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The world of fashion design is quite vast and without having a proper guide to follow you could easily end up being lost. Through this guide, we want to give you a brief idea about how your fashion career could end up looking.

The type of major you will end up choosing will play a major role in deciding the skills you will develop during your fashion journey. Many bachelor’s and master’s programs offer specializations that you could easily choose from. Programs such as a bachelor of fashion technology could end up being your best fit if you’re someone who is usually considered a tech-savvy individual.

Clearing your Nift entrance exam should be the first priority on your list as it will help you to open a wide range of careers along with good placement facilities.

Let us take a look at the different departments and roles you could work in by clearing the nift entrance exam:

Accessory Design

If customising and making your own jewellery is something that you would be totally interested in, you should definitely take a look at jewellery design as a career option. You could focus on not just the jewellery but also other fashion-related accessories which are trending in the fashion industry. A career pathway as an interior design expert can also be availed of through this discipline. A career as a product experience expert could also be taken up by the nift students.

Fashion Communication

Get the opportunity to work at various reputed fashion houses by specialising in fashion communication. The demand for media students is on the rise which is why students having a fashion media specialisation are at an advantage already. You could even work as a freelancer and get a high-paying package due to the wide variety of opportunities available today. Since everything is getting digital, working in digital communication is quite lucrative. A career as a UX designer can be taken in this instance. The different fashion styling techniques you learn during your nift years could be implemented in a media or a television-related platform easily.

Fashion Design

If you’re somebody who likes to buy expensive things, you would definitely be interested in learning about the luxury and couture-related markets taught in this discipline. The various fashion styling lessons which you would learn will help you easily work with several reputed brands and designers. You could even become an entrepreneur and operate your own business globally if that’s what you wish for. Learn about all the processes which take place in a merchandising business and set up your own fashion designing firm.

Knitwear Design

Your knitwear designs could be used in a major intimate apparel brand. Learn about pattern designing and get hired as a knitwear designer. Designing for a sportswear brand can be quite challenging but through nift’s expert faculty, you will be able to design for any sportswear brand quite easily. A lot of brands have recently emerged in the sportswear scenario and hence a lot of job vacancies have also emerged. A lot of mothers are not able to provide their kids with handmade knitwear, the use of pre-made children’s knitwear hence becomes quite crucial in this case. Specialise in children’s wear and make knitwear for your own children someday.

Leather Design

The leather industry is quite huge and getting a role in any of the areas like footwear, bags, garments, and crafts could be something you can look forward to. You could easily become a production or a division head if you are able to put implement enough effort into your job role. Become a product specialist and sell your services on lucrative terms by searching for relevant high-paying clients.

As the need for sustainable products is gaining momentum, the need for a major in sustainable products major also persists. You could become a product developer and work at any choice of your desired company. Footwear belonging to males, females, formal, sports, casual, or any other category could be easily catered to. The need for handmade leather designs would never go out of style and our specialisation will easily help you get a role in any of the luxury brands based on your choice.

Textile industry

A career in the textile industry can make you get hired in a wide variety of places like export houses, buying agencies, apparel retail brands, and even NGOs. By cracking the Nift entrance exam, Nift’s students today are able to work with various reputed brands like Arvind Mills, Bombay Dyeing, Trident Group, Samsung, and others. You could even get a chance to work with several reputed names like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Ritu Kumar, and several others which is quite hard to do without any connections in the fashion industry.

Along with this, several other areas could also be easily explored. With the above-mentioned points, we’re sure that you can now easily choose your type of fashion design career and its specialization as well!

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