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Learning During Lockdown: How Students At Silica Institute Turned Lockdown Into An Advantage

by | Jun 30, 2020 | ALL, CEED, NATA, NID, NIFT, UCEED | 0 comments

Never stop learning is the new mantra. So how could Coronavirus have prevented design aspirants from learning? As someone once said, wisdom is in using the time well and the students at Silica institute doing NID preparation and taking NIFT coaching chose to use the lockdown to their advantage. As it turned out, the learning was more fun and very effective. With lockdown measures in place and the normal learning methods like classroom training still impossible, students and mentors took to digital platforms. What followed was totally unexpected and exciting for everyone involved.

Here are 10 things that students at Silica did during the lockdown:-

  1. LIVE Classes Online

“Technology is a boon” though it may sound cliched, it became a real life experience when students and mentors came together online for LIVE classes. Of course, the physical classes are quite different but the learning experience was the same. More than 2500 students from 25 centres attended regular classes. When you have top faculties with professional experience, medium doesn’t really matter. The NIFT coaching classes were truly helpful and so was the NID entrance preparation.

  1. Homework at Home

If parents and elderly can work from home then why can’t design and architecture  aspirants do homework at home? The drawing and sketching classes are not enough without drawing assignments. Though students were within the four walls, the imagination wasn’t. Students could think of a whole world outside it and did the sketching assignments easily. What’s more, it was shared online with tutors and they received feedback on it.

  1. Portfolio Making

Sometimes all students want is a break from the routine and the busy lives that people usually live. Especially when it comes to making a portfolio, everyone craves for a relaxed atmosphere and at the same time, a racing mind filled with ideas. And that’s exactly what students preparing for NIFT entrance exam and NID entrance exam got in the lockdown. The portfolio got better and better and everyone loved making it.

  1. Binged on Videos on Silica’s App

Who said there’s only Netflix to binge on every day during the lockdown? There’s  Silica app where design aspirants can go on for a marathon learning experience. There are enough and more GAT lectures, Aptitude lectures and excellent drawing lessons. Those who are taking UCEED coaching can find 500+ UCEED solutions. That’s not it. Students could practise 5000+ Quiz questions and Full mock tests in the comfort of their homes. Incredible, isn’t it?

  1. Design Masterclass

Highly interactive and valuable design masterclass was conducted where students could learn T-shirt painting and Paper Quilling. Thousands of students gained great exposure and it left an impressive impact on students. Everyday practise is a must, irrespective of how and where you learn.

  1. PTA- Parent -Teachers MeetingOnline face to face meeting of mentors with students and their parents was helpful and fruitful. How much you have learned, what is the progress and what can be the way ahead; all these questions are important and lockdown didn’t stop mentors from guiding and leading the Silica students all the way. Frank feedback and essential tips were shared and students and parents took it positively.
  1. Webinars

Post lockdown, webinars have become the new normal. But Silica didn’t want to conduct webinars just for the sake of it. Productive, growth oriented and focused on career and life, the webinars were an eye opener and gave a new perspective to the design aspirants. The topics varied from career in fashion, design, architecture to new online NID mains exam, life after and before NIFT success and so on.

  1. Interaction With Previous Year ToppersIt is always a pleasure to interact with previous year toppers. The words spoken by them is of great value to the students and aspirants. The IITians and those who got top All Indian Rankings interacted and shared their experience on how they did NID preparation and gained maximum from NIFT coaching.
  1. Online Contest

There’s always a creative idea around even in the most dismal times like lockdown. What else than an online contest that could boost the morale of the students and to let the creative juices flowing again. Students actively participated on Mother’s Day, Earth Day and ‘Friday Design challenge’ and so on. The entries received were just mind blowing and amazing.

10. Student’s Heartfelt Messages

Amidst all the learning and lockdown, the students made sure to send the right message across to keep on learning and never stop. The videos and images done creatively were an inspiration in itself.

These are the 10 things that students at Silica did during the lockdown and learned continuously. What about you? All the design aspirants can contact us for NID, NIFT, NATA and other design entrance exam preparation.

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