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According to  Paula Graham Gazzard, director of UK-based Contemporary Visual Arts Network, “By 2020, the potential market for design in India is expected to be of Rs 188.32 billion. The number of designers required by 2020 in India’s industrial, graphic, communication, packaging and other design domains is potentially 62,000. There are around 7,000 qualified designers in India with perhaps 5,000 studying design”

This signifies that the scope of graphic designing is much more than any other job profile. 

So the next question usually is why pursue a diploma in graphic design? 

It helps in the Creativity and artistic skill expansion of the student.  As graphic designing is an online work; The Graphic Designing course is a career-oriented course. Along with your job/freelancing work you can pursue this degree. This gives you an added advantage in your future career.

Let us understand how a graphic design diploma will help you.

Graphic Design Diploma

Graphic designing is a career-oriented course. It teaches you design tools/software, illustration, logos and layouts. Students can apply directly after completing 10th grade or after graduating in any other relevant field.

What are the graphic design course fees?

The fees in this field depend on the college the candidate is applying for. The fees for short diploma courses may range from INR 15,000 – 25,000. 

Graphic Design Degree

A  Graphic Design degree is a detailed study that not only teaches you application through software but also guides you towards principles and elements of design and assignments. This degree can be attained after completing 12th grade followed by entrance examinations for top colleges. 

Graphic design course fees

The fees in this field depend on the college the candidate is applying for. The fees for short diploma courses may range from INR 15,000 – 25,000. There are advanced degree courses that cost between INR 80,000 to 1.5 lakhs per year or per semester. 

Eligibility for Graphic Degree

50% marks in 10th/12th and a valid score in the entrance examination with a basic design aptitude that every design entrant is expected to carry. 

Career Scope  after Graphic Designing

Communication Design subjects like Graphic Designing have gained much-deserved recognition in the past few years as we move towards a digital world, opening various opportunities in the field as follows:

  • Graphic Designer: 

Graphic designers develop graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos, websites and more. This job title can cover a huge range of duties in various industries.

  • Visual Communication Designer 

Visual Communication Designers design concepts and decode them into visual form by hand and then through computer software to share and develop products that inform, educate, entertain and inspire people. They develop layouts or electronic displays that correspond to the production and implementation of their designs.

  • UI/UX Designer 

User experience (UX) designers are accountable for making an optimal experience for the user when they interact with a digital or physical product, such as a website or a coffee machine. Whereas, User Interaction (UI) designers are mainly involved with how a user navigates through a digital product.

  • Social Media Designer:

A Social Media Designer crafts high-quality compelling posts, pages, and applications that drive traffic and boost conversions.

  • Brand Developer 

Brand development is a strategic process of aligning your brand with your business objectives. Moreover, they conduct research on target markets, develop market strategy plans, product lines etc..

  • Art Director

An Art Director makes designs and guides other artists to develop each contributing piece for magazines, newspapers, product packaging and movie and television productions. Coordinating with employers to meet client objectives in the available budget.

  • Video or Film Editor

A video editor’s role is to edit raw video or film footage for all types of projects such as tv shows, commercials, films, and even internet-based media. They also need to work closely to ensure the editing matches the director’s vision in the final product.

  • Multimedia Artist:

They design complex graphics and animation using computer animation or modelling programs. Curatives include story development, visual impact and platforms to create media content that will meet their employer’s objectives. Owing to the boom in internet technologies, more brands and organizations are looking to increase their online video presence. Thus it’s a blessing in disguise for graphic designers with animation and motion graphics skills.

  • Animator 

An animator is an artist who creates animation through rapid movement sequences. Do they also work in a variety of fields including film, television, and video games

How can Silica help you?

Silica, with its 18 years of experience and comprehensive coaching, assists students in making the best career decisions of their life. Our students have been placed in premier institutions such as IIT-IDC, NID, NIFT, CEPT, SPA, UID, MIT, SRISHTI, ISDI, Pearl Academy, and J.J. College of Architecture and Art, Rachana Sansad, and others.

This is  possible because of our extensive classroom coaching for CEED, NATA, UCEED, NIFT with appropriate study materials, and nata previous year question papers, NID, NIFT, and UCCED entrance exams. Through the below steps, you will be able to understand more.

  • Firstly, we check your skills and passion for different design career streams through career guidance and aptitude tests.
  • Based on your aptitude scores, we provide you with top faculties, online apps, study materials, weekly tests, etc.
  • We provide personal guidance for admission and college decisions after the course duration.
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