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Uceed exam date and time

With the exam day for Uceed 2023 being declared on 22nd January 2023 having a good strategy that will help you clear your exams seamlessly becomes a must. The timing for Uceed 2023 examinations is from 9 am to 12 pm. The candidates are expected to come for the exam on time or risk their future careers by not joining a prestigious institution for their design careers.

Uceed 2023 exam guidelines

While the exam timing is 9 am the candidates are expected to report at 7 am on Sunday. Several identity proofs like a printout of the Admit Card and an original Identity Proof would be expected from the candidate. Arriving early at the location would prove quite useful as this would keep you quite calm during the biometric verification. Along with this various other formalities would also need to be completed which would only be possible if you arrive at your test center on the mentioned reporting time. We’re sure you do not want to waste your allocated exam time on the exam formalities like manual signing and candidate verification.

It would be expected the candidate to carry his/her own stationery which will include components like pens, pencils, sketch pens, and colors. The candidate should try to keep these things in his bag a day early if possible to avoid forgetting any of the mentioned products.

Along with the list of things to carry, the candidate is expected to not carry certain items. These include the prohibition of electronic gadgets, study materials, and any other related items.

Since the first round is completely technical, it is expected from the candidate to approach the invigilator in case of any technical glitch or difficulty. If an error is to be found, the time lost by the candidate would get compensated accordingly.
It is okay for the candidate to experience some level of anxiety but if the candidate wants to stay completely anxiety-free it is generally advised that he starts preparing for his Uceed journey at an early stage.

Uceed exam preparation

Knowing how the marks would get distributed will help the candidate get prepared in advance for Uceed’s 2023 question paper. Solving the previous year’s uceed mock tests, question papers, and sample papers is an excellent strategy to get started with your Uceed preparation.

Silica’s Uceed preparation material

Silica has a bunch of Uceed sources that would help you on your preparation journey. These include expertly crafted Uceed mock tests series which would give you an accurate presentation of Uceed’s question paper. Our uceed mock tests are freely available in an online as well as an offline format. By solving several Uceed mock tests get a hang of the paper pattern and increase your score in the real Uceed exam. As our uceed mocks tests are easily available online you can form an excellent time distribution strategy with a minimal amount of effort required.

If you’re somebody who likes to prepare for Uceed yourself, you can make use of Silica’s UCEED self-study material. Self-study material consists of Uceed B.des and Uceed M.Des mock papers. A total of 5 mock tests along with their solution can be seen in Silica’s Uceed B.Des mock tests papers. A similar number of Uceed mock tests can be seen under Uceed’s M.Des category as well. All our Uceed mock test online kits are available at an affordable price.

Link to our Uceed online coaching test kit:

Along with our Uceed mock tests we also provide Uceed sample test papers.

The download to our uceed sample and uceed mock test pdfs can be availed through:

Pdfs of previous years’ question papers, as well as the link to take one of our Uceed mock tests, can be accessed through the above link.

A playlist of Uceed’s past-year papers can also be viewed through this link.

View our set of Uceed sample questions mentioned and test your Uceed preparation today!

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