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What are the pros and cons of preparing for NID exam on your own?

Ans: It is possible to prepare for the NID DAT entrance exam on your own. It is not compulsory to join a coaching class. Here are some pros and cons of self study preparation for the NID entrance exam-


  1. No Fees: You save on coaching fees. If you get hold of the right NID study material, you can prepare at your own time. You need to dedicate time to gather the right study materials. You can buy books and online study material from any top coaching institute. There are also many resources available on youtube, free website, free NID sample papers etc. 
  2. Better Student of Design: It makes you a better student of design. When you prepare on your own, you are highly motivated and ready to overcome hurdles you face. This makes you ready for the tough life in a design school. It also preserves your originality as you remain unaffected by teachers & other students’ points of view.
  3. Learn at your own pace: You can study at your own time, at your own pace. You can allot study time which does not affect your board exam preparation.
  4. Convenient: It is convenient. You do not have to visit the coaching centre. You can prepare from the comforts of your home, thus saving time to travel.
  5. Avoid Cheating: Coaching Institutes can cheat you. It is better to prepare on your own than join an unscrupulous coaching institute. E.g. A top coaching institute makes tall promises and charges high fees but does not deliver good coaching, because they are too busy opening new centres and showing unbelievable results.


  1. Expert Help: You get a detailed understanding of the paper pattern, expected NID previous year question paper, exam syllabus & assessment criteria. A good coaching class will focus on developing time management skills through the mock tests.
  2. Structured Learning: Good coaching institutes have a structured learning plan which includes regular topical lessons, practice assignments, mock tests and faculty feedback.
  3. Feedback: The expert faculty makes the biggest difference. It is very useful to have a guide and mentor to give feedback on assignments, solve doubts, show the way, motivate and inspire. 
  4. Group Learning: You get the benefit of group learning in a coaching institute. A good coaching institute will have small batches of 18-20 students. This allows students to learn from each other, while also getting personal attention from the faculty. This also develops collaboration skills in students. They are also able to compare their performance with other students in the batch / institute. 
  5. Full Responsibility on You: You have to be highly motivated and disciplined in your preparation. Your chances of success will entirely depend on you.

In conclusion, it is up to the student which option to choose. There are some benefits that coaching brings to your preparation, which are not available when you prepare on your own. If you choose a good entrance coaching institute, they can help you in improving your chances significantly.

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