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AIR 7, UCEED 2019
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UCEED/CEED coaching in Ahmedabad

CEED Coaching Classes in Ahmedabad

General Introduction to CEED

Gone are the days where engineering or medicine were the only desirable career streams, and a lot of students are opting for courses in technological design, where they can both have a creative and profitable career. To get into a good design institution there are two important exams that you will need to take - the Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design also known as UCEED is the exam for admission to Bachelors of Design courses in some of the most reputed institutions in the country such as IITs and IISc. For postgraduate master's courses, candidates will need to appear for Common Entrance Examination for Design, or CEED, as it is most commonly known. CEED is for students who have completed a

bachelor's programme in Design and want to pursue further studies in technological design. There are many centres for CEED coaching in Ahmedabad that will help candidates prepare for the exam.

For those of you who are wondering what kind of jobs are in the market after a degree in technological design, the options are many. The current job market has a lot of scope and demand for technical designers in various industries. Listed below are some of the fields that you can get into after your degree in technical design.

  • Advertising Companies
  • Consumer Product Companies
  • Media Houses
  • Automotive Companies
  • Interior and Furniture Companies
  • Personal Product Companies
  • E-commerce Companies

Apart from this you can also build your own start-up in design, and build your own business. The possibilities are endless. All you need to do to take that step towards a career in technical design is clear the UCEED or CEED exam, and many candidates chose to take up CEED coaching classes in Ahmedabad to better their scores. If you are looking for good coaching classes, look no further than Silica, which provides the best CEED entrance exam coaching in Ahmedabad with the top trained faculty and ample amount of tests and revisions to make sure you are prepared well for the exam.

CEED coaching in Ahmedabad

CEED 2019 Question Paper Solved

CEED Coaching in Ahmedabad

If you are seriously considering clearing the CEED exams and getting into the top colleges in the country, then you will benefit from taking up CEED entrance coaching in Ahmedabad rather than self prepare, as coaching centres have trained and experienced faculty that are focused on preparing you for the best results. While picking out the right centre for you, there are a lot of criteria you need to consider. Ask yourself these questions while choosing a coaching centre for CEED in Ahmedabad,

  • Does the Coaching Centre have a reputed staff?
  • What are the statistics regarding past students scores and success rates?
  • What is their syllabus and study module for the CEED coaching?
  • Do they have a well compiled CEED self-study material?
  • Are there enough mock tests conducted to make sure the students are well prepared for the final exam?
  • Do they have branches in Ahmedabad in your vicinity?

Only if the coaching centre meets all these criteria is it worth considering joining. Silica's Ahmedabad centre is located centrally so that students from all the districts of Ahmedabad have easy access to our branch. Our reputed staff and excellent teaching module make Silica the top choice for CEED exam preparation in Ahmedabad.

Why Silica?

At Silica, we strongly believe in collaborative learning where there is a joint effort between the faculty, parents and coordinators to make sure the students get the best learning experience. Parents are kept in the loop throughout the whole process and are given access to the track records and progress of their children during their course at Silica, how their children are performing in the class and where they are doing well or lacking so that extra focus can be given in those areas. They are also given details regarding the student's attendance. Silica believes in an interactive teaching system, and we collect feedback around every two months to gather students and parents opinion on where we stand and how we can improve our quality of teaching for the better.

CEED exam preparation in Ahmedabad at Silica has some perks and merits that come with joining this centre for your coaching. Some of the benefits of choosing Silica to train for CEED are as follows -

  • Best faculty: We pride ourselves with having some of the top members of the design fraternity in our faculty. Alumni from some of the most prestigious colleges such as IITs, Shristi, NID, etc., teach full time and part-time at our coaching centres.
  • Academic Framework: We at Silica have a carefully designed academic framework that has weekly revisions and class tests. This is a healthy competition among the students and also drives the students to want to perform better, which only helps them in their final exams.
  • Optimal Batch Size: We believe in quality over quantity, and unlike many commercial CEED coaching classes in Ahmedabad, we don't overstuff our classes with students. We have smaller batches where each student is guaranteed individual attention and more space for the students to clear their doubts and get their questions answered.
  • Best academic books: Our academic course material is top of the market and covers in great detail the entire syllabus for the CEED entrance exam. There are 5 books on drawing and design, 4 books on GAT and 3 books on DAT, Original CEED papers & CEED mock test. Additionally, we also provide custom made Silica homework books, class test books, and studio test books as well. With this range of carefully curated material, our students are guaranteed to excel in the CEED examinations.
  • Online Learning: We also encourage online learning, since our classes take place only once a week. During their leisure time at home, our students have access to a number of videos as well as aptitude tests online to strengthen their knowledge.


Naturally, there are a lot of doubts, questions and queries in the minds of students and parents regarding CEED entrance exams coaching. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions on the exams as well as coaching.

Apart from the CEED exam, they might have an additional test or interview of their own in the admission process.

Call us at Silica today to find out more about our CEED coaching classes.

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