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As a beginner who needs to develop his career in the field of architecture, there are certain things that you should definitely know. From knowing about the art of model making to getting the required work experience, we’ve compiled a list of things that you should definitely get checked. While this can be easily done by asking an individual or a family member who has already been through this process, you can avail of all of this information through our expert-curated article. Even if you are an individual who has previously been through this process, this article may still end up surprising you.

From knowing about all the ups and downs you would venture upon to the materials which would get used in the related process, read on to know more about all the essential steps every architect beginner should be aware of.

  • Learn sketching

Sketching can prove to be a very important part of your routine since it lets you turn your idea into a real project. Learn different sketching techniques which you will be able to integrate into your projects and impress your clients later on. As an architect being able to make quick sketches is just a basic requirement. Nata’s entrance exam helps you implement this skill at the beginning itself through its complex paper pattern. The last drawing section in the Nata question paper can be taken up for this instance. 

  • Have good material knowledge

 Being in the architectural field, you must at least have the basic knowledge to know about the various materials which would be utilised in your project. While a situation test testing the candidate’s knowledge of various materials may not be conducted, it becomes necessary that the candidate has in-depth knowledge about the common materials used in the construction space in any way possible. You can develop this material knowledge easily through the use of our nata coaching classes. 

  • Model-making as a skill

As an architecture student, you will be asked to make a lot of architectural models relating to your project. While this skill may prove to be quite difficult in the beginning, you will be able to master this skill later on. This is because the model you make is often required to be aligned with the real-world structure which may not necessarily work. It is better to learn this skill thoroughly while you are still a student as later on you will be met with tight deadlines which may not be as flexible as one might think. Silica’s nata coaching institute will help you in your dummy model preparation which will form the base for your future projects easily.

  • Tech-related knowledge

Since the world is moving towards a digital era, it becomes essential to update yourself on various architectural tools and software. Silica itself integrates the use of various online solutions for its coaching tutorials. This can be seen in the way it provides both online coaching and LMS software through which students can update their knowledge at their convenient timings. As an architecture fresher, you would be required to make use of Cad software to make both 2D and 3D structures. You really do not worry too much since all the basic knowledge relating to 2D and 3D structure formation gets taught in Silica’s foundation classes itself. 

  1. Work experience

Try to get as much experience as you can. This could be in the form of an internship or getting into some type of construction space. You could even apply to various architecture internships after the completion of our program. This will help you oversee all the necessary skills you will be required to input later on. Don’t be shy and go ask several questions to any experienced person who holds authority over a particular project. This work experience will later help you apply to a reputed architectural firm of your choice. 

  1. Designing spaces

As an architecture student, you will be required to explore various spaces relating to homes, corporate environments, buildings, studios, and various other structures. This is because architecture students are usually required to explore various places for their survey and project requirements. While performing these tasks or projects you’ll also be able to get a brief idea of the field you wish to major. An instance of landscape-based architecture can be taken in this instance, as this can be something you would be interested in. 

In the end, don’t forget that you are just a human and that it’s completely okay to make mistakes whether they might be small or huge. Through Silica’s nata coaching, you’ll be able to build a strong foundation for your architecture journey which will surely be envied by other people. 

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Choose a coaching solution based on the type of coaching that will suit you perfectly and start your architecture journey today!

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