New Media Design

New Media Design is designing everything for the screen. If you are interested in working with websites and motion graphics, then new media design is probably a good place for you. The programmes dive deeper into working with coding. New Media Studies is a relatively young academic discipline that explores the intersections of computing, science, humanities, and visual and performing arts. New media studies examine ideas and insights on media from communication theorists, programmers, educators, and technologists.


New Media Design at a Glance

One can work in the following roles :

  • Senior Digital Designer
  • Creative Lead
  • Head of Digital Design
  • Art Director
  • Creative Director

  • Over the last decade due to Globalisation & the cyber culture taking in, New Media is being used for National Security, Education, Marketing, Politics and as a tool for social change
  • The latest trends were :
    • Isometric Design (3D Design)
    • Animation Designs that are thoughtful & pleasing to the viewer
    • Customised wallpapers for websites & profile
    • Retro-Modern Graphics Combining Modern Vectors & retro Art
    • Information becoming more visual & less textual

The regular tasks of New Media Designers include :

  • Digital media designers use integrated media to communicate messages, information, and entertainment through brochures, video games, movies, special effects, or 3D animation.
  • They often have a bachelor's degree in a field such as Web design, digital video production and editing, graphic design, or digital photography.
  • Regardless of their field or media, digital designers work with artists and illustrators in the conceptualization phase, create templates, and run user testing on website and game features.

The skills & Aptitudes required for this career are :

  • Stronger than average creativity
  • Organizational and time management skills
  • Detail-orientation & multitasking
  • Excellent presentation, communication, and computer software skills
  • It is also important to be team players, ability to handle criticism and implement suggestions

About New Media Design Schools

Sr No. College/Institute Location Courses
1. NID Ahmedabad M.Des in New Media Design
2. ICAT Design and Media College Karnataka
  • 3 year B.A in Digital Media
  • 3 year B.Sc. & M.Sc. In Multimedia
3. Institute of Digital Media Technology Orissa Professional Diploma in Digital Media technology

The programme aims at :

  • Exploring / critically examining the relationship between technology and culture
  • Gaining competency in judging the appropriate application of technology
  • Developing insights leading to the invention of new technology

About the Work Industry/Job Market

Following trends can be expected in the future :

  • With higher demands for easy to use data, digital media designers needs to focus more on the typography, spacing, speed, sounds and other details for increased user interactivity
  • It’s interesting to see how much of an inroad sketch is making in UI design and how it is stealing a significant market share from Adobe. There are a generation of designers who may never consider using Photoshop or Illustrator

Average pay for freshers is Rs. 5 - 7 lacs p.a.
Experienced professionals can expect pay in the range of 6-8 lacs p.a.