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Excited about starting your career as a fashion designer?

Although you don’t need to go to college or earn any professional qualifications to become a fashion designer, it doesn’t hurt your chances. Gone are the days when only Creativity was enough. The fashion designers of today are a multi-talented bunch of polymaths who know a lot about various fields.

There is a lot to know about a different range of fabrics, sewing techniques, garment manufacturing, different cultural styles, e-commerce, marketing, and computer-aided design software. Here are some of the top fashion designing courses near me, that can help you acquire the basic transferrable skills and knowledge to break into the fashion industry as an iconoclast.

Sc in Fashion and Apparel Designing

Currently offered by the International Institute of Fashion Designing, B. Sc in Fashion and Apparel Designing covers the entire spectrum of the fashion industry from textile manufacturing to design, production, and marketing. The Course provides a holistic outlook of the fashion industry as it is today and the entire process of creating and marketing new garments.

It’s the ideal course for students looking for some hands-on experience where they can apply the elements and principles of design. Graduates of BSc. Fashion Design can find themselves anywhere from clothing retail outlets to the design and manufacturing team in major fashion companies.

Sc in Fashion Business and Retail Management

A lot of ardent and passionate fashion designers tend to focus on the creative and forget about the business side of fashion. Not only is fashion a highly competitive industry, but it’s also incredibly nuanced which makes marketing and retail management tricky.

If you’re more interested in how the world of fashion works from the corporate perspective, a B. Sc in Fashion Business and Retail Management is one of the best courses for you.

Sc in Lifestyle and Accessory Design

Clothing is one small fraction of the fashion and design industry. If you’re looking to niche down on a particular accessory or area of design you should consider opting for B. Sc in Lifestyle and Accessory Design offered by the National Institute of Design (NID). It provides students with direct exposure to industries like jewelry, watches, belts, shoes, glasses, and more.

Des (Fashion Design)

Des Fashion Design focuses more heavily on the design aspect of the fashion industry than manufacturing or marketing. If you fancy yourself an excellent designer with good drawing skills this is one of the top fashion designing courses near me, for you. It’s a course loaded with opportunities for you to create and experiment with new ideas. This is a very famous course and is currently offered by various institutes like the International Institute of Fashion Designing, Pearl Academy, Raffles Design International, and National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Des (Textile Design)

Offered at the NIFT, NID, and Pearl Academy, B.Des (Textile Design) is for those looking to understand textile manufacturing in-depth. Textile Design is probably the best specialization for you to pursue in this regard as It covers the whole gamut of the textile industry from manufacturing to trading and from designing to marketing.

  1. Des (Leather Design)

The specialization of leather design is a highly structured program that provides extensive insight into the industry requirements of the leather industry. Students learn everything they need to know about the leather sector from shoes, and belts to jackets and a number of lifestyle accessories.

  1. Des (Accessory Design)

If you’re more interested in designing accessories than garments, B. Des Accessory Design offered by NIFT is one of the top fashion designing courses near me for you to spend all your time learning about your favorite fashion accessory, be it watches, footwear, or jewelry.

  1. Des (Knitwear Design)

Only offered by the NIFT. The B.Des in Knitwear Design turns knitting into a gateway to a very special niche in the industry. It is hard to believe that what was just supposed to be a part-time hobby for people such as knitwear enthusiasts, carries an entire specialization in fashion design dedicated to it.

There is no denying the fact that since the world of fashion is so vast and multi-faceted, it requires a very diverse range of skills to succeed as a fashion designer. So simply ask yours – Which are the best fashion designing courses near me and pick one up that can give you a sound start in terms of technical knowledge and industry networking. All the best!


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