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UCEED/CEED coaching in Ahmedabad Kashish Gupta
UCEED 2020 - AIR 3
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UCEED 2020 - AIR 3
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UCEED/CEED coaching in Ahmedabad

UCEED & CEED Coaching Classes in Indore

Aspirants who wish to pursue graduate and post-graduate courses in design need to clear important milestones. These are the UCEED & CEED entrance examinations designed for aspirants. UCEED stands for Undergraduate Common Entrance Exam for Design. Candidates who wish to pursue the Bachelor of Design Programs in top institutes like IIT Guwahati, IIT Jabalpur, and IIT Bombay need to clear this entrance exam. Candidates who wish to pursue postgraduate studies in technological design need to clear the CEED which stands for Common Entrance Exam for Design. The CEED is conducted by all the IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) and IISc (Indian Institute of Science) together.

The UCEED and CEED entrance exams have been created to shortlist the best and most skilled candidates from all the aspirants. These are challenging entrance tests. Proper preparation and training are required so that candidates can clear these entrance exams. Silica offers superior CEED & UCEED coaching in Indore. The staff at Silica are trained to alter their teaching to match the latest structure of entrance exams. Professional training from experts at Silica increase the chances of candidates being shortlisted after the entrance exams.

There have been some alterations in the format of the CEED exams in the year 2013. The new format includes three parts in the exam. Part A includes Observation and Visualisation, Visual communication, Product Design, Architecture, Animation Design, General Awareness, Digital, and Automobile Design.

The Part B includes Design thinkability, Visual communication design, Basic visual sketching, Animation design, Observation, and problem identification and problem-solving. Once the candidates clear the Part A and Part B successfully, they can go ahead and attend the Part C (final round) which is the personal interview. The candidates need to carry a design portfolio along with them when they head for an interview.

Candidates may possess the knowledge and the skills but only proper CEED & UCEED coaching in Indore can help candidates clear these rounds. Apply to Silica for CEED & UCEED coaching classes Indore. At Silica, candidates gain knowledge and expertise through training from the experts. Such training also boosts the confidence of the candidates. This helps candidates clear all the rounds of the entrance exams with equal ease.

UCEED/CEED coaching in Mumbai

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UCEED & CEED Coaching in Indore

Your dream to pursue a career in technological design can become a reality with the help of Silica’s superior CEED & UCEED coaching classes Indore. Don’t get carried away by ads and marketing strategies. Look for reputed UCEED & CEED Coaching in Indore that has acquired a reputation through years of consistent results. Silica shortlists the best brains and hones them to help them achieve their dream in a design career. The experts hired by Silica put in constant efforts to bring out the best in the talented students.

Silica focuses on all aspects of training for a candidate. That is why candidates are trained in notes and communication, mock tests, training curriculum, as well as online and offline tutoring. Silica understands that the key to thorough learning is planned training. That is why Silica has designed its training material to encompass varied aspects of learning. It is through consistent performance that Silica has acquired a reputation in UCEED & CEED Coaching in Indore as well as other prominent cities of India.

Candidates in Indore needn’t fret anymore as there is a branch of Silica CEED & UCEED coaching classes Indore in your vicinity too. Silica chooses its staff carefully. The staff at Silica includes high-end designers with a dream to give back to their fraternity the knowledge they acquired over the years. The staff eagerly train candidates in different aspects of design learning that are vital to clear the entrance exams. The curriculum at Silica includes exams, revision, and preparation at various levels. The past success rate is a clear reflection of the superior training offered in CEED & UCEED coaching classes in Indore and other cities. In the year 2020, 28 out of 100 Silica students were chosen for NID. The results clearly indicate the superior training offered by the staff at Silica.

It is important that you select a good coaching facility for the UCEED & CEED training in your city. Aspirants from Indore will be happy to find Silica has a branch of CEED & UCEED coaching classes in Indore. Get the training you deserve, in your vicinity. The excellent training will prepare you to clear the challenging entrance exams.

Why Silica?

Statistics are the best predictors of the quality of training offered at Silica. Every year, 9 out of 10 students from Silica make it to the most reputed design schools of India. Since the year 2015, more than 2100 students cleared the NATA exams. The sole goal of Silica is to help aspirants in design with the potential and the skills to achieve their dream of a career in technological design.

Some reasons why CEED & UCEED coaching classes Indore is better than the rest are as follows:

  • The staff at Silica are top-notch brains from the technological design industry.
  • The batch size at Silica is intentionally kept small so that staff is able to pay attention to each candidate.
  • Silica provides study books with carefully curated content so that candidates can prepare for any level of design exam with great ease.
  • Silica makes use of collaborative learning techniques so that candidates grasp better.
  • Candidates at Silica have the freedom to use online methods to ask queries and get their doubts cleared to improve the learning experience further.
  • Silica conducts weekly mock tests to assess the candidates’ progress. These mock tests have been created to resemble the real UCEED & CEED exams as much as possible. This enables the parent to get a clear idea about the student’s progress.
  • Design monitoring by the experts helps to monitor the progress of the candidate at every stage.

Apply for the UCEED & CEED entrance training at Silica to secure your child’s future and help him achieve his dream career in design.

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