Live Online Coaching for NIFT, NID, CEED, UCEED, NATA During Lockdown

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In the age of the internet, online classes and online learning have emerged as a major method of learning for students. Nothing exemplifies it better than SILICA. With online coaching classes for NIFT, NID, CEED, UCEED, and NATA, it has emerged as the major destination for learning and preparation for design-related courses.

Online learning for the preparation for competitive examination is not a new concept, especially for the aspirants of design courses in India. However, unlike other institutes, SILICA’s online classes provide some extra benefits to students that come in handy for their systematic preparation.

SILICA Coaching Classes for Students Are On Despite the Lockdown

The lockdown imposed by the Government of India due to the COVID-19 pandemic has left both institutes and students with no option other than that of online coaching classes. SILICA is taking all possible steps to ensure students do not lose touch with their studies due to the lockdown caused by coronavirus pandemic.

SILICA normally provides NATA, NIFT coaching, and coaching classes for other examinations in its classroom. However, it has made a change to this approach given its extraordinary nature of the current situation. As much as SILICA is committed to helping students to grab the top spots in the examination with systematic guidance and study materials, it also cares for their well-being.

For the time being, it has adopted the approach of conducting online classes. This is in line with the direction of the government to remain indoors for promoting social distancing to flatten the curve of COVID-19 in India.

As a responsible institute, SILICA is dutybound to follow the directions of the government along with ensuring that the current situation does not impact students’ preparation in any way. From covering the courses to conducting revisions and mock tests, the institute and its faculty members are focussed on helping students reap the benefits of its online classes.

Twenty different faculties are conducting online classes for learners in 5 days a week.

While most students believe SILICA’s decision to offer online classes is benefitting them, the institute also aims to provide it to those who are willing to take a fresh admission. The move is intended to help those who want to carry on their training program for CEED/UCEED, NIFT, and NATA/JEE examinations from the comfort of their home. Also, it is providing the same for the NID entrance examination.

SILICA’s Innovative Approach And Online Study Materials Benefit Students

Here’s how the institute is helping students cope with their studies and preparation for the competitive examination in the current lockdown phase.

CEED/UCEED: SILICA is offering a live coaching program to both existing learners as well as those who are willing to take a fresh admission. We are happy to state that students from our institute have achieved the 3rd, 4th, 9th, and 11th positions in the 2020 entrance examination. Besides, our mock tests have also been instrumental in helping more than 200 students crack the competitive examination.

We have a mobile app with more than a thousand video solutions and more than two thousand MCQ questions relating to these examinations for the benefit of students.

NIFT: Our mobile application for NIFT entrance exam offers more than 1000 GAT questions plus more than thirty online coaching videos. Last year, students from our institute grabbed the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 7th positions out of the 46 students who took the examination.

NATA/JEE: At SILICA, we take pride in helping students achieve their NATA examination goals. Last year, more than 680 students cracked this competitive examination in flying colours. Our mobile app involves more than 3000 MCQ questions for NATA mock test practice along with more than 75 aptitude videos.

NID: To ensure a full-fledged preparation of students for the NID entrance exam, we provide more than 2000 questions for rigorous practice and more than a thousand online coaching videos. You can access them by downloading our mobile application.

As one of the leading centres for JEE, CEED, UCEED, NATA, NIFT, and NID examinations, SILICA is committed to helping students even in this lockdown period to the best of its abilities. It is constantly making efforts to assist students in their learning curve with mock tests, coaching, solved question papers, and online sessions.

Alongside helping the existing students, the institute also plans to help those who want to take fresh admissions. At present, SILICA is conducting demo classes. Interested candidates can avail it by reaching out on 08080809198 or visit

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