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All About NIFT Coaching, Sample Paper, Solution for 2021

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Each year, hordes of design aspirants take an entrance examination for admission to the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). Based on the scores of the aspirants in the competitive entrance examination, the institute publishes a merit list. 

Those who make it to the list become eligible for admission to distinct academic degree programs at the institute. Only those students who make it to the top of the rankings on the list are eligible for admission.

Most people think that advanced preparation is necessary to crack the NIFT entrance exam. It becomes evident when you consider the pattern of questions and the large number of aspirants who appear for it. Among other things, the type of coaching an aspirant receives and the sample paper or study material they follow also makes a big difference in the chances of their success. 

Read on to find out detailed information about these aspects to ace the NIFT examination in 2021.

Self-study vs. coaching: which is the right option for you?

Most aspirants ask this question and wish to find the answer to it. No doubt, you can find an answer to this question on the Internet. But the majority of the sites speak in favor of one out of these two options. In practical terms, both options play an equally important role in your success in the examination.

If you go into the details of these aspects, you will understand the complex relationship between both of them. They complement each other. With the right coaching, you can enhance your basic knowledge of concepts. Plus, you can also sharpen your skills. 

Self-study, on the other hand, allows you to get a detailed insight into the things that you have already learnt. Technically, self-study refers to the approach of studying on your own. The more you do it, the better it will serve the needs of your overall NIFT entrance examination preparations. 

For the right coaching, you need to choose the right institute. By the same token, it is essential to choose the right book study material or books for self-study. Together with both, proper time management will help you achieve your desired results.

As regards the institutes, most students go with the reputed ones such as Silica for their NIFT preparation. From classroom coaching to providing the best NIFT study material, such institutes play a vital role in your chances for success in the examination.

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NIFT entrance exam sample papers: their importance and how to get them

The chances of success of an examinee in any competitive examination depend on their preparation. This is a common perception, and most candidates are well aware of it. But despite a good understanding of the concepts, some aspirants fail to cross the finishing line. In most cases, it happens due to a lack of practice.

You can overcome this challenge in 2021 by practicing NIFT entrance exam sample papers. By practicing them time and again before taking the actual exam, you can get used to the exam pattern. It can help you can brush aside all your nervousness and steady your nerves in the examination hall.

Apart from getting accustomed to the pattern of the question paper, the rigorous practice of NIFT sample papers can also benefit you in other ways. For instance, you get to know the estimated duration of time you need to answer each question. It helps you answer all the questions within the allotted time. 

Even as you need further practice to enhance your ability to answer all the questions, it gives you a rough idea of your current speed and highlights the areas in which you need improvement. It is imperative from the standpoint of getting better scores. If you can answer all the questions within the allotted time and get some time for revision following it, then no one can prevent you from meeting with success.

Wondering how you can download the NIFT sample papers of the previous year for practice? It is easier than you think. If you have a proper working Internet connection, you can download it online from one of the reliable sites. You can either visit the link to download NIFT sample papers on Silica’s website , or you can download it on the site of any other reputed institute that provides NIFT coaching.

NIFT Solution for 2021: how to utilise it to your advantage

The NIFT solution 2021 or the answer key will help you evaluate your answers while correcting them after practicing the sample papers. Whether you are reliant on self-study, coaching classes, or both, the answer key will guide you through in all the situations.

NIFTFinal Thoughts

A systematic preparation is an ultimate mantra for success in the NIFT entrance exam. Apart from attending the NIFT coaching classes at a reputed institute, you also need to focus your attention on self-study and solving the previous years’ sample papers. If you prepare for the competitive examination by bearing these things in mind, you will crack the exam with flying colours.

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