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UCEED Coaching: Do You Really Need Coaching To Clear The UCEED Exam?

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UCEED or Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design is one of the popular design entrance exams in India to get admission into the best colleges across the country. There are several strong reasons why you should opt for coaching to clear the UCEED exam 2020. If the reasons are so strong then why some people advise against coaching? We will try to answer that question. Also, there are myths that surround coaching in general, we will debunk them here. So, let’s begin:-

1. First of all, many students are indeed intelligent enough to study on their own. It is easy for them to understand concepts and their applications. As in the case with the UCEED exam, it contains 3 types of questions, namely Numerical Answer Type (NAT), Multiple Select Questions(MSQ), and Multiple Choice Questions(MCQ). All three sections with corresponding topics can be thoroughly studied. But, a good coaching class can add that extra dimension to the preparation of an intelligent student as well. How is it so?

Coaching classes provide a highly competitive environment. The healthy competition can bring out the best in you. It can just confirm your grip on the subjects and give you the much-needed confidence before the final UCEED exam. 

2. The first point was about born geniuses. For others, its hard work to prepare for exams and it ultimately bears fruits. So, when you know a long duration of time is necessary to achieve your UCEED goal, mentors play a key role in the process. Design coaching institutes like Silica have domain experts and qualified professionals to help you with UCEED preparation

The aim of coaching institutes like Silica is not just design entrance coaching, but the overall development of a design aspirant, career guidance, mentorship, contacts and much more. Therefore, it is nothing less than a treasure to join design coaching classes. 


3. Now let’s take a look at UCEED topics. It generally revolves around analytical and logical reasoning, communication, design thinking, visualization, etc. You must be an expert in some of the topics. What about the other topics? Since they are equally important, coaching classes and expert guidance on specific subjects can push your UCEED score up.

Also, right from KG class to 12th and perhaps beyond, you have done your learning in a classroom environment. This gives you continuity and improves your learning habit. Another great reason to join UCEED coaching classes.

4. The proponents against coaching usually say ”Coaching classes are all business and they run these institutes for money”. That is a myth. Not all institutes are the same. Silica is one of the few brilliant coaching institutes that genuinely cares for the students and leads them all the way to the best careers in design. 

If these anti-coaching sentiments are to believed, all establishments are nothing but money-making businesses. That’s not true. Therefore, it completely depends on an individual if he/she wishes to join UCEED coaching classes.

5. Coaching classes are full of students and focus can not be given on individuals. This is a complaint which is often heard. But, in recent times, the problems have been addressed by features like personalized learning and better tutor to student ratio. 

Moreover, what if your schools were loaded with children, would you stop going to schools? Of course not. Similarly, a good design coaching institute will you a great platform to study and prepare yourself for the UCEED exam in the best way possible.

Adding to the above pointers, a design aspirant can benefit from the updated study material, previous year question papers, expertly made sample papers, top-rated tips, tricks, UCEED Exam Syllabus and continuous guidance at coaching institutes like Silica. So, the answer to the question – Do you really need coaching to clear the UCEED exam? is a big Yes. It can help you in many ways. You will get complete UCEED Exam Syllabus.

Visit Silica:www.silica.co.in for course details.

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