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Will JEE Mains April 2021 Be Postponed?

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The National Testing Agency has released its JEE Mains April Session examination dates but things are not looking good for the candidates. Back in January in an interview conducted with Vineet Joshi, NTA Director, he said that they would like to conduct the examination at their regular schedule. But ever since then things are not looking good for the candidates and the exam bodies. With an abrupt and heavy rise in the COVID cases in the country there has been a lot of talks and debates regarding whether the examinations should be postponed for the time being and although nothing final has been said on such topic, with the current scenario in the country, and with new cases surging in the digits of lakhs every day, it looks quite certain that there might be a delay of the exams in the plans.

And although the examination for JEE Mains amongst other competitive exams has been in debates ever since its January session, with the Maharashtra board postponing the HSC and SSC examination to the month of May and June, the chances of JEE Mains exams April Session might be postponed as well. Maharashtra amongst other states has seen an abrupt and alarmingly high surge in COVID-19 cases ever since March. When things got a little in control, lockdowns were lifted in the country, with states like Goa declaring as COVID free states, and things were going back to their regular schedule. But now with an increase in cases, the chances of various competitive exams being postponed seems very much likely.

The main concern is to ensure the safety of everyone present at the examination including students, staff members. But even with the various new COVID-19 guidelines in place, the risk of spread is seeming high. The education boards, ministries along various examination bodies such as the National Testing Agency are in talks to figure out the best route for the time being. Though it might be best for the candidates to be prepared completely for the examinations, it also might be a good idea to be prepared for the postponing of the examinations.  

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