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UCEED/CEED coaching in Ahmedabad

SILICA Students who cracked UCEED entrance exams

UCEED/CEED coaching in Ahmedabad Kashish Gupta
UCEED 2020 - AIR 3
UCEED/CEED coaching in Ahmedabad Kaustubh Gangawane
UCEED 2020 - AIR 3
UCEED/CEED coaching in Ahmedabad Pranay Gurumukhi
CEED 2020 - AIR 9
UCEED/CEED coaching in Ahmedabad Roma Pandya
UCEED 2020 - AIR 11
UCEED/CEED coaching in Ahmedabad

UCEED Coaching Classes in Ahmedabad at SILICA

A career in technological design is a dream for many. Candidates need to clear the UCEED (Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design) to get admission in Bachelor of Design Programme in reputed IITs or IISc. CEED (Common Entrance Exam for Design) is conducted for candidates who have completed their bachelors and wish to pursue further in their dream career of technological design.

The final goal for most individuals who pursue a certain stream of career choice is to end up in the right job. The present market shows much demand for design engineers. There is a lot of scope in design career and candidates need to clear the UCEED Entrance Exam 2021 to get there.

Some of the types of companies that are looking out for designers are listed below:

  • Advertising Companies
  • Consumer Product Companies
  • Media Houses
  • Automotive Companies
  • Interior and Furniture Companies
  • Personal Product Companies
  • E-commerce Companies

Whether you wish to come up with your design start-up or work with a well-established firm as a design engineer, you need to clear the UCEED entrance exams 2021. A good training makes all the difference. At SILICA, students are trained to appear for aptitude tests that are part of the Entrance Exams.

UCEED/CEED coaching in Ahmedabad

UCEED 2019 Question Paper Solved

UCEED Coaching in Ahmedabad

Many aspects need to be considered while selecting UCEED Coaching in Ahmedabad. The national level exams are often challenging and have very few seats for which candidates of the best rank compete. Here are some things to check before you select UCEED coaching in Ahmedabad:

  • Does the Coaching Centre have a reputed staff?
  • What do statistics reveal about the past success rate of the Institute?
  • What curriculum do they follow for UCEED Coaching?
  • Do they have a well compiled UCEED self-study material?
  • Do they conduct UCEED mock tests to give a feel of the entrance exams?
  • Do they have branches in Ahmedabad in your vicinity?

If answers to all these questions are in the affirmative, you can fairly confirm that the coaching centre you have selected is indeed up to the mark.

SILICA has one branch in Ahmedabad allowing students and aspirants from districts of Ahmedabad easy approach to the nearest branch.

Why Silica?

SILICA believes in collaborative learning where the faculties, co-ordinators and parents work together to ensure the best learning practices. Parents are provided access to the track records of their children in design studies. The parents know what has been covered and how the children are performing in different subjects. Parents are also informed regarding attendance. Once in two months, the coaching centre takes feedback to know where SILICA stands and what it needs to improve in its methods.

SILICA Coaching has some special merits that make sure the students here are successful in their fields. Here are some of the special benefits of UCEED Coaching at SILICA:

  • Top Faculties: SILICA has hired the top faculties from the design fraternity to train the students who aspire to be future designers. The first-hand training from experts in the field of design always prove helpful.
  • Academic Framework: SILICA conducts weekly class tests. The students here are motivated to improve the results in these tests as these results are clearly indicative of their result in the entrance exams which decide their future.
  • Batch Size: Unlike the highly commercial coaching centres, SILICA maintains a very small batch size. At SILICA, the goal is always to attain the best results and this can only be achieved through individual attention made possible through small batch sizes.
  • UCEED Books at SILICA: The UCEED study material by SILICA cover all aspects of the UCEED entrance exams. These comprise of 5 books on drawing and design foundation, 4 books on General Ability Test and one book on DAT. Apart from the subject books, SILICA has also introduced homework books, class test books and studio test books.
  • Online Learning: SILICA also enables online learning through a series of videos and practice aptitude tests online.


There are often queries and doubts that come up in the minds of parents, students or people planning to appear for UCEED entrance exams. Here we have tried to answer some of the frequent doubts:

Location map

SILICA Institute - Your Design Career Guide - NID, NIFT, NATA, UCEED, CEED Coaching Class in Ahmedabad

Address: 432, Sunrise Mall, Near Swaminarayan Temple, Mansi Cross Roads, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015

Hours Open: Closes 8PM

Phone: (+91) 79845 37766

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