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10 Days Crash Course Home Coaching Kit
NID Phase 2 Mains - 10 Days Crash Course
NID Phase 2 [Mains] - 10 Days Crash Course

SILICA's Crash Course highlights:

  1. Conducted by NID Alumni
  2. Solve 10 Past years Studio Test Papers in class
  3. FREE Home coaching kit along with the course
  4. Starts from April 2019 at SILICA Centers
  5. MDES: Coaching for 19 NID Disciplines

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NID 2018 Topper Shreya Narayane talks about SILICA Coaching

Shreya Narayane, NID 2018 - AIR 1

"I am really thankful to SILICA team for the support and guidance provided during my preparation for the NID entrance exam. The Foundation course got my basics right. The LMS told me what to prepare. The studio test practice was the best part of the course."
Amey Haram, NID 2018 Topper - AIR 3 sharing his experience with SILICA

Amey Haram, NID 2018 Topper - AIR 3

"My journey at SILICA has been a memorable one. I have learned a lot from everyone in SILICA. My amazing teachers, caring staff members and fellow students, everyone has helped me to get the best out of myself. I thank all the people at SILICA for my success as they are my fuel to keep me working and helping me to achieve more"
Aditi Shastry, NID 2016 Topper (AIR 1)

Aditi Shastry, NID 2016 Topper (AIR 1)

My journey to NID started three years back when I joined Silica. Here, I learned to express my Ideas and build on them creatively. I especially liked the Materials Course as I was able to discover so much about so many materials and techniques. Also, the DAT mock tests helped me manage time efficiently. NID for me, was a dream and I'm glad its become a reality.
Kisholay Mohnata, NID 2016

Kisholay Mohnata, NID 2016

"Everything was going smooth enough but suddenly we met with an problem that NID has changed its DAT pattern. But SILICA was always one step ahead. Within a short span of time SILICA moulded us within the new pattern and now we were confident enough. ... I would like to suggest to all my dear friends who are preparing for NID, that don’t try to miss even a single lecture, try to complete all your homeworks on time and work hard for it."
NID Phase 2 Mains Home Coaching

NID Phase 2 [Mains] Home Coaching

SILICA's Home Coaching Kit contains:

  1. Covers Studio Test, Interview & Portfolio Preparation
  2. Prepared by NID / IIT Alumni
  3. 30+ Video Lessons
  4. 140+ Studio Test Exercises
  5. 20+ Materials for Real Studio Test Experience
  6. MDES: Workbook for 19 NID Disciplines
  7. Cash on Delivery available.
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  • The DAT Mains will be for about 3 hours and 100 marks.
  • The DAT prelims score carries 80% weightage in final score. For MDes, the split is Studio Test (50%) and Interview (30%).
  • The DAT Mains for M.Des. consists of two parts:
    1. Studio Test: This may consist of tests in different formats such as drawing / sketching, hands-on model making, group discussions, observation tests, problem solving tests etc.
    2. Interviews: The interviews will be conducted separately for each discipline, immediately after the Studio Test, at the same centre. This will be an opportunity for the students present their design portfolio to the jury.
  • Click on link for NID Mains Sample Papers.

Past cut offs for NID DAT BDes (Mains)were as follows:

Year Open OBC-NCL SC ST Open-PH
2018 68.10 59.50 55.50 52.50 48.00
2017 67.00 58.50 56.00 48.00 50.00
2017 60.00 53.00 50.00 48.00 52.00

The cut offs for NID DAT MDes (Mains) are different for each discipline and ranges 55 to 75.

The cut off for NID DAT Mains in 2018 is as follows-

BDes / GDPD:

Program & Campus Open OBC-NCL SC ST PH
BDes at Ahmedabad 60.85 55.87 53.50 51.40 50.25
GDPD at Kurukshetra 55.70 51.00 49.35 47.55 45.55
GDPD at Vijayawada 57.24 52.15 50.47 47.85 46.70

Program & Campus Open OBC-NCL SC ST PH
Animation Film Design 62.82 57.15 NE 61.65 48.50
Apparel Design 53.60 50.00 44.38 50.33 40.15
Ceramic & Glass Design 55.23 51.00 47.38 50.75 NE
Design for Retail Experience 62.23 56.15 54.50 55.45 NA
Digital Game Design 63.58 57.88 55.93 54.35 NA
Film & Video Communication 60.03 54.45 52.45 NE NE
Furniture Design 58.98 54.60 56.08 47.48 50.73
Graphic Design 60.70 57.08 48.95 NE 53.98
Information Design 66.18 62.43 57.85 NE NE
Interaction Design 58.88 53.15 51.93 51.08 NE
Lifestyle Accessory Design 61.70 56.18 51.85 54.10 NA
New Media Design 54.90 52.18 48.43 47.10 NA
Photography Design 53.95 NE 50.03 46.90 46.95
Product Design 66.23 60.98 60.18 57.65 55.45
Strategic Design Management 58.55 56.20 53.68 55.40 47.50
Textile Design 57.25 52.55 51.85 54.78 NE
Toy & Game Design 59.00 53.95 55.75 NE NA
Transportation & Automobile Design 66.58 61.95 58.70 NE 59.90
Universal Design 62.03 60.48 51.23 56.23 NA

Phase 2: DAT (Mains)

On the basis of the DAT Prelims score, candidates are shortlisted and called for DAT Mains. The DAT Mains for this programme consists of two parts:

  • Studio Test: This may consist of tests in different formats such as drawing / sketching, hands-on model making, group discussions, presentations etc. This test will be marked out of 100 marks and will be conducted in English. The DAT Mains for NID MDes will include questions relating to the design discipline applied for by the candidate.
  • Interviews (only for MDes): The interviews will be conducted separately for each discipline, immediately after the Studio Test, at the same centre. The candidates may be asked to present their design portfolio as part of the interview.

  • Note 1- The weightage of each test in the NID Mains is decided every year by the NID Admission Cell, but is generally Studio Test (70%) and Interview (30%).

  • NID B.Des. / GDPD Studio Test - The questions will be common / similar for all.
  • NID M.Des. Studio Test - The questions will be design discipline specific.
  • The following table shows a list of topics and questions, which can be asked in the Studio Test:
# Type of Question Sample Question
1 Doodling & Drawing Observe the car parked outside and sketch it from 2 different angles.
2 Observation Tests Questions which will test your observation through the 5 senses: Sight, Hearing, Touch, Smell, Taste. E.g. List down all the ingredients that made up the breakfast you had this morning.
3 3D Model Making Use the given clay and thin wire to create a 3D model of your favorite cartoon or animation character.
4 Problem Solving More Applicable to M.Des. E.g. Automobile Design: Design the dashboard of concept motorbike by Honda. Please explain your concept through notes and sketches. Please show final rendering of the dashboard of the motorbike.
5 Group Discussions In a group of 10 candidates, have a group discussion on the following statement. Discuss either For or Against the statement. “Do quarrels strengthen relationships?”
6 Other Tests (Skits etc) In a group of 5 candidates, prepare a 3 minute skit on the following topic:“Incredible India!”

The NID entrance exam is near & we are sure the NID 2019 panic has struck everyone around. The preparation for National Institute of Design is not just any NID studio test as it seems because it requires immense preparations to ascertain you qualify. We at Silica provide a 10 days NID crash course that will prepare you to the best of your ability to get yourself admitted to your favorite NID campus. We provide exclusive course modules that cover all NID exam pattern and help you crack the desired NID result. The 10 days course that we provide tends to cover the important aspects of the NID test and gives the students a perspective regarding each of the modules. It is very important to understand and cover every necessary aspect of the module to crack the NID entrance exam. This is very the 10 days NID crash course helps you to be at your best.

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