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NATA / JEE (B.Arch) 2020/2021 - Online Study Material & Mock Tests

680+ SILICA students cleared NATA 2019

Download NATA Papers Free
6 reasons why SILICA’s Study Material helps students top NATA exam:

1.10+ Videos on “How to learn Drawing for exam?”
4.100+ Quizzes + Solutions on Aptitude & PCM
2.10+ Videos on Aptitude topics by top Architects
5.Solutions to Past 3 years Original Papers
3.15+ Videos on Physics, Chemistry, Maths (Uploading Soon)
6.10 Full Mock Test with Online Test

Rs. 2000/-  1500/-

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NATA/JEE Online Practice Course - Table of Contents

Section 1 : Drawing Section:
# Topics Content Details
1 Drawing Assignments Practice 45+ drawing questions and upload answers in LMS for feedback from SILICA faculty.
2 Drawing Videos Short Videos about "how to draw" for exam topics. We have uploaded one video and will add more in due course.

Section 2 : Architecture Aptitude Section:
# Topics Content Details
1 Architecture Aptitude Videos 20+ Videos covering all topics of Architecture Aptitude expected at NATA / JEE exam
2 World Architecture 26 quizzes. Each quiz contains 10 questions i.e 260 questions
3 Materials & Objects 15 quizzes. Each quiz contains 10 questions i.e 150 questions
4 Visualizing 3D objects from 2D drawings 6 quizzes. Each quiz contains 10 questions i.e 60 questions
5 Visualizing different sides of 3D objects 18 quizzes. Each quiz contains 10 questions i.e 180 questions
6 GK & Current Affairs 45+ topics to read on GK & Current Affairs for Aptitude

Section 3 : NATA / JEE (B.Arch) Original Past Papers
# Topics Content Details
1 NATA / JEE (B.Arch) Original Past papers Original papers of 2017, 2018 and 2019 with Solutions & Answer Keys.

Section 4 : NATA / JEE (B.Arch) Mock Tests
# Topics Content Details
1 NATA / JEE (B.Arch) Mock Tests 4 full Mock Tests of each NATA & JEE (B.Arch) to give students practice of solving online tests, as they come in the real exam.
2 Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics (PCM)
  • 10 Mock Tests with a total of 150 practice questions
  • Maths books (XI & XII Std)
  • Physics formulae sheet
  • Chemistry study sheet


NATA + JEE (B.Arch) 2020/2021 - Study Material Kit

680+ SILICA students cleared NATA 2019

8 reasons why SILICA’s Study Material helps students top NATA exam:

1.Created by B.Arch / M.Arch faculty
5. Past 5 Years Solved Papers
2.Mapped to Exam Pattern
6.Personal Guide
3.Scientific Approach
7.Doubt Solving Workshop
4.10 Full Mock Tests & Solutions
8.Online App. Learn 24x7.

Rs. 5000/-  4000/-
Cash on delivery available

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See detailed table of contents below.

NATA/JEE Study Material - Table of Contents

# Modules Highlights
1 Books 15 Books for Drawing, Aptitude & Maths and 16 Mock Tests.
2 Online Learning Module Online App with with E-Books, Practice Quizzes for Aptitude & Maths sections
3 Personal Improvement Guide Personal Guide to improve results
4 Doubt Solving Workshops At SILICA centers across India

I. Books: The Study Material Kit contains set of 15 as follows:
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Book No. Description of the Book Purpose of the book / How to study from the books
1 Introduction to Drawing & Design 5 Books for Drawing section of NATA / JEE (B.Arch) exams

  • Develops Drawing, Design & Creative Ability
  • Step by Step Learning Approach
  • Lectures Topics Assignments
2 Color Theory & Compositions
3 Perspective & Object Drawing
4 Human Figure Drawing
5 Compositions & Memory Drawing
6 Quantitative Ability 4 Books for Aptitude section of NATA / JEE (B.Arch) exams

  • Covers Quantitative, Analytical, Logical, English & Architectural awareness
  • Step by Step Learning Approach. Perfect for Beginners.
  • 3000+ Practice Questions
  • Questions and Solutions given
7 English Communication & Comprehension
8 Analytical & Logical Ability
9 Architecture Aptitude & Awareness
10 Mathematics XI Std topics These 2 Books are to prepare for Mathematics section of NATA / JEE (B.Arch) exams, which carries 20% weightage.

These books have been designed by IIT professors for JEE level Maths. The books contain 1,000+ practice questions with suggested tricks and tips for each topic.
11 Mathematics XII Std topics
12 16 Drawing Past Papers for NATA, JEE (B.Arch) and CAT exams The first book contains Drawing Mock Tests- 10 for NATA, 3 for JEE and 3 for Maharashtra CAT.

The second book contains suggested solutions for the 10 NATA Drawing mock tests. It shows you the level of technical and aesthetic quality your answers should have in the final paper.
13 Solutions to Drawing Section from Past Papers
14 Mock Test Papers for NATA - Drawing, Aptitude & Mathematics These books contain comprehensive 8 full Mock Tests for NATA & JEE (B.Arch) exam covering Drawing, Aptitude & Mathematics sections. This will give students experience of how the actual papers will be.

Note: The solution book will be shared with the students through the Online Learning Module.
15 Mock Test Papers for JEE - Drawing, Aptitude & Mathematics

II. Online Learning Module (OLM): Get FREE access SILICA's OLM at at or through Moodle App. Your username and password will be sent to you by email and SMS.
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# OLM Course Course Contents
1 NATA / JEE (B.Arch) - Architecture Aptitude - 12 Topics / 500+ Practice Questions on 3D Visualization
- 14 Topics / 200+ Practice Questions on World Architecture
- 7 Topics / 100+ Practice Questions on Architecture Materials
- 25 Topics / 250+ Practice Questions on General Topics
- Bonus: 5 Topics / 100+ Practice Questions on Planning (for B.Plan)
2 NATA / JEE (B.Arch) - General Aptitude - 12 Quizzes / 300+ Practice Questions on Quantitative Ability
- 12 Quizzes / 400+ Practice Questions on Analytical Ability
- 6 Quizzes / 200+ Practice Questions on English Communication
3 NATA / JEE (B.Arch) - Mathematics - 28 Topics / 2,000+ Practice Questions on Std XI & XII topics
- 15 min Quizzes for 28 Topics to test preparedness of students.

III. Personal Improvement Guide: Get a Personal Guide to help you get better results. Helps you make the most of the Study Material Kit. Call your Personal Guide on 088799 68338

IV. Doubt Solving Workshops: Attend Doubt Solving Workshops organized at SILICA centers across Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Indore, Nashik, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Kanpur in the month of December 2019. Call your Personal Guide to get workshop dates.

NATA study material developed by Silica is a comprehensive set of the best reading material for NATA aspirants. This study material for NATA entrance exam covers all the topics, sub-topics, and concepts of the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) so that you have everything covered as far as the syllabus and competitive level of the examination.

The NATA study material, prepared by the experienced faculty members at Silica, is updated every year as the question pattern and syllabus of NATA examinations and the prevailing trends of competitive exams. Therefore, it helps students become more knowledgeable and competent as per the ever-evolving and tough requirements of the NATA entrance exam.

The books for NATA preparation and study material for NATA help students identify and work on their strengths and weaknesses so that they can prepare better and productively to crack NATA entrance examination. Get the best of NATA entrance exam coaching by gaining complete and uninterrupted access to National Aptitude Test for Architecture preparation, NATA online mock tests, NATA crash course, and NATA study material through NATA coaching and interactive learning sessions. The best thing is that a reputed NATA entrance exam coaching institution like Silica can help you in more than just a way.

Choose Silica and get access to the best books for NATA entrance exam preparation and stay ahead of the rest by empowering yourself with the best of aptitude and aesthetic sensitivity, NATA sample papers, books for CAT papers, and online learning modules. Moreover, you get access to thousands of practice sessions and NATA mock tests.

NATA Coaching

The National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) is a qualifying examination conducted by the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture (NIASA) that is an integral part of the Council of Architecture in India for the aspirants of architecture courses. The primary objective of the NATA entrance exam is to evaluate the aesthetic sensitivity, creative thinking ability, drawing and observation skills, and the sense of proportion of students.

The entrance exam of NATA is difficult to crack and therefore you must yourself enrolled in a successful and reputed NATA entrance exam coaching institute. Join the best coaching institute for NATA entrance exam coaching in India by choosing Silica now!

Drawing Test-NATA Entrance Exam Pattern

Silica helps you gain understanding about colour texture, contrast, harmony, building forms and elements, scale and proportion of objects, and geometric composition. Conceptualization and visualization through the structuring of objects in memory along with drawing of patterns, both geometrical and abstract. You will also be learning the ability of creating 2D as well as 3D compositions by using certain shapes and forms. Not only this, you will learn sketching of urban scape and landscape along with form transformations in 2D and 3D like subtraction, union, surfaces, volumes, and rotation.

General Aptitude-NATA Entrance Exam Pattern

At Silica, NATA study material will help you improve mental ability (visual, numerical and verbal), sets and Relations: Idea of sets, subsets, power set, complement, union, intersection and difference of sets, Venn diagram, De Morgan's Laws, Visualizing different sides of 3D objects. Analytical reasoning, and texture related to architecture and built environment. Interpretation of pictorial compositions.

NATA Pattern-NATA preparation

Subject Distribution of marks Total Marks
Part A
Drawing (3 Questions) 2*35
Part B
PCM (15 Questions carrying 1.5 marks each) 15*1.5 22.5
General Aptitude & Logical Reasoning
(35 Questions carrying 1.5 marks each)
35*1.5 52.5
Total 200

Drawing Test-National Aptitude Test in Architecture

Candidates are required to attempt two questions within 120 minutes.

The drawing aptitude test is evaluated on the following aspects:

  • Sense of perspective drawing
  • Ability to sketch a given object proportionately and render them in a visually appealing mannerg
  • Ability to create two-dimensional composition using given forms and shapesg
  • Understanding of proportions and scaleg
  • Composing and combining given three-dimensional elements to form a structural form or buildingg

Through its NATA study material and NATA coaching sessions at Silica, you can always be assured of the best scores at the NATA entrance examinations. This helps you enter the competition and lead it from the day one itself. The list of advantages does not end here. Our teams of experienced, knowledgeable, and qualified faculty members will even assist you with the best NATA study material, offline as well as online, so that you stay high on knowledge, learning, and awareness. The best thing about learning excellence at Silica is that your NATA preparation will always be nurtured with enhanced confidence so that you can crack NATA exams in the first attempt itself.

You should always remember that many institutes may lure you with tall claims of the best NATA coaching classes, NATA preparation centres, and NATA coaching centres but you have to only trust the best. Silica is India's most trusted provider of NATA entrance exam coaching and NATA study material and help you realize your long-cherished of nurturing a career in the world of architecture.


Silica provides the best NATA Books for NATA aspirants who are preparing for the NATA exam. Students all over have achieved much success with us.

Join Silica for successful NATA entrance exam preparation. You get best NATA books, excellent resources and guidance from expert design tutors.

We suggest getting trained by NATA experts at Silica. You can get comprehensive guidance for NATA Maths and other topics with excellent NATA books and resources as well.

JEE exam is for B.Arch admissions to IITs, whereas other unaided and Government aided colleges offer B.Arch courses based on NATA scores. Get more information from experts at Silica.

For first test scheduled, end of registration date is March 16, 2020. For the second test schedules, end of registration date is 4th May, 2020. For comprehensive details, get in touch with our experts.

Silica has the best-rated NATA books, NATA study material and previous year question papers. Join NATA preparation course at Silica and you are close to success.

50% marks from the State Board/ any other qualifying examination with Mathematics as one subject and 50% marks obtained in the Architecture Entrance Exam.

NATA written exam contains Maths related questions which will be included in the aptitude section of the exam. Refine your mathematical skills at Silica with best NATA books.

NATA 2020 Part A is on Drawing, which is paper based and Part B comprises of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and General Aptitude which is to be answered online.

The effective course modules and efficient teaching methodology at Silica makes it the best institute for NATA preparation. Join the course today.

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