Information Design

Information design is the practice of presenting information in a way that fosters efficient and effective understanding of it. Information design is the detailed planning of specific information that is to be provided to a particular audience to meet specific objectives. The term has come to be used specifically for displaying information effectively, rather than just attractively or for artistic expression. Information design is closely related to the field of data visualization and is often taught as part of graphic design courses. Information design is explanation design. It explains facts of the universe and leads to knowledge and informed action.


Information Design at a Glance

All designers handle the challenge of presenting information. Their objective is always to engage and enlighten, and often to persuade.Their regular tasks include :

  • Preparing visual presentations by designing art and copy layouts
  • Creating the project more efficiently
  • Noticing discrepancies or other issues with the data set
  • Offering insight into better ways to reach your objectives
  • Working directly with analysts to find additional data points

The skills needed to be an Information Designer are :

  • Writing skills
  • Graphic Design skills
  • Formatting/Editing skills
  • Web Programming skills
  • Research & analytical skills
  • Attention to Detail & Visual Thinking
  • Knowledge of Consumer Experience

About Information Design Schools

Sr No. College/Institute Location Duration Course
1. NID Ahmedabad 2.5 years M.Des in Information Design

The Information Design Program focuses on the following areas :

  • The Information Design program synchronizes the fields of design, visual aesthetics, computer science, statistics and humanities to inculcate a transdisciplinary proficiency into the future Information Design professionals
  • It aims to create competent professionals who are adept in varied domains of Information Design, User Interface Design and User Experience Design
  • The program intends to equip them with the know-how of transforming complex information and data into clarified user experiences on different digital platforms that lead to effective knowledge and insight generation
  • The students learn the tools of imaging technology, information processing and catch up with relevant programming software

About the Work Industry/Job Market

The diverse methods of delivering information means that most companies have now doubled or tripled their information design requirements. They must now feed two media beasts : Traditional print medias and Electronic medias.

  • In the long term, this will translate into increased market demand for those who possess Information Design skills
  • Information Designers will learn, practice and perfect several of the skills currently performed by multiple people. Over the long term, there will be a skill convergence as people slowly add new skills to their personal inventory
  • In effect, they will become “workplace chameleons” switching from one skill to another depending upon the project requirements and timings

A fresher in this field can get upto Rs. 3 - 4 L p.a.
And an experienced professional can earn around Rs. 6-7 L p.a.