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How to Score Good Marks in NATA 2023-24

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For the students of India who wish to brace architecture as for future study, qualifying NATA or National Aptitude course for Architecture is the way to go.  Candidates passing 10+3 diploma in any stream but having compulsory mathematics, or those securing 50% marks in 10+2 or equivalent examinations are eligible. While there are a number of premier institutions offering NATA coaching classes, a candidate needs to excel both in the MCQ sections and the drawing sections. A few tips and suggestions might help you to get started.

Understanding the Course

The NATA exam patterns comprise of the drawing test, as well as the MCQ aptitude test. The time limit of the paper-based drawing test is two hours. Three questions, evaluating the drawing skill and aptitude of the candidate, are screened. To score fairly in this exam, you have to take care of certain aspects.

The Drawing Ability

To begin with, try to make your sketches as proportionate, yet as visually attractive as they can be. It is also essential to nurture your natural ability to visualize, as well as sketch the effects of light on any given object. This includes the shadows cast by an object, as well as its surroundings. It is also essential to form a structure or a building by composing, as well as combining any given 3D elements. Having a profound sense and conception of perspective drawing is more than essential. Also, make sure that you develop an understanding of proportions and scales.

Moreover, practice to ‘play’ with colors to give complete visual harmony to your compositions. You might be given certain forms and shapes and ask to create two-dimensional compositions from them. So practice creating some interesting compositions using odd shapes. Last, but not the least, remember that your examiners would scrutinize your pencil sketch abilities, as well as try learning to adopt themes on everyday experiences.

About Cracking the MCQ Section

This would be a computer-based test that would need you to answer 40 multiple choice questions. Scoring fairly in this section would entirely depend on your overall understanding and conception in the subject. Your marks would depend on the variety of questions that you answer, the difficulty level of the questions that you answer, as well as the coverage of content. Approximately, you will get 60-90 seconds to answer a single question. The time you take would depend on the difficulty level of the question you attempt. However, negative markings are not applicable to the MCQ section. In a nutshell, your proficiency in this section would depend on the richness of your imagination, observation, imagination, communication, creativity, as well as architectural awareness.

The Basis to Success

The ultimate tips to crack nata boils down to the good old thing- practice, practice, and practice. Utilize and explore your nata study materials, as well as the textbooks every day. Also, check for the latest updates in the ambit of architecture. Revise the topics regularly to fortify your learning. When you are studying to crack NATA, then your focus should be only on clearing it with a great result.

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Practicing the Old Question Papers

If you are sitting in the NATA for the very first time, then you would optimally start by getting hold of the older question papers. Though the format of the test undergoes a little bit of change from time to time, the basic question pattern remains more or less unchanged. So going through the questions thoroughly is going to throw valuable insights regarding your upcoming examinations. Also, checking the syllabus would go a long way to decide which study materials or books you would need for preparation. Make sure that you collect and compile your study materials well in advance. The more you harp on them, the more familiar you will be to fathom the intricacies that the exam questions have to offer.

Seeking Professional Help

Your teachers, tutors, and professors would be more than happy to clear all your doubts, as well as provide you with the latest information. They can also help you to point your mistakes and lacunae that you might have while preparing. However, when it comes to getting some additional and specialized help to crack the NATA exam 2013, you might want to approach to some tutorials that specialize in preparing study materials for entrance exams like these.

Preparing Your Time-Table

You might want to re-consider your existing time-table if you feel that it needs some refurbishment. There are different aspects of architecture, as well as drawing involved in this exam. Hence, you have to make sure to dedicate considerable time to each of them. Also, you have to have sufficient time to complete the syllabus, as well as revise the studied portions and practice answering the nata previous year question papers. So when you are preparing for your NATA examinations, make sure that your time table includes each of the above mentioned things.

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