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As a future architect of this country, the type of classes you choose to form a foundation will play a huge role in your later. Silica provides various coaching options for future architects which will help easily prepare for your architecture journey. Don’t worry this article won’t promote our coaching institute but will rather focus on the list of things you need to check before enrolling in a Nata coaching institute. 


A good coaching class will be able to teach you the basic concepts of architecture as well as the actual implementation of these concepts in your projects. We’ve formulated a comprehensive guide that will prove helpful to you even if you have previously failed to clear your Nata entrance exam. From presenting you with relevant material to helping you improve your mathematical knowledge, read on to know more about how a good coaching institute will benefit you.


  • Develop a strong foundation


Knowledge about color theory, perspective, 3D drawing, human figures, memory drawing, and many more are often tested in Nata’s question paper. Building a strong foundation in these concepts will enable you to enter not just the field of architecture but also any other related field quite easily. Around 50% of your Nata paper is said to be based on drawing and design, why miss out on the chance of scoring more through these sections? 

Silica’s nata coaching institute will enable you with the right guidance that you would require to develop your base correctly. Moving towards advanced-level questions without having proper knowledge about basic concepts can prove to be quite disastrous and should always be avoided. Learn the relevant practices which can easily be applied to your Nata question paper.


  • Provides you with good-quality relevant material 

The use of good-quality material to crack the Nata entrance exam will help you score a good rank. This will help you get into a good architecture college. You don’t need to have excellent architecture skills, all you need to do is to implement a good strategy and make use of relevant materials at your disposal. Silica has various high-quality study materials which you can make use of based on your requirements.

From Nata’s mock tests to Nata’s sample papers, a lot can be accessed from our website. We have a lot of Nata packages from which you can easily choose. See various concept-related videos and solve complex quizzes to update your knowledge on topics like aptitude, physics, chemistry, mathematics, and many more. All of our study materials are priced in an affordable range, so you don’t need to think twice about your buying decision. 

Our mentors will provide you with the relevant assignments which will help you to apply all the concepts you have learned during your entrance exam preparation. The process to obtain feedback from our mentors is quite easy, all you would be required to do is to upload your answers in the LMS portal. Bonus content regarding general knowledge and current affairs can also be accessed to better your aptitude level.


  • Improves your mathematical ability

Having good mathematical ability will prove tremendously useful while solving several numerics-related questions. By developing a strong mathematical base you will be able to answer many complex questions easily and utilize the time left over on your design and drawing-related area. Choosing a good nata coaching institute will help you master various mathematical calculations which will be required at every step of your project planning and development. 


  • Helps to improve your drawing techniques

Our faculty is here to help you improve your existing drawing technique and make you learn new techniques as well. Learn about different types of mediums which you could integrate into your drawing and decide on a specific one for your Nata entrance exam day. By seeing the works produced by our previous Silica students you’ll surely get inspired to produce your own artwork. Our teaching handhelds you in learning various shading techniques like stippling to producing your own master portfolio based which you can later use to impress your admission experts or recruiters. 


  • Provides proper guidance

Get expert-led help for your admission requirements through our nata coaching institute. By analyzing your mock test scores our experts can help you aim for a good architecture college that would fit your desired requirements quite easily. Know about all the work-related prospects such as the salary offered as well the hiring recruiters through our website. We let our students take a 10-minute creativity test which judges their aptitude and preparation level right from the beginning. 


  • Is updated with the latest syllabus

A good coaching class will provide you with information relating to the latest trends and updated exam patterns. You can check out our website for details regarding the official Nata updates, which are regularly updated on our website. Detailed contents of the course module can also be accessed through our website. Why go for an institute which still follows an old pattern for your exam when you avail the benefit of Silica’s updated resource materials?

Even a person with no basic drawing knowledge or experience can enroll in our nata coaching classes and pass with flying colors.

Start your architecture journey today by talking to one of our guidance counselors by filling out a basic form. You could even contact us at 08080809198.

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