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UCEED (Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design) is an entrance test for bachelor’s course for design whereas CEED (Common Entrance Examination for Design) is an entrance test for master’s programme in design. The number of design aspirants keeps growing bigger every year and thus cracking these exams can become very challenging. We are here to provide you with tips on how to make your UCEED and CEED preparation more efficient.

Before we start with the tips for preparations, let’s learn about the relevance of design in the IT industry.

Why is design required in IIT?

Even though design programmes seem like a very modern branch of study, the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, became the first design institute to start offering design courses. After that, IIT Bombay established an industrial design centre to provide a PG Diploma in Design before expanding with a Master’s in Design (MDes) programme. 

A growing number of design courses were added to these institutes after the National Design Policy of 2011 recommended that all IITs should establish design departments. Since the 1980s and 1990s, a number of IITs, including those in Bombay, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Madras and Hyderabad, have offered master’s programmes in design.

IIT Department of Design intends to support interdisciplinary projects in design-based learning, research, and entrepreneurship. Design graduates are in high demand and are getting 100% placements because an innovation-led design is what is generating answers to the issues that companies and communities are facing. The IT industry is hiring them at IIT Guwahati, where companies like Google, Microsoft, and Infosys are competing for the freshers. 

Tips on how to prepare for UCEED and CEED more efficiently 

Make a Planner

Before you actually start studying, make a schedule for each subject that you want to cover over the next few days and allot a specific period of time to each of them. This way you will just have to revise the syllabus in the last few weeks before the exam. 

A key component of cracking CEED or UCEED with a good score is time management. Create a precise schedule that can be followed while you get ready for UCEED. To function effectively, it is important to give the crucial items top priority.

  • Buy a calendar and a journal.
  • Decide what topics are most important
  • Set targets
  • Maintain good health.
  • Take enough rest.

UCEE CEED Study Material 

Although gathering the right study material seems like a very obvious tip, but, often students tend to score less just because they did not follow the right study guide. The market is flooded with books and study materials for CEED and UCEED preparation (both online and offline). It is normal for a beginner to feel confused while selecting the right study material.

Therefore, before purchasing books, candidates should be aware of their needs and look into the year of publication. For UCEED and CEED preparation, it is advised to compare 2-3 books that cover the same subjects and theories. Although there are several books written by tons of authors IIT Bombay has not published any books for UCEED preparation.

General Knowledge

Students usually focus on maths or other subjects that they find intimidating, and because of that they usually tend to focus less on the general knowledge section. In order to prepare well for this section, make sure that you keep up with local and national news (political events, cultural events, newly released movies or shows, technology and its effects on society and the economy). Just reading won’t be enough; you must also consider analysing, and expressing your opinions regarding the same. 

Expand your knowledge from local to national and then eventually global level. Subscribe to different magazines, newspapers and editorials that focus on the various areas of arts and crafts as well as India’s cultural history. Candidates can also broaden their general knowledge regarding design by researching the work of their favourite designers. 

UCCE and CEED Previous years’ papers and sample papers

In order to make sure you finish writing the exam on time, you should be well acquainted with the amount of time that you take on each section. Solving previous years’ papers would do the deed, as you will have a better understanding of what type of questions take more time and then you can divide your time smartly amongst all the sections. Not only does it help you have a better understanding of time management but also gives better comprehension of the exam format.

Solving previous years’ papers and sample papers also ensures a better understanding of what the examiners expect out of the candidates. Examiners want that candidates can both create and solve problems. Along with drawing, one of the key tools for a designer is identifying a problem. Developing observational skills will enable you to recognise the issue and its solution.

Using additional tools is generally prohibited while attempting UCEED or CEED. Use proper tools, such as two grades of pencil: H-grade for rough work and light drawings, and B-grade for quick work and shading. You will also get knowledge of the subjects and types of questionnaires that are often asked. Apart from that, you start getting the hang of the answer format. It also helps you clear up the doubts in a more efficient way.

Students can fully grasp and learn better by solving question papers. It also solidifies their theoretical understanding and aids them in applying the knowledge practically. This directly enhances the preparation for real-world application. After finishing their mock exams, students can start using internet tools to clear up any doubts right away. These sites assist students to save time before exams by giving them verified answers in a matter of minutes.

Current Design Trends

Just like every other thing design is also always evolving. It is very important for students to keep up with the design trends and have an all-around knowledge of the latest designs. The major trends to watch for in the design sector include inclusive dressing, utilitarian items, sustainable fabrication, and universal design.

Regarding current design trends, it is more fascinating to observe how traditional design is fusing with technology to highlight the greatest aspects of both worlds. Even though the design world has altered since it now incorporates cutting-edge technologies like AI, VR, AR and other digital tools, design is still all about art.


Today, everything from our everyday necessities to scientific discoveries is influenced by design. It now serves as the foundation for 21st-century human evolution. Design is a methodology that is solution-focused and action-oriented rather than problem-focused, thanks to its function-centric approach.

The preparations for both UCEED and CEED can be very challenging, so it is advised to take up coaching classes that cater to all your requirements. If you are looking for CEED or UCEED coaching online, UCEED or CEED sample paper, CEED or UCEED mock tests, thorough learning, etc., then your search is over.

SILICA provides you with scientifically-curated aptitude tests and career guidance programmes that can help you make the right choice. Along with that, we also provide personalised online and offline coaching to students and help them enhance spatial abilities, environmental and social awareness, observance and design sensitivity, analytical and logical reasoning, design thinking, language and creativity, and problem-solving abilities that are vital to crack CEED and UCEED. You can rely upon us for thorough CEED and UCEED preparations.

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