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What Are The Best Books To Prepare For NATA Entrance Exam 2021?

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NATA entrance examination is all about 2D, 3D, perspective drawing, and also aesthetic sensitivity tests. Therefore, if you want to achieve the ideal theory or concept behind successful marks, there’s no actual book that can help in this regard. The patterns keep changing, and thus, staying within a boundary becomes a bit complicated. You cannot rely on a single book and keep studying in the hope of topping the exam. You need to have several reference books for a clear discernment drawing, shade shadow, toning, etc. Getting to the advanced mode, always stay focused on the upcoming architects, building, materials used, and others.

Some of the NATA coaching centers like SILICA even refer to these books and sometimes provide their own NATA study material and books.

Section Wise Preparation for NATA Entrance Exam

There are two parts of the NATA entrance exam. The first is all about Maths and Aptitude, and the second part is based on perspective drawing. NATA examination does not have negative marks, which means you can attempt all the questions without the fear of deduction.

First part

Maths: When the question is Maths, it is suggested to go through the CBSE books as most of the sums are clearly explained. The type of Maths that comes in NATA examination is usually a lot easier than other tests.

Aptitude: Make sure stay updated with the latest news of current and polish a bit on the portion of general knowledge. It is important to hold general information on topics like buildings in the world as well as India, important architects in India and around the world, distance and speed, volume Mirror Images, Logical and Reasoning Ability questions, 2D and 3D objects, common architectural terminology and other plans and elevations. Most of these questions are MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) and can be answered through an online portal.

Second part

Drawing: In this test, students need to attempt a couple of drawing questions within 90 minutes. The drawing will be judged based on experiences, determination of scale and balance, creating visual harmony through appropriate colors in the right proportion, creating a 2D composition with the mentioned shapes and forms. Make sure you have the skills on composing 3D elements to build a structure or building. The overall sense of perspective drawing is very crucial in this test.

Important Tips to Remember

Preparing yourself is a good idea, but you should be aware of these essential tips to score distinction. The best and first step is to focus on the syllabus. If you want to stand out of the box, follow the exam patterns, and syllabus carefully. There are various books for NATA which can help you to follow the patterns. If you are preparing a study schedule, make sure to cover all the parts of the syllabus while also focusing on nata previous year question papers.

Being creative

Architecture is all about creativity. The key to success is innovation. If any good and reputable architecture college is on your list, keep practicing the drawings, and bring perfection in every phase. Remember, flawless sketching is the ultimate ladder to top the entrance exam. Consider staring with the simple drawings before moving on to the complicated.

Focus On the Time

It doesn’t matter if you are a good student but cannot complete the exam on time. Hence, apart from practicing, you also need to focus on time management. There are different ways of managing the time and completing each section of the exam. Consider taking a mock test regularly as this will enhance the speed.

Practicing Mock Test

The sample papers for NATA entrance exam 2019 can provide you the actual idea on the patterns of examination. Besides, you can develop the time management as well. Nata Sample papers are the best in terms of providing the basic concept of the tests.

Focusing On the Online Test

Apart from sketching and drawing, you must also remember about Aptitude and Maths. In respect of the first part, keep an eye on the online examinations. A number of samples can be downloaded from the Internet.

The Final Annotation

Be sure to focus on every topic appropriately before preparing for the NATA entrance examination. Some of the books for NATA can help you gain real insight into the topics. There is a total of 200 marks and the second part (drawing) is usually examined by a panel of examiners, and thus, an average of marks can be taken away. In terms of the first part (MCQs), candidates will score based on the number of correct answers.

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