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Your Quick Guide To Crack NID Prelims 2021-22

by | Jul 17, 2019 | ALL, NID | 0 comments

Like every year, NID prelims 2020 is set to be conducted in the 3rd week of March. Design aspirants have almost 6 months to prepare for the exam. Therefore, it is high time to join NID entrance exam coaching classes like Silica and kick start your preparation


How to crack NID, that too in quick time is a common question that can pop in the minds of firs-timers. Those who have already attempted the exam once must be better prepared as well. Here is the quick guide which will help you prepare for the exam and crack NID prelims.


In 2019, the weight-age of marks in NID Prelims changed. The objective type constituted 30% marks, whereas subjective type 70% marks. If experts are to believed the NID exam pattern will be the same next year as well. Therefore, we have focused on the subjective type questions related to drawing and sketching. 


Note that these pro tips are provided by design experts and professionals who have many years of experience. Follow them with discipline, and you are going to ace the NID exam. Let’s dive into the details:-


-Define your Goal

Before we get into the practical tips, it’s really essential to align your mind and goals together. Remember NID prelims 2020 is not as easy as it seems. Focus is important. Define your objective and what you want to achieve by clearing the NID exam. There are preparation stages which can be created, and one should aim to clear them. This will help you crack NID prelims in a planned manner. 


-Begin with Sketching 

Planning is not a luxury when you have less time left. But 6 months is a long time, and you can certainly follow the first step. During this time, you can upgrade your sketching and drawing skills. Find inspiration from every day objects around you. Take different angles and develop your perspective skills. Watch how your rooms look and objects from your viewpoint can be drawn. Start drawing daily and practise the rigorously.  


-Let the Creative Juices Flow

Once you feel you are comfortable with perspective drawing, unleash your creativity. Use your imagination and try to improvise on the sketching that you have already made. Your goal should be to convey any message in the most effective and creative way with your design skills. 

One of the essential aspects of how to crack NID is to be creative. You need not be extravagant but smart and sensible. Draw and design in such a way that it should clearly show your design strength.


– Explore More, But be Precise 

Being precise here means you got to practise the detailing part of the drawing. You can certainly explore more ideas and implement creativity, but picking the right colours, minimum content, and the shading should be your priority. 


-The need of the Hour is Speed

You can race away and win the NID exam battle if only you can increase your speed. This is where those who qualify and who don’t separate. You can follow the first four-pointers, and you are close enough to crack NID prelims. It is speed, accuracy, and creativity combined that will push you to score the best in NID prelims.

Work on it, and you are set for the NID exam glory.

You can follow all these pointers in addition or along with the NID entrance exam coaching classes. Silica provides 2 term course for Class X pass & XI students and, 1 term course for XI pass & XII students. The effectual classroom training under the design experts has helped many students in the last years to come out with flying colour in NID exam. Contact for more details.

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