What Is The Difference Between NID And NIFT?

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When thinking of fashion and design for a career, the first names that in mind are likely to be the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), and/or the National Institute of Design (NID), however, getting admission to any of these institutes is not a cakewalk. You have to sit for a tricky and competitive entrance test and score decently to secure a seat there.  Again, many aspiring designers keep wondering whether to try for NID, NIFT, or both. It all depends on what you actually want to pursue a career. Here is a little bit of help to get started.


NID, as an institution, does not merely stick to the fashion world. In fact, the Institute offers a handful of fashion-related courses. The curriculum revolves around various aspects of designing. This includes the design-related works in automobiles, fashion, architecture, lifestyle, cartoons, films, communication, movie making and much more. However, many fields indirectly relate to the fashion world. These include textile designing, fashion designing, fashion communication, knitwear, lifestyle and the like. Hence, the bottom line is, if you are interested in the fashion world, then NIFT is the Institute for you. However, if you want to pursue a designing course that relates to animation, films, different products, graphics and the like, then prepare yourself to crack the NID entrance exam.

Studying In NID

3D clay modelling by Silica foundation batch at LC Road

Located in Ahmedabad, the NID offers a four-year-long B.Des in 8 different disciplines of design. They include Ceramic and glass design, Furniture design, Textile design, Film and video communication, Animation film design, Product design, Graphic design, and Exhibition design. Those desiring to further their studies can go for M.Des in all the disciplines, except for exhibition design. Nevertheless, the Institute offers its M.Des diploma in some other disciplines, as well. These include Apparel design, Information design, Strategic design management, design for the retail experience, Lifestyle accessory design, Toy and game design, Digital game design, New media design, Transportation and Interaction design.

Studying In NIFT

The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) caters to the different needs in the fashion world and business. It is a nation-leading institute for studying technology, management and design. The statutory Institute has the patronage of the Ministry of textiles, government of India. At present, it has 16 professionally managed campuses across the length and breadth of India. There are campuses in Bhopal, Bengaluru, Bhubneshwar, Chennai, Gandhinagar, Hyderabad, Jodhpur, Kolkata, Kannur, Kangra, Mumbai, New Delhi, Patna, Raebareli, Srinagar and Shillong.

As a part of its regular programs, the Institute offers 7 Bachelor’s Degree courses, each four years long and 3 Master’s Degree course, each to be continued for two years. Courses offered are

Bachelor of Fashion Technology or B.F.Tech in Apparel Production, Bachelor of Design or B.Des in Leather Design, Bachelor of Design or B.Des in Accessory Design, Bachelor of Design or B.Des in Textile Design, Bachelor of Design or B.Des in Fashion Design, Bachelor of Design or B.Des in Fashion Communication and Bachelor of Design or B.Des in Knitwear Design. Those desiring to continue their study can pursue Master of Design or M.Des, Master of Fashion Technology or M.F.Tech and Master of Fashion Management or MFM. These apart, the NIDT offers its PhD programme (5 yrs). Hence, cracking the NIFT entrance exam can open the gateway to a number of fashion-related studying opportunities.

Continuing Education with NIFT

The NIFT offers an array of certificate courses. Their duration ranges from a month to a year. Different campuses offer different courses. However, some of the most popular Continuing Education (CE) programs include Luxury Product Design (1 year), Fashion Retail Management (1 year), Fashion and Clothing Technology (1 year), E-commerce for Fashion Business (3 month), Textile for Interior and Fashion (1 year), Fashion Enterprise and Business Management (1 year), and many more.

Finding the Best NIFT and NID Coaching Centre

Securing a seat in either of NID or NIFT is no mean feat. Given that NIFT has different campuses, it might invite a few more students than that of NIT to join there. However, as a candidate, you need to prepare yourself to sit for entrance exams that involve cut-throat competition. That being said, you might want to join a NID coaching center that specializes in training candidates for such NID & NIFT entrance exams.

When it comes to NIFT, there is no need to prepare a portfolio for admission. However, for NID, you will have to prepare one. Your portfolio is going to define you. Hence, it might include your yesteryears’ artworks, even those you did years ago. In fact, you may add just about anything that you know. For example, you can add crochet, quilting, Photoshop and anything that reflects your passion, as well as dedication for design. While preparing yourself, look for a training institute that might help you take a step further.

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