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Did you know that merely knowing Nata’s paper pattern won’t be enough to make you score a good rank in your Nata paper? By talking to various previous architecture students we’ve compiled a list of things you definitely need to check out before starting your exam preparation. Through this article, you will be able to integrate several offbeat tips which you’ve probably never heard of. These include knowing about our rich architectural history, several monuments, and structures you need to take a look at, and many more important tricks. 

Basics tips that you may end up forgetting during your preparation such as how you need to improve your drawing and time skills have also been mentioned in this article. Now that we’ve caught your attention, begin reading further to explore the tips we’re bragging about.

NATA Tips from Coaching Experts


  • Knowing about the rich architectural history 

As an architecture student knowledge about the history related to different architectural styles becomes a must. The early signs of architecture can be noticed right from the pre-historic period. Every architecture student should surely take note of the rich history, the materials, and the overall design promoted through the sculptures in that era. Try to see how architecture has evolved over the years right from the Greek period to the modern way of development. This is because having information about these works will let you develop creative ideas which would be useful in your Nata entrance exam preparation. You could enroll in Silica’s Nata coaching institute to learn all these concepts and clear your doubts simultaneously.

All of our materials are expertly handcrafted and have a high probability of appearing in the Nata question paper. Be it the description of the way roman architecture came into existence or India’s famous Taj Mahal, all of your architecture-related topics will surely get covered in our material. 

  • Learning about the various famous monuments and buildings

Having information about well-known monuments which are famous in both India and other foreign countries will surely help you score more in your Nata question paper. Knowledge about not just well-known buildings but also world heritage sites as stated by UNESCO is quite important as examiners quite often like to test the candidate’s knowledge relating to it. Information regarding historical places should at least be once glanced over by the candidate. By enrolling in our Nata coaching institute you would easily get access to this information and many other important architecture-related concepts.

  • Being prepared in advance

Be prepared for the Nata entrance exam journey you are about to venture upon. You can either try to self-study or take the help of a good coaching institute for your preparation. For self-study, you could make use of Silica’s Nata previous year’s question papers, Nata books, Nata sample papers, and many more or you could simply enroll in one of our Nata entrance exam coaching batches. 

The link to our Nata sample papers: 

We even provide several options for your Online Nata entrance exam preparation which could be in the form of Silica’s Nata Study Test Kit, Nata Study Material, and several other Kit options on our website.

The link to access these is 

Our classroom Nata entrance coaching classes are designed through rigorous analysis of 12+ question papers. You can select your desired timing of batch at your convenience. An installment facility to take care of any financial problem can easily be solved through our coaching institute. 

Preparing in advance lets you have enough time which could be used for a revision session. Revising your concepts and giving a few mock test papers will give you a clear idea of your preparation level. Try to utilize your strong areas smartly and improve on your weak areas through detailed mock score analysis.

  • Improving your drawing skills

This can include improvement in your sketching skills. This is because, in the end, every candidate should be able to portray his desired idea on his exam paper. Try to practice your sketching skills in both the bird’s and the ant’s view in your practice works. Silica’s Nata coaching will help you easily master this skill through our mentor-guided coaching tutorials. 

It is better if you decide on your medium of coloring in advance to avoid any unnecessary wastage of your time during your Nata entrance-level exam. The choice to choose between colored pencils, watercolors, or any other medium will be a choice you need to make yourself! Try to see which medium feels more comfortable to you and stick to it until your exam day. 

  • Proper management of your time

You need a have a proper time strategy that you could easily follow for your Nata question paper. This will only be possible if you take a look at our Nata previous year’s question paper. Our experts can easily help you form a personalised strategy based on your ability through our Nata entrance exam coaching institute. Form a specific strategy by taking a look at the previous question and sample papers. Through this, you will be able to know the Nata exam pattern in great detail. 

With these tips, we’re sure that you’ll be able to able to ace your exams with flying colors. We provide both online and offline coaching solutions for your entrance exam preparation. You could even go and book a trial lesson if you wish to explore our coaching solutions.

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