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7 Tips To Crack NID Prelims (B.Des) in just 6 months!!

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National Institute of Design, NID is one of the internationally acclaimed and premier educational institutions in India. It offers training programs in design. It is well known as a pioneer in design education and research. The institution is duly recognized by government of India and the courses offered are top listed programs in Europe and Asia. The main NID campus is located in Ahmedabad. Other centres are in Gandhinagar and Bangalore. If you are planning to get admission into this excellent institute for the B.Des. program, you first have to crack the NID DAT entrance exam. This design aptitude test includes a written test, studio test and personal interview. To crack NID prelims, you can always trust the NID coaching classes to achieve the required score for qualification. 

Design Aptitude

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As far as the NID DAT exam preparation is concerned, the students must note that the written test comprises of two major sections. One is the objective type questions. This comprises 70% of the questions and the rest 30% questions are subjective. Both of these sections are held separately. Therefore, it is necessary that you should prepare for both the sections to reach the next round which is Studio test. While the Studio Test focus on drawing, sketching and modelling, the Prelims have its own challenges.

The written test comprises of various topics ranging from communication skills, composition, animation, visual design, memory drawing, abstract symbolism and also creativity. Drawing skills make up for the subjective type questions. These are the areas you can work on with mock exams, test series and practice papers provided by the NID entrance exam coaching classes. This is offered by good coaching institutes like Silica. Time is again a constraint when it comes to NID preparation. And when you only have 6 months to crack NID prelims, you surely need some useful tips. 

So, these tips are laid down after consulting with NID exam toppers and researching all the subject topics that come in the DAT exam:-

Tip 1

Since sketching and drawing are one of the most important part of any design, sharpen this skill. Focus more on the everyday objects around you, practice sketching them regularly. 

Tip 2

Be precise with the smallest of details. Detailing in product design separates an extraordinary design from the ordinary. Suppose you are asked to draw a specific kind of table, prepare yourself by understanding the kind of material used, the texture required and so on.  

Tip 3

Be creative. Use your imagination and explore different ways of expressing the same thought. This will give wings to your design expertise and you will surely ace any creative work given to you. If you are given the task of portraying a cricket ball like ice cream, it might be easy. The same can not be applied to everything else. So, be prepared to take this challenge head-on.

Tip 4

Practice, practice and practice. Try to complete the creatives as fast as you can. The pencil speed, accuracy and your creativity must go hand in hand. This will be the differentiator in the end. Keep improving the light hand and finishes. 

Tip 5

As with all the competitive exams, plan your approach towards the exam. Carefully outline the questions or sections you are comfortable with and complete the exam on time. Do not leave anything for the last. 

Tip 6

Strike a fine balance between your NID DAT exam preparation and your regular classes. You must focus on the job at hand while avoiding any kind of distractions. Get the help of any mentors if any. Speak to them often to clear your mind. 

Tip 7

Join for NID coaching classes. Yes, this will help you positively to score well in your exam. Self-study is not advised since the professionals can really make it easy. Every student has their strengths and weakness. To deal with the sections, where you are not comfortable, the right mentoring is necessary. This will save a lot of time as well. They will also provide with good guidance on all the areas of the NID exam.

Silica Insititute Classroom

Silica is one the leading coaching institutes offering NID coaching classes. The successful programs have lead many students to achieve their dreams. You too can join the group of winners with the highly effective teaching methodology used for NID exam at SILICA. You could also your the NID sample paper for self studying.

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