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What Are The Best Books To Prepare For NIFT Entrance Exam 2021-22?

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There are lots of convenient books and coaching centers that provide classes before getting prepared for NIFT entrance exam. However, before stepping into the field, it is requested to make a good study on finances and funds which are related to the overall studies of NIFT. You must have the spirit top face various setbacks in the career, especially in respect of finances. It is important to keep an eye on accounting books and prepare a strong career with institutes that have a background of global placements. Well, you need not enter any top-notch institute as this industry does not require such top-class alumni which are common in the study of law, engineering, medical, and others.

It is a dream-come-true for the students who are willing to see themselves in the field of design and make a good reputation. The world of NIFT offers a bright career ahead and makes the students adept enough to prosper in the industry of fashion. If you want to take the road of campus and pursue the course of bachelor of design programs, consider appearing for the NIFT entrance exam. There are many stages, and thus, you need proper NIFT study material to bring perfection. One of the most important strategies, in this case, is to solve the previous year question papers in order to get a rough idea.

Drawing the Most Appropriate Strategies

To achieve a well-defined career in the industry of fashion, candidates must have an appropriate strategy to solve the NIFT papers. Considering this, there are various books for NIFT which can help you in this regard.

Apart from solving the previous year’s question papers, it is also recommended to enhance the analytical studies as well. If you want to be quintessential and top the exams consider being well versed in the syllabuses of NIFT. You must be aware of those topics in advance so that you can have a rough idea on the required for each and solving the question paper.

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Preparing for GAT & CAT

The neophyte designers have to appear for CAT (Creative Ability Test) and GAT (General Ability Test). Some of the important parameters of Creative Ability Test are:

  • The ability of observation in concept development
  • The ability of designing and development
  • The ability of intuition
  • The ability of concept development

Now, considering the General Ability Test, there are some important topics which you must be aware of. These are:

  • Quantitative ability
  • English comprehension, and
  • General knowledge & current affairs

How to Choose the Best Books

Before preparing for the NIFT entrance exam 2020, students must consult with an eminent professor or institute to stay away from confusion while choosing the best books. They can help you get the right set of books and study materials that can make prepared in an apt way. Don’t go for a number of options as this may lead to nowhere from confusion. Even if you decide to solve the question papers from previous years, always study from the best books referred by the institute or private tutor. Students can also wish to download the sample papers from the Internet to get an idea of the type of questions. With this, candidates also become aware of the required time for each section of the question paper.

Enhancing Creative Skills

Before you choose to appear for NIFT entrance exam, make sure to improve the creative skills which are pivotal in the fashion world. You need to focus on the illustration to show the way of design and development. However, you need to keep in mind that others can understand your perspective and thus, stay away from complicated designs. If people cannot discern the design, things can go haywire. Therefore, it is essential to focus on the detailing, especially when it comes to human figures. Remember, you are appreciated when the least usage of eraser is made. This means, at the initial stage, make a light sketch, and after finalizing, darken it. The lesser eraser is used, the more confidence is gained in respect of illustration.

Practicing Calligraphy

Never underestimate the concept of calligraphy if you want to top the exams of NIFT. There are several books which can help you achieve the right ideas and bring them into reality. NIFT question papers are the perfect opportunities where you can show the skills of calligraphy. Again, the best collection of books and study materials can change the game on your favor. Moreover, the ability to grasp the knowledge and way or practice also changes depending on the study materials and books.

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