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Fashion Communication Design

Fashion communication in broader aspect is every mode of communication that acts as bridge between the fashion world and common people. In the ever-growing world of fashion professionals, it happens to be one of the newest and most exciting career avenues. It is a specialised domain of fashion studies that enables students in acquiring communication skills relevant to the fashion and lifestyle industry; Fashion Communication helps brands to communicate their products, identity, and strategy.


Fashion Communication Design at a Glance

Over the last decade the modes of disseminating information about the brands has changed. It became more focused on Electronic forms rather than the traditional media. The fashion industry is now Focusing more & more on developing relationships to retain the long - term customers through CRM .

Fashion Communication designers perform a mix of the following Tasks on a regular basis :

  • Illustration, packaging, computer graphics, photography, and fashion event planning and production.
  • They also work on :
    • Design Strategies
    • Market & Online Presence
    • Creative Writing
    • Marketing Campaigns
    • Fashion Journalism
    • Consumer Behaviour Analysis

Aspirants should possess the following skills and qualities in order to be eligible for pursuing a career in Fashion Communication :

  • Effective communication skills
  • Creative writing
  • Marketing knowledge
  • Multimedia knowledge
  • Managing skills
  • Understanding of the consumer psychology & Demands

About Fashion Communication Design Schools

Sr No. College/Institute Location Courses
  • New Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Raebareli
  • Patna
  • Kolkata
  • Kangra
  • Kannur
  • Jodhpur
  • Hyderabad
  • Bhubaneshwar
  • Gandhinagar
  • Srinagar
  • Bengaluru
  • Chennai
B.Des in Fashion Communication
2. Symbiosis Pune B.Des in Fashion Communication
3. Pearl Academy Delhi, Mumbai PG Fashion Communication Course
4. ISDI Mumbai 4 year UG course in Fashion Communication
5. MIT-ID Pune 4 year UG Program in Fashion Communication
6. J D Institute of Fashion Technology
  • Mumbai
  • New Delhi
  • Bangalore
2 years PG DP in Fashion Communication

The Fashion Communication programme encompasses study relating to the areas of :

  • Visual Merchandising
  • Styling
  • Graphic Design
  • Display/Exhibit/Space Design
  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Fashion Journalism
  • Creative Writing
  • Photography
  • Interaction Design
  • New media design, specific to the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Transportation Design at a Glance

Fashion Communication Graduates have opportunities to work in Industries like :

  • Journalism & Photography
  • Space Design
  • Event & Advertising
  • Graphic Design

They can be appointed in the roles of :

  • Visual merchandiser
  • Graphic Designer
  • Stylist
  • Set & Art Director
  • Journalist & Photo-Journalist
  • Brand Manager
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Font Designer
  • Event Manager
  • Copywriter & Visualiser
  • UI/UX Designer

New Trends in this Discipline are as follows :

  • The brands now need to have a multi channel communication with their customers due to increase in new technological developments and the rising consumer demands.
  • The labels now have to come up with more individualistically tailored content & Products to communicate their brand identity.

A Fashion Communication graduate can expect an average pay of Rs. 3- 4 lacs p.a.
For experienced professionals the range is Rs. 5 - 7 lacs p.a.

Following are the best companies/studios to work for Fashion Communication in India :

  • Pantaloon
  • Shoppers’ Stop
  • Marks & Spencers
  • Christian Dior
  • Lifestyle
  • Benetton
  • Liberty
  • Freelook
  • Lopez Designs
  • Times of India
  • Asian Age
  • Femina
  • MTV
  • Wizcraft
  • Puma
  • Raymonds