Furniture & Interior Design

The Furniture and Interior Design program aims to provide an integrated approach to furniture and interior elements as part of living/work spaces. The Furniture & Interior Design Discipline believes in a broad and interdisciplinary attitude for enriching the design activity. The discipline also encourages introduction of a strong foundation of basics, which facilitates anticipation of the future. Special emphasis is placed on the ability to develop self-made prototypes in order to test human and functional factors v/s aesthetics and use of materials. The programmes establish quality interactions with leading design and manufacturing firms, that bring a vital reality into the students’ endeavours.


Furniture & Interior Design at a Glance

Furniture & Interior Designers perform the following tasks on a regular basis :

  • Creating Concepts And Designs That Balance Innovative Design, Functional Requirements And Aesthetic Appeal
  • Communicating & understanding the clients’ requirements for individual projects
  • Specifying materials and furnishings, such as lighting, furniture, wall finishes, flooring, and plumbing fixtures
  • Determining the placements & functionality of furniture & Home Accessories
  • Using software packages such as Autocad, Inventor, Solidworks and Photoshop
  • Finding ways to improve & customise furniture items already manufactured to make them multi-purpose

The following Skills & Aptitudes required to be successful at this Career :

  • Model making skills and good hand-eye coordination
  • An understanding of computer-aided design (CAD) and other technological advances
  • Basic knowledge of industrial processes and techniques, safety issues and specialist materials
  • Good drawing skills, including perspective drawing and visual awareness
  • Creativity, imagination and attention to detail
  • Strong communication skills (both written and verbal) to write briefs, promote and explain ideas, and build relationships with clients
  • Organisational and creative problem-solving skills
  • Good negotiating and management skills

About Furniture & Interior Design Schools

Sr No. College/Institute Location Courses
1. National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad B.Des & M.Des in Furniture Design
2. MIT-ID Pune 4 year UG program
3. Srishti Bangalore B.Voc in Interior Design & Build
4. Centre for Environmental Planning & Technology (CEPT) Ahmedabad
  • Bachelor of Interior Design
  • B.Des in Furniture Design
  • M.Des in Furniture Design
  • International Master of Interior Architectural Design
5. Pearl Academy BA in Interior & Architecture Design
6. Unitedworld Institute of Design Ahmedabad
  • UG course in Interior Design
  • PG course in Furniture & Interior design
7. Lovely Professional University (LPU) Punjab
  • B.Sc. & B.Des Interior & Furniture Design
  • M.Sc. & M.Des in Interior & Furniture Design
8. Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology Bangalore B.Sc. in Interior Design
9. International Institute of Fashion Design Mumbai, Pune
  • 1 year foundation
  • 2 year advanced
  • 3 year specialisation
  • Super specialisation course in Interior Design
10. IILM Gurugram Bachelor of Interior Design
11. Arch Academy Jaipur B.Des,BA & B.Voc in Interior design
12. College of Architecture & centres for Design Nashik
  • B.Des in Interior Design
  • B.Des in Furniture Design

General Program Structure is as follows :

  • The Discipline of Furniture and Interior Design deals with the creation and evolution of objects, structures and systems at human scale that aim to improve the quality of life in the immediate living and working environment
  • The program emphasises on looking at sustainable and innovative use of diverse materials and processes
  • It provides a comprehensive understanding of commercial objectives, marketing knowledge, visual merchandising, spatial and display design, fixture and lighting, communication design and branding strategies

About the Work Industry/Job Market

The world of interior & furniture design is changing each day :

  • The houses are becoming more & more compact given the increase in space crunch and smaller families
  • 3D printing & VR will be used for better demonstration of plans for clients’ understanding
  • Separate rooms will now disappear and be used for multiple purposes
  • High-Tech is here to stay. Voice and sensor activation will be the norm. Lighting, entertainment and environmental controls (heating and cooling) and window treatments will be motorized by the general population
  • Outdoor living with low maintenance is a must. Low-maintenance landscaping and “functional” gardens with herb and vegetables will be prevalent
  • The world will see greater emphasis on sustainable as well as customised furniture

The average pay for an Interior & Furniture Designer is Rs. 3 to 4 lacs p.a.

Following is the list of some of the best companies to work for, in the discipline :

  • Shabnam Gupta
  • ZZ Architects and Interior Designers
  • Home Makers Interior
  • Anish Motwani Associates
  • Sp Design Plus India
  • Ace Interiors
  • Ajay Shah Design Studio

Personalities to Follow :

  • Kelly Wearstler
  • Jean-Louis Deniot
  • Peter Marino
  • Marcel Wanders
  • Kelly Hoppen

Associations to Follow :

  • Council of Architecture
  • Josmo Studio
  • Studio Wood
  • Studio HAUS
  • Purple Turtles
  • Differeniture
  • Spin
  • Kayu Inspirations

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