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National Institute of Design, founded in 1961, is renowned for being the most competitive design school in India. It offers an aggregate of 275 seats around all three campuses for M.Des programmes and approximately 100 seats in B.Des programmes. 

NID grants admission for the Bachelor of Design (BDes) and Master of Design (MDes) programmes to candidates solely on the basis of their performance in the NID Design Aptitude Test, or DAT. The NID DAT comprises 2 rounds of exams, NID DAT (Prelims) and NID DAT (Mains). Only those applicants who clear NID DAT (Prelims) are shortlisted to appear for NID DAT (Mains).

NID (Mains) comprises a studio test and an interview round. Only the candidates who clear both rounds are allotted a seat at one of the campuses.

The aforementioned information should have been enough for you to know that NID DAT is a highly competitive exam. Thus, in order to crack it and get into your dream design institute, it is essential to find the right strategy to prepare for NID 2023.

Before we dive deeper into the strategy, you should know the basic guidelines. 

First and foremost, in order to clear the NID entrance exam, you need to be highly imaginative, creative, and innovative. Additionally, you should divide most of your attention into three components: time management, speed and quality. Practice is the only way to master all of these key components.

Understand the paper pattern

Having an in-depth knowledge of the paper pattern will be highly beneficial, as it would help you break down the syllabus. You will be able to study more efficiently when you are aware of the paper’s format, scoring system, and quantity of questions from each section.

Exam Mode The paper will be conducted in offline mode.
Language of Paper English
Type of Questions There will be visual and textual types of questions in the paper.
Marks The paper will be of an aggregate of 100 marks. 
Exam Duration The duration of the examination will be 3 hours.
Studio Test (M.Des DAT Mains) The exam will be for 100 marks. The test duration will be 3 hours.
Interview After the studio test, the interview will be conducted separately.


Know your syllabus

You should go through the complete syllabus prior to beginning your preparation. You might find the syllabus extremely lengthy, which is why sorting out the important topics and prioritising them would help you perform better in the exam.


Make a Study Plan and Stick to a Timetable

The most crucial factor in passing the NID exam is having a well-planned study strategy for yourself.

Call it old school, but making a timetable and sticking to it has proved beneficial for students over a period of time.

All you need to do is, distribute your time wisely amongst all the areas and topics that you have to work on. Make a timetable and try sticking to it.

Try to review your weak areas and allocate more time to topics that you feel are difficult. Make sure to complete the tasks planned for each day without postponing them.

NID Solved Sample Papers

Solving sample papers will help you become more proficient at problem-solving and time management. Additionally, it will help you perform more efficiently in the final exam. To gauge your level of preparation, it is advised that you complete at least 1-2 NID mock tests per week. Mock tests can help you become more confident and can increase your morale. This can also help you identify your weak points and focus on those areas.

Applicants are advised to solve either sample papers or previous years’ question papers right from the beginning of their NID preparation. This will enhance your performance by enabling you to develop smart techniques and analyse your performance on a weekly or daily basis.

The entire process of preparation can be overwhelming. You would require a lot of discipline in order to be 100% prepared. Right from getting the syllabus and solving mock tests and sample papers to sticking to the timetable, it can be a lot. And that is where SILICA comes to play.

At SILICA, we firstly provide you with scientifically-curated aptitude tests and career guidance programmes that can help you make the right choice. Along with that, we also provide online and offline coaching and help you not only prepare but also crack the entrance exams. Right from providing study material and sample papers to curating mock tests, we make sure you are prepared thoroughly. So if your search history is full of words like NID study material, NID preparation, NID entrance exam etc. fret not as SILICA promises you all that you are looking for and more. Do check our page to know more.

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