Architecture: the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings. Completing a degree in architecture might be a long process, but it is also wonderfully rewarding. “Architecture is the only art that you can’t help but feel. You can avoid paintings, you can avoid music, and you can even avoid history. But good luck getting away from architecture.” - Philippe Daverio, Humans of New York.

Top Careers in Architecture

1. Interior Architecture

What these Designers do: Interior architects specialize in designing and building interiors for safety, functionality and aesthetics. It is important to not only understand the durability and strength of building materials, but also be skilled in the use of light, color and textures in a space.

Work Prospects: Freshers can earn an average salary of Rs. 5.7 lacs p.a.

Recruiters: D Decor Exports, Godrej Properties, Oberoi Realty, Unitech, etc.

2. Landscaping

What these Designers do: A landscape designer creates attractive & functional outdoor spaces for homeowners, businesses, schools and other organizations. Like the job of an architect who builds houses, a Landscape Designer’s job is all about planning. They plan where trees, walkways, and water should go, what type of plants should be planted, etc.

Work Prospects: Freshers can earn an average salary of Rs. 5.7 lacs p.a.

Recruiters: WEBE Design Labs, Green Valley Landscape, Four Leaf Landscaping, Greenstar Landscape, etc.

3. Green Architecture

What these Designers do: Green architecture is an approach to building that minimizes harmful effects on human health and the environment. The "green" architect attempts to safeguard air, water, and earth by choosing eco-friendly building materials and construction practices.

Work Prospects: Freshers can earn an average salary of Rs. 5.7 lacs p.a.

Recruiters: Made in Earth, Space Design Consultants, Dustudio, Mozaic, etc.

4. Exhibition Space Design

What these Designers do: Exhibition designers are responsible for the design and layout of public, trade, and industry exhibitions, museum displays, galleries and local businesses.

Work Prospects: One can work with Interior Design Firms, in-house design teams of museums, Event Management Companies, etc. Freshers can earn an average salary of Rs. 4.5 lacs p.a.

Recruiters: CS Direkt Events & Exhibitions Pvt Ltd, Black Pepper India, Designing Labs, XOX Design, etc.

Emerging Careers in Architecture

The field of Architecture is continuously growing; It is no longer sufficient to know only the basic traditional careers before making a decision. This list of rather new careers along with a brief explanation of the lesser known fields will inform you of the available options before you select one.

1. Set Designing

A Set Designer is someone who is in charge of designing and creating sets for films, television, and theatre. Contemporary works like Padmaavat and Disney musicals, etc. rely heavily on innovative set design

2. Cartography

A Cartographer is someone involved with the scientific, technological and artistic aspects of developing and producing maps. If you have an interest in details and want to combine your design, technology and geography skills, consider becoming a cartographer.

3. Environmental Planning

Environmental Planners test and analyze natural resources for environmental risk and are responsible for developing short- and long-term plans for land use in urban and rural areas while balancing considerations such as social, economic, and environmental issues.

4. Conservation-Restoration

A conservator-restorer is a professional responsible for the preservation of artistic and cultural artifacts. Conservators possess the expertise to preserve cultural heritage in a way that retains the integrity of the building or site, including its historical significance & aesthetic. Conservators tend to specialize in areas like archaeology, furniture and wood, historic interiors, metals, stone and wall paintings etc.