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Candidates seeking admission to the Bachelor of Design programme (B.Des) must take the Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design (UCEED), which is administered by IIT Bombay. You must understand the purpose of the exam before you can start preparing for UCEED.

The exam is organized to test your visual and spatial abilities, environmental and social awareness, observance and design sensitivity, analytical and logical reasoning, design thinking, language and creativity, and problem-solving abilities.

Preparation for UCEED is not difficult if students come up with a proper strategy and manage their time wisely. Scroll through the article to learn vital information and tips that you would require while preparing for UCEED.

Select the best UCEED study guide

In order to clear this exam with flying colours it is important to prepare thoroughly with the right collection of study material. The market is flooded with books and study materials for UCEED preparation (both online and offline). It is normal for a beginner to feel confused while selecting the UCEED study material.

Therefore, before purchasing UCEED study materials, candidates should be aware of their needs and look into the year of publication. For UCEED preparation, it is advised to compare 2-3 books that cover the same subjects and theories. Although there are several books written by tons of authors IIT Bombay has not published any books for UCEED preparation.


Improve Observation and Visualization Skills

Students must endeavour to think creatively and artistically and use their imagination to the fullest since applicants for the UCEED are judged on their ability to visualise and to be creative.

Create a Plan

Before you actually start studying, make a schedule for each subject that you want to cover over the next few days and allot a specific period of time. Before starting the preparation, it is crucial to create a plan. This way you will just have to revise the syllabus in the last few weeks before the exam. 

A key component of passing the UCEED exam with a good score is time management. Create a precise schedule that can be followed while you get ready for UCEED. To function effectively, it is important to give the crucial items top priority.

  • Buy a calendar and a journal.
  • Decide what topics are most important
  • Set targets
  • Maintain your health.
  • Take enough rest.


Practice freehand drawing

In UCEED, using equipment is not usually allowed. Students are advised to practise freehand drawing and sketching using basic tools like two grades of a pencil, H-grade for rough work and light drawings and B-grade for quick work and shading


Mathematical geometry exercises

Candidates must make sure that they continue practising mathematical problem sets as UCEED consists of geometrical questions as well. Maths has always been one of the most challenging parts of preparing for this exam and therefore, candidates must set aside a few hours each day to frequently practise these questions.


Work on your General Knowledge

For many candidates, maths is considered to be an intimidating subject, which is why they tend to allot most of their time to mathematics. But it’s important to allocate the same amount of time to the GK section. Make sure you focus your energy on reading newspapers, magazines, and brochures as well. Candidates can enhance their general knowledge and understanding by studying their favourite designers.


Visualizing and Spatial 

This sub-area includes pictorial and diagrammatic questions. It is very important to understand and practice the fundamentals of everyday mechanical and scientific concepts. Students should have a vivid understanding and the ability to manipulate 2D shapes, 3D objects and their spatial relationships.


Design Sensitivity

Candidates appearing for the UCEED exam should be able to keenly observe the concealed properties and design qualities in everyday objects, individuals, circumstances, and occurrences. They ought to be able to critically evaluate them as well. Additionally, the capacity to recognise minute variations in visual qualities and aesthetic effects is equally important. Additionally, they should be able to analyse, reason, classify, infer, and predict designs meticulously.  


Language and creativity

The applicant should be proficient in grammar and have a clear understanding of what they have read. They must be able to think beyond the box, come up with creative solutions, and recognise unique ideas.


Analytical and logical thinking

UCEED candidates must possess the capacity to analyse both qualitative and quantitative data in order to find patterns. The ability to spot hidden biases or assumptions as well as the ability to check whether or not the evidence and argument support conclusions will be put to the test. Candidates should also improve their logical reasoning abilities in order to deduce an accurate response to multiple statement-based questions. This topic also includes several important elements related to patterns, brainteasers, and data interpretation.


Sample Papers for the UCEED: 

For candidates to grasp the UCEED exam pattern, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay offers UCEED sample papers and previous years’ UCEED examination papers. This way candidates will be acquainted with the format of the paper and know what set of questions they can expect, as well as know the difficulty level of UCEED and the subjects on which they should concentrate more. 

UCEED preparations can be very challenging which is why it is advised to take up coaching classes, that can provide you with everything you would need in order to prepare for UCEED. If you are looking for UCEED coaching, UCEED sample paper, UCEED mock tests, thorough learning, etc all under one roof then your search ends here!

SILICA provides you with scientifically-curated aptitude tests and career guidance programmes that can help you make the right choice. Along with that, we also provide personalised online and offline coaching to students and help them enhance spatial abilities, environmental and social awareness, observance and design sensitivity, analytical and logical reasoning, design thinking, language and creativity, and problem-solving abilities that are very vital to crack UCEED. You can rely upon us for thorough UCEED preparations.

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