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Architecture is defined as the process or product of planning, creating, and designing buildings or other structures. At first, architecture was only considered the construction of monuments and other symbols of art. However, in recent times, architecture is recognized as the creation or designing of all and any structure that serves the utilitarian or aesthetic needs of a man. There are several different types of architecture that you can witness across the globe. There are modern, gothic, classical, renaissance, vernacular, contemporary, neoclassical, postmodern, victorian, baroque, international styles, and much more. Just like fashion, architecture also evolves as per the trends of the world and the tastes of the people. While Victorian and gothic may be the top choices decades ago, people these days want edgy, International, minimal, and sustainable architectural types that resonate with their needs. A good architect takes time to understand the needs of the client and then choose aesthetics that sync with the client’s vision and are not dated. Now that you have a brief understanding of what architecture entails, you must know the essential skills that one needs to master this discipline and excel in the course of architectural designing. 

Essential Skills of an Architect 

Visual skills

An architectural process only begins once you’ve visualized the project. You can only go on to creating a project roadmap once you’re able to visualize the architectural procedure unfurl. To set benchmark standards for your personal self, you must be able to visualize extraordinarily. 

Creative skills 

Once you’ve visualized the architectural structure or building that you want to create, you must be able to ideate an intricate roadmap, commonly called the blueprints in the architectural space. Embodying a creative approach towards resolving architectural dilemmas is the only way to exponential success. Thus, it is imperative to have a creative eye in anything and everything you do within the architectural parameters of the 21st century. 

Design skills 

A quintessential skill of a good architect is to comprehend certain design languages. Only with your design skills can you come up with eccentric architectural structures. Design is imperative in architecture because it is an integral part of the subject. In order to design architectural pieces of work, you need proficiency in digital design. 

Communication skills 

Let’s say you’ve visualized, ideated, and creatively analyzed the entire project. You can only bring the blueprints to life by communicating your execution plan to your crew. Architectural leaders from across the globe have been excellent orators. To be a successful architect, you must be able to articulate your thoughts in a concise and practical manner that is comprehensible to your team. 

Construction knowledge 

Construction and Architecture are two branches of the same tree. These two processes always go hand in hand. An architect’s plans and designs would be futile without the construction workers bringing together the building or structure, piece by piece. Thus, it is an integral part of your job to understand the dynamics and principles of construction to lead your construction crew effectively. 

Problem-solving skills 

There may be times when your resources may fall short, your blueprints may not necessarily resonate with the vision of your client or your construction crew may not be in agreement with your decisions. During such times, it is critical to put problem-solving skills to use for effective and friendly crisis resolution. In case you do not handle the issue patiently, it may turn into a hostile situation that may wreck your architectural project. Thus, it is pivotal for a good architect to be equipped with problem-solving skills. 

What Does The Architectural Course Comprise Of? 

Through an architectural course, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of subjects like Advance Visual Representation, Ancient Civilization, Climatology, Applied Mathematics, Interior Architecture and Spacing Programme, Theory of Architecture, and more. You can check out the syllabus of the best architecture colleges near you.

What must you look for in an Ideal Architectural College?

There are certain things that you must keep in mind while choosing the right architectural college for yourself. Whether it is a bachelor’s degree or a master’s in architecture, you can curate the best of the best institutions with basic profiling and shortlisting. Here are three things you generally have to look through, to find yourself the ideal college:

Understand your specialization and scope of that subject in college. 

While medicine and engineering come with a set parameter, a defined scope of work, and scalability options, art, and humanitarian subjects are much more versatile and dynamic in nature. Thus, you need to run complete, comprehensive research to understand the scope and specialization of the Architectural subject in the college of your choice. As per your interests, you can choose the right curriculum for yourself. 

List down your future goals and the alignment with them in the college you select

Since there are several distinctive types of architectural opportunities, it is important that you learn about each of them to understand the differentiating points. Once you know which distinctive stream of architecture you’d want to attain a master’s in, it’ll be easy to shortlist the right college. Pen down all of your near-future and big-picture goals and align them with the curriculum of the colleges that you have in mind. 

Choose a college that is renowned for its architecture course

When you’re finally looking for placements or diplomas in the field of architecture, you will be required to present a passing certification from a renowned college. Thus, it is imperative for all aspiring architects to choose a college that is trusted and recognized by important educational boards in the country. Obtaining the right degree from the right college shall help you build credibility and shape an illustrious career in the field of architecture

Top architecture colleges in India

Here are a few architectural colleges in India that are credible, and well-known in India for architectural courses:

  • School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi 
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee
  • NIMS University, Raipur
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur 
  • Sir JJ College of Architecture, Mumbai 
  • National Institute of Technology (NIT), Trichy 
  • Birla Institute of Technology (BIT), Ranchi 
  • National Institute of Technology (NIT), Hamirpur 

Some of these eminent colleges have entrance exams like NID, NIFT, NATA, UCEED, and others for architectural aspirants that must be cleared to get into the prestigious colleges of their dreams. SILICA helps you get into the best universities and colleges by providing the right guidance and coaching for all architectural entrance exams in India. Discover your bright future in Architecture, one step at a time!

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