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Designing has become one of the most sought-after professions in recent years. With the growth of the fashion and interior design industry, there is an increasing demand for skilled professionals in these fields. The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) is one of the leading institutes in India that provides comprehensive education and training in the design industry. Clearing the NIFT entrance exam can be a game-changer for aspiring designers. In this blog, we will explore how clearing the NIFT entrance exam can help you become a design expert and pave the way for a successful career in the design industry.

In order to clear nift’s entrance exam you first need to be clear about the varied types of topics tested. This knowledge is only possible through the use of in-depth research and experience which is readily provided through Silica. Thousands of students appear every year to try their luck to get into Nift’s prestigious institute across various campuses in Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, New Delhi, and many more. 

Topics tested in nift entrance exam


The candidate must display advanced-level drawing skills in nift’s entrance exam. The candidate’s perspective on various design-related principles and perspectives is tested in this section. Concepts related to isometric drawing, objects, and compositions will also get tested in nift’s entrance exam. The best part is that our nift’s coaching classes will cover all these topics with in-depth explanations.


Silica’s nift entrance exam coaching has an expert team that will help enhance your sketching skills right from the beginning of your design adventure. Our entire team is full of professionals who have years of experience to your advantage. By solving several of our nift sample papers you can easily know about the topics which get asked in nift entrance exam and prepare yourself accordingly.

Model making

Through our nift coaching classes, you get to explore different types of materials and create 3D models which have a high probability of appearing in nift’s entrance exam.

Color Sense

Visual thinking and color sense are two of the most important topics tested in nift entrance exam. Through our digital software, you can easily equip yourself with knowledge about various shapes, effects, colors, and many more design-related topics.


Skills required to become a professional expert

Time management

Preparing for Nift exam will enable you to better manage your time as you will be required to do a systematic time crunch to be able to complete your exam within the stipulated time. By solving several of Silica’s nift sample papers you can form a clear strategy for your time distribution. This quality of completing your given tasks in the time assigned is a major skill required by all design professionals.

Color schemes

The knowledge you would acquire about the various color schemes which you would integrate into your exams will also be beneficial in your future life. Integrating various types of color schemes is an essential skill that a designer will always require to integrate into his design projects. All our previous Silica students are excellent designers today and even you can become one by enrolling in one of our nift online coaching tutorials.


Being creative is one of the most important qualities that a designer must have and by going to a prestigious design school like nift you can easily develop this skill. This will only be possible if you are able to crack nift entrance exam which would again only be possible if you enroll in one of our nift coaching institutes. We have branches across several regions which include services across Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and many more.


A good designer needs to be able to do good in-depth research before the execution of his project so that he is able to create the exact image that he has in his mind. While venturing on your nift journey you will naturally be able to learn the process of conducting good and in-depth research.


Nift placement assistance

Nift has a dedicated placement assistance portal that helps candidates get direct interaction with the hiring companies. These companies can even place a pre-placement offer to the candidates based on the student’s internship/ training projects. Leading companies related to areas of media, journalism, consulting, and several others have previously visited nift’s campus. 

The list can be accessed at: 


Careers after Nift:

Careers in various areas of accessory design, knitwear design, fashion communication, leather design, fashion design, and textile design can be explored through nift’s bachelor programs. 

Accessory design:

Lifestyle product design, jewelry design, home decor design, and design thinking are some of the areas which you can explore by taking the accessory design elective. Preparing for nift situation test will give you a basic idea about the journey you are yet to venture upon.

Fashion communication:

Brand styling, social media marketing, photography, commercial space, UI design, UX design, and graphics are some of the prominent picks of designing students in this elective. Nift’s interview and situation test is the first place wherein the student’s fashion communication tests get tested. 

Knitwear design:

Fabric designer, merchandiser, and stylist are some of the career pathways in this elective. You can become an entrepreneur and launch your own line through the things you learn during your nift journey. 

Leather design:

Design production, design marketing, merchandising, and design communication are some of the areas in which you can easily develop your career through nift guidance.

Textile design:

You can end up being a designer, merchandiser, buyer, fashion stylist, trend forecaster, or even an entrepreneur through implementing the use of nift rigorous curriculum. 


More career pathways can be explored through various nift programs of F.Tech, M.Des, MFM, and M.F.Tech. 

To know more about these you can take a look at nift official brochure: 

To start your career on one of these paths start preparing for your nift entrance exam through Silica’s expertly crafted nift exam program. We provide a wide range of options in our nift online coaching program from which you can easily choose. 

We will even provide you with a full list of nift sample papers which you should definitely take a look at: 

Along with this we also provide nift’s self-study material. Material about Nift B.Des, M.Des, BFT, MFT, and MFM can be accessed through our website at: 


For more details, you can either visit or get in touch with one of our representatives.

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