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With the Ceed 2023 exam day getting announced, the anxiety level among students is increasing and the need for a good exam strategy is necessary. Giving your exams without knowing the question pattern and solving any mocks can result in the paper not being completed on time and a wastage of the candidate’s time and effort. It’s always advised that the candidates know about the question paper beforehand. 

The detailed structure of the Ceed paper pattern as per the official guidelines:


A total of 41 questions will get asked. The format of the exam is computer-based and the first part would be divided into 3 sections. The first section known as NAT or Numerical Ability Type will consist of a total of 8 questions. The correct answer will help the candidate score 3 marks. You can practise Silica’s Ceed mock test papers to get an idea about the type of questions asked in this section. The total marks for this section will be 24 marks.

The next section called MSQ or Multiple Select Question consists of a total of 10 questions but has a catch. The candidate receives a -0.2 mark for each wrong choice selected. By solving multiple Ceed mock tests you can get an idea about the questions which should be attempted and the ones which are better left alone. The total marks for this section consist of 30 marks.

The third and last section will consist of MCQ, widely known as Multiple Choice Questions.

By solving many of our Ceed mock tests questions you can easily pick out the best option among the similar-looking answer choices. The total marks for this section will consist of 46 marks. With a negative marking of -0.5 marks for each question, solving a set of good quality mocks that have a huge probability of appearing in the question paper becomes quite crucial. Silica’s ceed mock tests online series provides a huge variety of good quality ceed mock test questions at a reasonable rate. 

The structure for part A can easily be understood by this table:

Structure Number of Questions Question number Marks for correct answer Marks for wrong answer Marks for not attempted questions Total Marks
NAT 8 1-8 3 0 0 24
MSQ 10 9-18 3 -0.2 0 30
MCQ 23 19-41 2 -0.5 0 46
Total 41 1-41 100



Part B will consist of the candidate getting handed a booklet to solve all the drawing/sketching related questions. Questions regarding spatial objects, environment, social surroundings, and design will get asked in this section.

The format for this section can easily be decoded through this table:

Structure Questions Question Number  Total Marks
Sketching 1 1 20
Creativity 1


Form Sensitivity 1 3 20
Visual Sensitivity 1 4 20
Problem Identification 1 5 20



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Additional information:

The shortlisting of the candidates will be done in the first round itself.

The formula for calculating marks in General Category:
μ + (σ⁄2) = δ
where μ = average mark
σ = standard deviation of the distribution of marks in part A

The formula for calculating marks in OBC-NCL/EWS category: 0.9δ

The selection of candidates in the second round will start right after this.

No reevaluation or re-totaling of the scores will take place at this point.


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