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Merely starting your Nift exam preparation without any prior research of the exam can prove to be quite confusing and rightly so since a ton of free articles are available through the internet today. If you are somebody who is suffering from this confusion, don’t worry since you have arrived at the right place. We’ve compiled a brilliant article that will be able to help you easily with your Nift exam preparation.

First, let us see understand the Nift exam scoring pattern. There are three main parts to the Nift entrance exam scoring pattern. These include the Nift GAT (General Ability Test), Nift CAT(Creative Ability Test), and the Nift situation test. For the preparation of these sections, you could either look for a good nift coaching institute or try to self-prepare through the use of some good-quality nift study material. Let’s try to explore a few study resources which would prove useful for your nift entrance exam preparation:

  • Books

No matter which nift study material you get access to, preparing through nift’s books should be your top priority. This is because you get the advantage of studying at your own convenience at a fairly good reasonable price. 

Silica provides study material for various programs relating to your B.Des, M.Des, and BFT entrance exam programs. A set of 12 books would be at your disposal. This will include the test series relating to CAT and Gat along with the respective solution key. A Nift creative aptitude book specially designed by the nift alumni to help you solve the most crucial topics for your nift entrance exam will also be at your disposal. All our books are carefully categorised to ensure that you will be easily able to master your area of study. 

  • Previous year’s nift question papers

Seeing the Nift’s paper pattern will help you analyze and be prepared for your own Nift question paper. You could even form a strategy based on the areas of your strengths and weaknesses. Through Silica’s LMS portal, you will be able to implement this procedure easily. 

  • Nift’s sample papers

We have a whole collection of sample papers from various years which can be freely downloaded through our website. Silica’s online learning module also contains a list of solved papers for both Gat as well as Cat. Solved sample papers for the past 10 years could be availed of from our website. 

  • Coaching institute

The use of a good coaching institute could be implemented. Silica offers options for both online and offline coaching requirements. The combination of our LMS portal and video lessons will help you in making your nift exam preparation become quite strong. Various course modules such as Cat, Gat, and test series will get covered in our coaching. While preparing for your nift entrance exam you will also be able to clear various nift exams for design schools like Pearl, Srishti, Mit, and several other reputed designing schools as well. 

If you are somebody who doesn’t have enough time on their hand, the use of our online nift coaching classes can prove to be the best fit for your needs. Make use of our video lessons made by our expert faculty and start your nift preparation as early as possible. We’ll even help you with a list of the best architecture colleges that you should definitely target based on your mock test scores. Using a Nift handbook would also prove fruitful in your Nift entrance exam preparation. 

  • Channels

There are several free youtube channels that can help you in your Nift journey. Silica also has a youtube channel through which you can watch several videos relating to the updates of the Nift official entrance exam, preparation tips, syllabus, and many more. 

  1.   Video lessons

Video lessons relating to the topics covered in the nift entrance exam can be explored through Silica’s online coaching. Some people are able to better understand things through video lessons and if you are one of them you should definitely check out the courses provided by our institute. 

  1. Other related resources

Other related resources like improvement in your general knowledge would also prove beneficial in your nift preparation. This is because questions relating to politics and the environment have a high probability of ending up on your question paper. Silica provides 50+ GK pdf which ensures that you will stay updated at every stage in your design preparation. 

  1. Online App 

Did you know that Silica has its own online app which you could take advantage of? By installing this app you will easily be able to learn at your own convenient timings. Learn 24*7 and keep testing yourself on various topics to make your Nift preparation more effective. 

  1. Mock tests

Giving various mock tests will enable you to become better prepared for your Nift entrance exam. Silica has a wide range of mock test kits from which you can easily practice. The best part about our mocks is that they are available at an affordable price range. 

While various websites through which you could easily prepare for your nift entrance exam do exist, we highly suggest you take a look at Silica’s website. All the nift exam preparation material which you could possibly require exists in a single place at:  

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