

Topic Details
1.Fashion: Aptitude Development Manual Guidance on 11 Fashion topics covering draping, fabric, embroidery, textile, mood boards etc.
2.Portfolio Guidance for developing a good design portfolio
3.Interview Guidance for facing a personal interview
4.Group Discussion Guidance on topics and preparation for Group Discussion

NIFT Situation Test Preparation 2024

To prepare effectively for the NIFT Situation Test 2024, candidates must meet eligibility criteria and understand the test format. They’ll create a model based on given instructions, evaluated on space visualization, innovation, and creativity, possibly with a written component. Understanding mark weightage is crucial for success. Watching videos from SILICA could provide further insights.

NIFT GD & PI 2024 / 2025 – Classroom + Live Online Coaching

Crash Course for GDPI


  • Conducted by NIFT Alumni / MBAs
  • Mock Personal Interviews with Feedback
  • Mock Group Discussions with Feedback
  • Special coaching on Portfolio Preparation

Rs.3000/- + GST

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NIFT Situation Test 2024 / 2025 – Classroom + Live Online Coaching

Conducted at 10 cities – Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Indore, Bhopal, Nagpur, Nashik, Aurangabad, Lucknow.

  • 12 Lectures, 36 Hours Crash Course
  • Conducted by NIFT Alumni
  • Solve Past 10 Years NIFT Situation Test Papers in class
  • FREE Home Coaching Kit along with the course
  • Starts from March 2024 at SILICA Centers & Live Online

Rs.5000/- + GST

Call 08080809198 to know more

What is NIFT Situation Test

The NIFT Situation Test 2024 is an essential component of the admission process for the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) B.Des program. It serves as a crucial evaluation of candidates’ practical skills, creativity, and adaptability in handling materials within a specified scenario. This test plays a pivotal role in assessing candidates’ aptitude for design and innovation, which are fundamental attributes for success in the dynamic field of fashion technology.

NIFT Situation Test 2024: The Second Stage of Admission

The NIFT 2024 admission process for the B.Des program consists of two stages:
Stage 1: Written tests, including GAT and CAT.
Stage 2 – Candidates who have been shortlisted are required to take the NIFT Situation Test.
The FINAL merit list of NIFT 2024 for the B.Des will be generated by weighting the CAT (50%), GAT (30%), and Situation Test (20%).

Details about NIFT Situation Test

Conducted over a duration of two hours, the NIFT Situation Test is a practical examination where candidates demonstrate their ability to translate ideas into tangible prototypes. Eligible candidates who have successfully cleared the written exam (CAT and GAT) of the NIFT entrance exam are qualified to participate in this test.

Each candidate receives a unique set of materials and is presented with a specific theme or scenario. Their task is to create a 3D model or prototype that embodies their interpretation of the given theme, showcasing their creativity, craftsmanship, and problem-solving skills.

Evaluation criteria encompass aspects such as color scheme, space visualization, construction proficiency, innovative use of materials, finesse, composition, and overall presentation.

NIFT Situation Test 2024 Results

Aspirants will be able to view the NIFT situation exam results 2024 on the official website 2024. For access to the NIFT situation test 2024 results, candidates must enter their application number and password. The authorities have yet to publish the date of the NIFT situation test results in 2024. Candidates are urged to regularly monitor the NIFT scenario exam official website for the most recent news and updates.

NIFT Test City Intimation 2024

The authorities have issued the NIFT Situation exam city intimation slip 2024 for bachelor’s programs. Candidates can obtain the NIFT situation test city intimation slip from the official website, To download the NIFT situation exam 2024 city intimation slip, candidates must complete the instructions listed below:

Click the link to download the city notification slip for the NIFT situation exam 2024.
Log in with the application number and date of birth.
After successfully logging in, the NIFT 2024 circumstance test city intimation slip will appear on the screen.

NIFT Situation Test 2024– Examination Dates

Key dates pertaining to the NIFT Situation Test 2024 are as follows:
– NIFT Written Test 2024: Expected to take place in the first week of February 2024 (online mode).
– Announcement of NIFT 2024 Written Test Result: March 20, 2024.
– Commencement of Selection for NIFT 2024 Situation Test: Estimated to commence in the third week of March 2024.
– Availability of NIFT Admit Card for the Situation Test: Projected to be accessible in the third week of March 2024.
– Conduction of NIFT Situation Test 2024: Scheduled for the fourth week of March 2024.
– Personal Interview: Expected to occur in the second week of April 2024.
– Declaration of NIFT 2024 Final Result: Anticipated in May 2024.

How to Prepare For NIFT Situation Test 2024?


For optimal preparation with SILICA Institute the NIFT Situation Test 2024, candidates are advised to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Experiment with Diverse Materials: Do practice NIFT Sample Question Papers, Cardboard, Fabric, Clay, etc., to gain familiarity with their characteristics and potential applications in creating prototypes.
  2. Mock Tests: Take advantage of NIFT mock tests and practice exercises to simulate the test environment and assess your readiness. Time yourself while working on prototypes to improve your time management skills.
  3. Cultivate Creativity: Foster creativity through participation in creative endeavors, brainstorming sessions, and design challenges to stimulate imaginative thinking and foster innovative concepts.
  4. Refine Craftsmanship: Concentrate on refining craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail during prototype creation. Emphasize neatness, precision, and accuracy in execution.
  5. Master Time Management: Hone time management skills by setting realistic deadlines for prototype completion and adhering to them during practice sessions. Allocate adequate time for ideation, execution, and presentation phases.
  6. Stay Informed: Remain abreast of the latest trends, techniques, and advancements in the realm of fashion and design by actively following industry publications, blogs, and social media platforms for inspiration and insights.
  7. Seek Constructive Feedback: Solicit feedback from educators, mentors, or peers on prototype creations to gain valuable insights and suggestions for improvement, enhancing overall quality and effectiveness.
  8. Maintain Composure: Maintain a positive mindset and remain composed under pressure during the test. Focus on leveraging strengths and showcasing creativity while addressing the given theme or scenario with confidence and clarity.
  9. NIFT Situation Test B.Des 2024: Get Past 10 Years Questions: Familiarize yourself with 10 past year NIFT Situation test questions with Solving Past Situation Tests to understand the test format and types of tasks you may encounter. Practice creating prototypes based on different themes to enhance your creativity and problem-solving skills.
The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) conducts a NIFT Situation Test as part of its entrance examination process for admission to its various design programs. This test assesses a candidate’s creativity, problem-solving skills, and ability to work with materials within a given time frame. To prepare effectively, reviewing NIFT previous year question papers can provide valuable insight into the format and types of questions asked. Here’s a compilation of resources containing previous year NIFT Situation Test questions.

Importance of Solving NIFT Situation Test Sample Papers

Solving sample papers for the NIFT Situation Test is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it helps familiarize candidates with the exam’s structure, including question types, marking scheme, and difficulty level. Secondly, it aids in honing problem-solving skills and time management, both essential for success in the exam.

The NIFT entrance process for BDes courses involves a written exam comprising CAT (Creative Ability Test) and GAT (General Ability Test). Shortlisted candidates then proceed to the Situation Test, based on their performance in CAT and GAT.

The NIFT Situation Test Weightage 2024 merit list is distributed as follows: CAT (50%), GAT (30%), and Situation Test (20%). Candidates who qualify the written exams are marked as “Shortlisted for the 2nd round” on the NIFT 2023 scorecard.

The NIFT Situation Test, lasting two hours, requires candidates to create 3D models using provided materials and accompany them with explanatory write-ups. This hands-on aspect of the exam necessitates practice, making solving sample papers invaluable for preparation.

NIFT Situation Test Models

The NIFT situation test is a two-hour-long practical test. Candidates who pass the written exam (CAT and GAT) of the NIFT entrance exam are qualified to take the scenario test. The situation test examines the candidates’ material handling capacity and imaginative skills in a certain situation using a particular set of materials. It is part of the NIFT admissions procedure for B.Des courses. Candidates must create a 3D NIFT situation test model using the resources provided and explain their concept in English.

What our Student say

1. When will the NIFT situation test 2024 be held and what is the duration?
The specific dates for the NIFT situation test haven’t been announced yet. The NIFT entrance exam was held on February 5th, 2024, and the situation test is usually conducted after the written exam results are declared. The duration of the situation test is 2 hours.
2. What is the situation test in nift?
The NIFT situation test is a hands-on practical test to assess a candidate’s skills in various areas like creativity, innovation, space visualization, and ability to work with materials. Shortlisted candidates from the written exam (GAT & CAT) are required to appear for this test.
3. What are the skills that will be evaluated in the NIFT situation test 2024?

The NIFT situation test will evaluate the following skills:

  • Space visualization: Ability to visualize and understand 3D forms.
  • Innovative and creative use of materials: Ability to use the provided materials in new and innovative ways.
  • Composition of elements: Ability to arrange and organize the elements of the model effectively.
  • Color scheme: Ability to use color effectively to enhance the model’s design.
  • Construction skill: Ability to construct the model neatly and efficiently.
  • Finesse of the model: Overall presentation and finish of the model.
4. When will the final result of NIFT 2024 be declared and how can I check it?

The final result of NIFT 2024 hasn’t been declared yet. The result will likely be declared after the situation test is conducted and evaluated. You can check the results on the official NIFT website.

5. When and how can I download the admit card for the NIFT situation test 2024?

The admit card for the NIFT situation test was released. The admit card will likely be available for download on the official  NIFT website: a few days before the test. You will need your login credentials to download the admit card.

6. Who can appear in the NIFT 2024 Situation Test?
Only candidates who are shortlisted after the NIFT written exam (GAT & CAT) are eligible to appear for the situation test.
7. When will the NIFT 2024 Situation Test be conducted?
The NIFT 2024 Situation Test is expected to be conducted around March-April 2024. The specific date and detailed schedule will be announced by the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) closer to the examination
8. What is the weightage carried by the Situation Test in the NIFT 2024 entrance exam?
The NIFT 2024 Situation Test carries a weightage of 20% in the overall entrance exam. The remaining weightage is distributed among other components such as the CAT paper (50%) and the GAT paper (30%)
9. What will be the format of the NIFT 2024 Situation Test?

The NIFT 2024 Situation Test is typically conducted in an offline mode. It involves hands-on tasks where candidates are required to create physical models using provided materials. The test evaluates candidates creativity, design skills, material handling abilities, and problem-solving capabilities. The specific format and tasks may vary from year to year.

10. How any sections are there in NIFT 2024 exam pattern?

The NIFT 2024 exam pattern consists of two written sections and one practical section:
1. General Ability Test (GAT): This section has five sub-sections

  • Quantitative Ability
  • Communication Ability and English Comprehension
  • Analytical Ability and Logical Reasoning
  • General Knowledge and Current Affairs
  • Case Study

2. Creative Ability Test (CAT): This section has a single question paper with three parts

3. Situation Test (ST): This practical test assesses your ability to handle and use materials creatively

The NIFT distance learning course is a well-refined content to prepare for the NIFT entrance exam. The NIFT Situation Test home coaching kit has been developed keeping in mind the best possible solution for your NIFT 2024 exams. It covers studio tests, interviews & portfolio preparation. The module has been prepared by NIFT / IIT Alumni. The NIFT kit has the perfect learning examples as per the NIFT exam pattern. The National Institute of Fashion Technology has been one of the top institutes to aim for your design career. The NIFT exam pattern has been thoroughly researched by our experts and they have come up with the best possible solution for students to crack them. To get the desired NIFT result, students have to understand and learn the content of this kit. So that they can pass out with flying colors. SILICA aims to give every student the best shot to clear the exams with the desired result.

If you are looking to get selected for the B.Des. program offered at different NIFT campuses, it is time that you learn about the entire selection process so that you have everything covered and be successful and proud in the very first attempt. The National Institute of Fashion Technology, NIFT entrance exam, is a three-tiered process wherein entrance exam aspirants must undergo the Creative Ability test (CAT), the General ability test (GAT), and the NIFT Situation test.

In the NIFT Situation test, candidates are expected to appear for a practical examination at their nearest National Institute of Fashion Technology center. Candidates are provided with materials at the examination center and asked to create 3D models to answer the questions before them. Aspirants, after making the model, are required to accompany it with a write-up to explain the construction of the model. The test is of a duration of two hours.

Why You Should Join SILICA?

SILICA is India’s most reputed and successful entrance exam coaching centre to help students from all walks of the life to receive the best of NIFT Situation Test coaching so they can easily crack NIFT situation test 2024. By getting enrolled with us, you can benefit from all types of classroom tests with aesthetic appeal and innovative themes in a learning-oriented environment. SILICA can even assist you with question banks for all aspects of NIFT Situation test solution ideas and solutions so that you always stay prepared to win and conquer competitive examinations like NIFT undergraduate and postgraduate exams. The best thing is that you can always trust SILICA as we provide similar 3D model preparations on the pattern of National Institute of Fashion Technology centre. Grab your seat at SILICA to get the best of NIFT situation test preparation and crack NIFT situation test 2024 now!

In addition to these distinctive advantages, you also get complete and uninterrupted access to a wide variety of materials that are similar to actual NIFT 2024 situation test. By this, SILICA helps aspiring NIFT entrance exam and NIFT 2024 situation test aspirants to save valuable time, efforts, and other resources and get complete idea and awareness about the possible situations that candidates may face during the actual NIFT situation test so they are always good with NIFT situation test preparation. Our professional and experienced faculty members help students understand the best of exploring creative manipulation of the received materials. You will also get invaluable insights on how to plan, create, execute, and implement idea layouts and how to crack NIFT situation test.

The most interesting aspect is that these interactive and knowledge-oriented sessions are designed and delivered by National Institute of Fashion Technology, National Institute of Design, and other top art & fashion institutes’ alumni. Furthermore, you can get immediate feedback from the industry-leading experts who impart coaching at the centres of SILICA — the most trusted entrance exam coaching centre in Indian cities. Not only this, you will also benefit from access to innovative, creative, and futuristic tools, strategies, and insights and tips on how to crack NIFT situation tests so that you get the required confidence to solve any problem with great ease. Get the best of NIFT situation tests with SILICA.

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