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Choose the Best Weekly Preparation Strategy & Tips for UCEED Aspirants

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Precisely, 7 weeks are left for the exam day. UCEED is one of the most popular entrance exams among the students who are looking for a successful career in design. As qualifying the UCEED exam helps you get into admission into IIT’s, it is indeed your gateway to a brilliant career and a successful life.

To crack any exam or in this case UCEED exam, a well-planned preparation strategy can go a long way to attain your desired score. To get Top All India Ranking – AIR in UCEED 2020, a weekly preparation strategy can boost your confidence and help you achieve the ultimate goal of becoming a master designer.

What is the best way to do UCEED preparation from today? The UCEED exam is scheduled to be conducted on Saturday, 18 January 2020. So, how can you divide the month of December 2019 and January 2020 into weeks and do the preparation?

This blog aims to provide you with the best weekly preparation strategy & tips for UCEED aspirants of 2020. It can help you fix a rigorous weekly routine that will push your limits and level up your preparation. Eventually, you will be close to perfection and confident enough to give UCEED exam.

Before we jump into the weekly plan, it is important to know that strategy and study plan works differently for different people. To some, this will surely be nothing less than a transformation. For others, it will add to their already laid out plan according to their skills.

Also, there are two categories of students. Some students love playing with numbers and are more inclined to mathematics, observation and problem solving and find it easy. Other aspirants are highly skilled in communication, learning new information and retaining the important dates, personalities, incidents and places, covering all the general knowledge and current affairs easily.

Therefore, this weekly preparation strategy is a pretty balanced one, perhaps a little tilted towards students who belong to the first category.

Let’s jump into the details:-

The UCEED exam topics can be broadly divided into Mathematics, Visualization, Aptitude, Communication, and General Knowledge. You should aim to learn and finish the comprehensive list of weekly topics mentioned with discipline.

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Tips On How To Manage Time Better to Answer UCEED 2020

For Dec 2019

Week 1

Begin the week with topics which are comparatively easy. Take paragraph and reading comprehension, verbal reasoning, and sentence corrections in English. Follow it with General Knowledge topics on design related to everyday objects or famous writers, and experts in the field. Check videos on art media, prominent colours, photography, animations etc.

Now that you have gained a bit of rhythm, jump to non-verbal reasoning by the end of the week.

Week 2

It is advisable to take some time off. Do this every week till the exam. Once you feel you are refreshed, gear up for an intense preparation in the week.

Up your game and study topics like Mathematical aptitude, Image-based questions, work on visualization skills. Delve deep into perspective drawing, vanishing point concepts, imagination and creativity skills.

If you are taking UCEED coaching class at Silica, take up the UCEED study material which will help you a lot to refine these skills. Also, give UCEED mock test regularly so that you can have a firm grip on these topics.

Week 3

By week 3, you are in the groove. Weeks 3 to 5 is the best time to attend to most difficult topics.

Therefore, along with maths aptitude, start studying and practicing topics like geometry, types of projections, views, mensuration, exercise numerical problems, mechanical and spatial ability. Follow up these technical aspects with general knowledge.

Focus on GK on materials, font, mechanism of products around you and at your home. Find interesting topics to read about Indian culture, illusion, word arrangement, history, renaissance, facial features.

Try to find the right balance and give an equal measure of time for both sections. Take UCEED sample papers and previous year papers and strengthen your hold on every topic.

Week 4

Continue learning the topics mentioned in week 3. Since the UCEED exam syllabus is quite vast in nature, it is impossible to cover all aspects of it. But, the more you learn, the more you will be confident while giving the exam in January.

Continue practicing drawing to ace the skills. Detailed, accurate, and error-free drawings in less time should be your aim. Give a considerable amount of time developing the skill to ideate innovatively.

Get expert guidance from design mentors at Silica who will guide you on all these topics immensely.

Week 5

By week 5, you must be over with difficult drawing, aptitude and visualization topics. Return to basics and learn more about the solid, image, shape manipulation, syllogisms, analogy, and tessellations. Couple them with UCEED mock tests at Silica.

Study about architecture, its history in India and the world, famous painters, and designers, monuments.

By this week, you must note down all the doubts. Notice your strength and weakness while attending UCEED practice papers. Seek professional help to clear all your doubts. Do not leave them for the next week.

For January 2020

Week 1

Go through the UCEED syllabus and tally with the topics you have covered. Make this your priority of the week. Once done, only take up sample papers and practice papers. Practice rigorously the previous year question papers.

Learn to manage time during this phase as it is a very important aspect of the UCEED exam. Practice and attend drawing questions especially. Clear doubts if any and be in the zone for the exam. By the end of the week, begin the last phase – which is revision.

Week 2

Revise all the topics you studied in the preceding weeks. Revision of general knowledge, maths aptitude, visualization, geometry, drawing must be taken up. Avoid learning anything new and be thorough with the topics you have learned already.

Take as many mock tests as possible.

Remember to go through the exam schedule, time and date of your exam. Relax quite a bit before the day of your test. You will be ready to take on the challenge of UCEED exam 2020 by now.

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