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While developing a career in architecture may look like a cakewalk, it really does not work that way. If you’re new in the field of architecture it is quite common to become lost due to the amount vast amount of resources available on the internet. While these are easily available, the fact that you should be blindly relying on them is something you need to decide by yourself. While you may be confused after hearing this, you don’t necessarily need to worry since we have listed down all the essential steps you need to follow in this article.

This article will help not just guide you but also provide you with related links which would be helpful in your architecture journey. From helping you keep a basic check of the activities you need to do like clearance of your entrance exam to making use of good resources, this article will surely be able to help you in some way. Topic knowledge about various skills and program knowledge related to some of the best architecture institutions are also covered in this blog. Read on to know more.

Guidelines for Successful Career in Architecture

Step 1: Clear the Nata entrance exam

The very first step you need to take in your architecture journey will consist of you clearing your Nata entrance exam. Clearing the Nata entrance exam will enable you to get into a prestigious architecture institution which will pave the way for your architecture career. This could be in the form of job assistance which could be provided by your college itself. Clearing the Nata entrance exam itself will enable you to learn about various architecture-related concepts which would be useful in your later years.

Step 2: Make use of good resources

Make sure that you use good quality material for your Nata entrance exam preparation. The need for a good Nata coaching institute will be required at this stage. You could also make use of Silica’s Nata previous year’s question papers for your preparation. Silica offers a wide range of resources for your Nata entrance-level exam. Resources like Silica’s Nata previous year’s sample papers, Nata original question papers, free video lessons, and many more can be easily obtained from our website. Various NATA self-study materials in the form of online kits are also available on Silica’s website.

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Step 3: Develop your topic knowledge

Topics related to drawing and designing such as color theory, 3D drawing, various perspectives, human figures, memory drawings, and much more get tested in the Nata entrance level exam. The knowledge regarding these topics is later required by the architects to be presented in their projects. Silica’s Nata online and classroom coaching programs will enable you with the right material for your base-level architecture preparation. The material in the form of Nata sample papers, Nata mock tests, Nata self-study books, and many more can be obtained from our website.

The ability to think creatively and present unique ideas to the client is a skill every architect often possesses. This skill will easily become implementable by solving various types of architecture-related cases. Silica’s rigorous Nata coaching program will be the first step that you would be required to take. Solving various Nata question papers is just the beginning of the arduous journey you are going to venture in.

Topics related to model-making and 3D structures will be required in your later architecture journey, the only difference is that you won’t have strict deadlines which would have to be compulsorily met. Good time distribution is again a skill that any good architect should absolutely possess. Solving Nata question papers within the allocated time will provide you with the exact pressure that an experienced architect often goes through. Making various blueprints will become a skill you will easily master through the use of Silica’s Nata coaching classes.

Even if you are not a student possessing any sort of numerical knowledge, your numerical ability will get tested a lot in your architecture career. Silica’s curated Nata coaching lessons will help you develop your numerical ability regardless of the choice of stream you belong into. As an architect having good mathematical knowledge is a necessary skill that you absolutely cannot compromise upon. This is because, for every project you undertake, a good grasp of mathematical calculations will prove quite fruitful.

Step 4: Take admission to a good B.Arch program

Admit yourself to a good B.Arch program that will help you become familiar with all the architecture-related concepts. Various types of architecture programs are available in India. You could either go for an undergraduate or a postgraduate level of the program. You could even go for both a B.Arch (Bachelor in Architecture) and an M.Arch (Master in Architecture). Various certificate and diploma programs also exist although it is preferable to complete a bachelor’s degree program. Clearing Nata and obtaining a good score becomes quite essential during this process.

Your journey would not end after you end up taking admission to your choice of architecture institution. Preparing for placement season is a battle that every architecture student has to face regardless of the architecture institution he has enrolled himself. Reputed architecture institutions often have in-house placements which the students should definitely take the advantage of. Experience in the form of internships could also be availed by the students. Reputed colleges like the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Sir J.J. College of Architecture, and several others can be applied through your Nata score. All the concepts which you should definitely know as a future architect will be taught in these colleges through several semester projects and exams.

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