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Designing is a field that encompasses creativity, innovation, and technical skills. A career in designing is a lucrative option for those who have a passion for aesthetics, attention to detail, and a desire to create visually appealing designs. Whether it’s graphic design, interior design, product design, or any other design field, building a successful career in designing requires a combination of creativity, hard work, and strategic planning. In this blog, we will explore the steps to build a promising career in designing, including gaining the right education and experience, honing your skills, and finding ways to showcase your work to potential employers or clients.

In order to build a promising career in designing you need to oversee a certain number of indispensable skills. These skills can be classified as:

  • Sketching

Basic sketching skills become quite essential and are naturally expected from designers. This is because every designer needs to be able to make the perfect sketch which would later be used to showcase his design idea. Even if you are somebody who has mediocre sketching skills you can easily improve them through the use of our nift coaching tutorials. Our nift coaching classes will help provide you with all the techniques that you could possibly require for your nift entrance exam preparation.

Practice various human figure drawings and compositions by enrolling at one of Silica’s nift coaching institutes situated across various regions. These include nift coaching in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, and Delhi. Learn about various design principles and be able to crack nift 2023 with flying colors.

  • Coloring

Enabling the use of the perfect color scheme becomes a must when you want to become a renowned designer as a wrong color choice can make or break your design. Different colors stand for different emotions and through silica’s nift online coaching, we will handhold you in understanding everything you need to know about various color palettes integrated by professional fashion designers. Maybe a certain design requires you to unlock your edgy side or maybe the design requires you to exemplify a basic look. Based on your client’s requirements you should be able to bring life to your design.

You’ll be able to learn about various patterns and coloring designs by integrating the use of our nift online coaching software. By learning the required techniques for coloring and shading you’ll be able to crack the design entrance exam for not just nift but also other design schools like Pearl, Mit, Iam, Srishti, and several others.

  • Stay updated

Get knowledge about various fashion-related topics through the use of our nift coaching classes which will regularly update you on the various trends occurring in the fashion industry. Every designer needs to regularly build up his knowledge so that he/she is able to portray the latest design in his work. The designer should also try to make it a point to know about the various technological advancements taking place which could change the entire fashion industry. Silica’s nift coaching providing information on environmental awareness could be a stepping stone for your design venture.

  • Build a portfolio

Every designer should try to make a portfolio that would contain a list of all his/her works. Silica’s nift coaching team will help you develop a portfolio that would help evoke a strong sense of desire among all the major companies to work with you. Our nift coaching experts will make sure that your portfolio will showcase the best of your works and show a side that would be completely unique to you. Showcasing this portfolio will not only be useful during your nift interview but also during your entire designing journey which is still yet to come.

  • Fabric and other related material information

As a designer knowing about the different types of materials and fabrics prove quite useful. This would be taught in great detail during your nift preparation. At Silica we will teach you in detail about all the material and its best usage which prove useful during your nift’s interview and situation test

  • Visualisation

As a designer having great visualisation skills will take you quite far in your life. You need to be able to visualise your design before you are able to bring it into existence. Silica’s nift coaching enables its students to develop great observation, perception, and visual sense to help clear the CAT(Creative ability test) round.

  • Communication

A great designer isn’t just able to make good designs but is also able to form connections in the design community. Even the syllabus of nift is able to test the candidate’s ability on several topics like English comprehension and English communication. Silica’s nift online coaching syllabus is expertly crafted to help you easily clear your GAT(General ability test) round.

  • Quantitative ability

Designers usually require a basic level of maths knowledge especially if they are somebody who has their own business. This is usually because they need to keep the track of all the material expenses which is going to occur. Even if you are a designer who gets his work through freelancing you still need a basic knowledge about quants to help you with your designing needs. While preparing for your GAT(General Ability Test) round of nift’s entrance-level exam you will come across various math-related questions.

  • Detail oriented

Being detail-oriented becomes quite crucial when it comes to being a designer. Even a minute difference in the design can cause great havoc. You always need to be extremely detail oriented if you’re planning to become a designer. This is exactly why nift’s exam tests candidates on their ability to spot minute details in the provided design question. With the help of silica’s nift sample papers, you can easily solve several questions from nift’s entrance exam by inputting a little bit of practice and dedication.

  • Time management

Leaving all things aside, time management has always been and always will be the most important element which could make and break a situation. The skill of time management is something that would get quite tested during your project submission. Silica’s expert-led nift coaching classes will help you master this skill seamlessly. 


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