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NIFT is a pioneering institute in the field of fashion and textile education pertaining to design, management, technology and trends. The institute has been in the vanguard for rendering human resources to the Indian textile and apparel industry for years now. Established in 1986 under the Ministry of Textile, it was successfully declared a statutory institute in 2006 by an act of the Indian parliament of the President of India. The institute has ever since dedicated itself to training passionate students in design and related technology, making them proficient in textile design and the apparel industry. 

There are hundreds of thousands of students in India and worldwide who apply for NIFT every year. Some are able to crack the NIFT entrance exam in a single shot, however, some take more than just one attempt to understand the entrance exam questions and what the institute wants in its students. 

NIFT has a two-tiered entrance exam process, wherein, the students have to clear CAT and GAT. Once CAT and GAT are cleared, postgraduate students have to appear for GD/PI rounds, i.e., the Situation test. 

Did you know every year 40,000 students apply for the NIFT entrance exam, whereas, there are only 4517 seats open for students from all over the world?

There are several layers in the preparation for the NIFT entrance exam including solving sample papers, following the best books available in the market and practising mock tests to get acquainted with the entrance exam format and style. 

Following the right books, solving the sample papers and attempting mock tests can help improve your performance and prepare you for the competition you are going to face during the entrance exam and group discussion. 

Let’s discuss how. 

NIFT Study Material

Clearning the NIFT entrance exams isn’t going to be easy and definitely not a walk in the park. Most students spend more than 6 hours a day preparing for the exams solely because of the diversified nature of the exam. 

It is not only based on your theoretical knowledge or 10+2 board exams. The entrance exam contains various sections including current affair, comprehensions, grammar, analyses, drawing, sketching and brainstorming to conceptualise a unique indea under pressure. All of this requires excellent preparation and tons of practice. What you learn from the correct NIFT study material are the following:-

  • Practical Knowledge

Since the exams incorporates sketching, drawing and conceptualising, one needs to excel the art of drawing and sketching way before the exam dates come out. One needs to find a study material that offers lessons on free-hand sketching for the drawing entrance exam, comprehensive design theory with illustrations to comprehend better and sample papers to try your hand in sketching (2D & 3D). 

Candidates will need to crack NIFT with preparation and practice of sketching. One requires to meticulously observe things and put them on paper. They have to create their own design thinking mentally preparing themselves for instant sketching ability. Things to practice in drawing and sketching are:-

  • Drawing technique – It will cover the types of 2D, 3D, perspective view, human figures, rendering with clours, shading and rough sketching and line drawing. 
  • Quality of Sketching – It’s essential to understand the line weight, correct pencil to use and more to get sketching and drawing to the point. 
  • Conceptualising: It’s vital for candidates to develop creative concepts, how to brainstore to churn out unique ideas and leverage the beauty of environment to draw (Inspiration).


  • Theory Knowledge

Theory knowledge is equally important for candidates you are looing to crack NIFT entrance exams in 2023. General knowledge, current affairs, famous designers , new trends, etc are some of the things that you have to keep refreshing with time. 

Candidates can focus on fashion design magazines, current affair magazinges and books and follow famous designers like Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, Calvin Klein, Coco Chanel, Christian Doir and many more. 

Candidates need to understand what are the recent trends coming up in the market, what is the audience liking and how are fashion designers upgrading their game to stay relevant in the industry worldwide. 

Apart from fashion designers, candidates will have to definitely focus on current affairs and general knowledge. There are lots of books for general knowledge, one can refer to books that coaching centers offers as they are upgraded and most importantly cover the topics that are surely going to come in the exam. Besides, current affair is something students will need to follow by reading newspapers every day, watch global news and keep observing what is happening in the world. 

Candidates can practice their knowledge by solving MCQs, MSQs and NAT and comprehend where they stand as of yet. Gradually, they can track their growth. 

  • Research

Again, it’s pivotal for candidates to stay ahead of the game to crack the entrance exam. One can do it by researching and studying famous designers’ work, portfolio of a NIFT alumni, and visit fashio houses to study the field of design by gaining inspiration. Designing isn’t just about practicing and thoroughly reading the theory, but getting inspired by the environment to get new ideas to put down on paper. 

NIFT Sample Papers

Once you theory is complete, candidates need to focus on solving NIFT entrance exam sample papers to get a hang of the question paper and the type of questions they ask. Solving sample papers is the best way to educate yourself and understand where you lack. 

You can find past years’ papers online along with answers, multiple quizzes, and sketch practcing questions and books. Besides, solving sample papers candidates can do hands-on work like modelling or working with a fellow designer to get an on-the-job training. 

The entire preparation process can be overwhelming and exhausting for a student who doesn’t have an idea of how to go about the preparation process. This is where SILICA comes into the picture. 

SILICA is a design and Architect institute that offers NIFT coaching classes. It trains students in designing, sketching, drawing, conceptualisng, etc. The teachers guide you through the process of learning, reading, analysisng and solving concepts. While, at SILICA, you will find many teachers helping you with the theory, practice and research part, there are counscellors who guide you through the process of choosing the right right career choice for yur future. They will be there for you to understand through you journey to ensure you do not go wrong with your career choices.

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