UI/UX Design

“User Experience Design” is often used interchangeably with terms such as “User Interface Design” and “Usability.” However, while Usability and User Interface Design are important aspects of UX Design, they are mere subsets of it. A UX designer is concerned with the entire process of acquiring and integrating a product, including aspects of branding, design, usability, and function. It is a story that begins before the device is even in the user’s hands and ends with user satisfaction.


UI/UX Design at a Glance

UX is an ever-changing field, and the discipline has evolved considerably over the last decade. At times it can be a struggle to keep up, as the deliverables have changed and evolved over time — from desktop to mobile, mouse to touch, etc. As the field has matured, we have begun to see the emergence of ‘experience design’ as a focus.

UX designers perform the following tasks on a regular basis :

  • Conducting user research and testing
  • Developing wireframes and task flows based on user needs
  • Collaborating with Designers and Developers to create intuitive, user-friendly software
  • Working with UI designers to implement attractive designs
  • Communicating design ideas and prototypes to developers

Aspirants should possess the following skills and qualities in order to be eligible for pursuing a career in UX designing :

  • Proficiency in design software (e.g. UXPin, Balsamiq)
  • Familiarity with interaction design and information architecture
  • Problem-solving aptitude
  • Analytical mind with a business acumen
  • Excellent communication skills

About UI/UX Design Schools

Sr No. College/Institute Location Courses
1. MAEER's MIT Institute of Design Pune Bachelors & Masters
2. National Institute of Design Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar,
Bachelors, Masters, PhD and International Programs
3. Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology Bangalore, Pune Diploma, Bachelors, Masters And PhD
4. Indian School of Design & Innovation Mumbai Bachelors, Masters, Professional And Short Courses
5. NICC International College of Design Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar,
Bachelors, Masters & Diploma

UX courses provide students hands-on experience with the in-demand design tools, giving them the confidence to take on real life case scenarios with amazing dexterity.

The General UX design course-structure covers the following :

  • TML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery
  • Brief on Software Engineering
  • Communication Etiquettes

About the Work Industry/Job Market

Graduates can assume the following Job roles :

  • UX Designer
  • User Researcher
  • Information Architect
  • Interaction Designer
  • User Interface (UI) Designer
  • Front-End Web Developer

The opportunities ahead are fantastic for designers working in this industry. Future trends expected in the field are as follows :

  • Demand for UX design will expand to innovators tackling the small irritations of daily life – like remembering medication, struggling to find your keys to the front door, or choosing one of the 100 programs on your washing machine.
  • Whatever you find frustrating in your everyday life, that’s probably where UX designers will be needed next

Following are the elements of average pay that can be expected by UX designers in India :

  • Highest recorded salary: Rs 15,07,757 p.a.
  • Average Pay for Freshers: Rs. 5,50,000 p.a.
  • Average Pay for Experienced Designers: Rs. 8,50,000 p.a.

Following are the best companies/studios for UX designing in India :

  • Lollypop Design Studio
  • WinkTales
  • YUJ Designs
  • Divami Design Labs
  • ProCreator
  • ScreenRoot
  • Parallel Labs
  • UniKwan

Personalities to Follow :

  • Steve Krug
  • Don Norman
  • Bill Buxton
  • Irene Au
  • Crystal Ehrlich
  • Patrick Neeman
  • Laura Klein

Associations to Follow :

  • IxDA
  • Momentum Design Lab
  • Clay - UI/UX Design Agency
  • KrishaWeb
  • Fuzzy Math
  • ScreenRoot
  • Lollypop Design Studio

Links to Follow :