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NATA / JEE (2019) Study Material

10 Books (includes Free NATA Test Series worth Rs.2000/-)
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10 comprehensive books for preparation of NATA / JEE (B.Arch) Entrance Examinations. 5 books for Drawing & Design Paper, 3 books for Aptitude & Aesthetic Sensitivity Paper, 1 book for 10 NATA Drawing papers & 1 book for 3 JEE and 3 CAT papers, 1 book for Suggested Solutions to 10 NATA Drawing Papers.
FREE: Access to Online Learning Module with 1,000+ Practice Questions & 10 Mock tests for Aptitude & Aesthetic Sensitivity Papers

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See detailed table of contents below.

NATA Study Material - Table of Contents

Module Contents
Drawing & Design (NATA / JEE / CAT) Book 1- Basics of Drawing & 2D Drawing & Compositions

Book 2- Color Theory, Color Schemes, Color Compositions

Book 3- Object Drawing & 1pt, 2pt, 3pt Perspective Drawing

Book 4- Human figure & Animals sketching

Book 5- Basic & Advanced Compositions & Memory Drawing
Aesthetic Sensitivity (NATA / JEE) Book 6- Quantitative Ability – 1308 Practice Questions

Book 7- Communication Ability – 4639 Practice Questions

Book 8- Analytical Ability – 1945 Practice Questions
Online Module (NATA / JEE) Online Prep Module: Prepare with 1,000+ Questions under 30 Topics for Aesthetic Sensitivity paper in NATA. Covering topics such as Architectural Awareness, 2D & 3D Visualization, Image Awareness, General Awareness etc.

Online Test Module: 10 Mock Online Tests for Aesthetic Sensitivity paper in NATA. Also useful for Aptitude Test section of JEE.
Mock Drawing Test Book 9: 1 Book with 10 NATA Drawing Papers. 1 Book with 3 JEE and 3 CAT papers.

Book 10: 1 Book with Suggested Solutions to 10 NATA Drawing Papers.
Solved Mock Tests Online Book: Suggested Solutions to NATA Drawing Tests.

NATA / JEE (B.Arch) 2019 - Online Practice Course
3000+ Practice Questions to help you crack NATA/ JEE (B.Arch) 2019

NATA/JEE(B.Arch) - Objective Type Questions (2017) - Online Practice Course includes:
1. Mathematics Section : 7 Topic wise Practice Quizzes (1,000+ Questions)
2. Architecture Aptitude Practice (1000+ Questions)

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