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How To Prepare An Appealing Portfolio For Interview Based On Your CEED Score

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Achieving qualifying marks in the CEED exam is not the end of the road. It is just the beginning. Next up is the interview one has to face in the best colleges all around India based on your CEED score. An appealing portfolio can be the game changer to impress the interviewer and help you get into your dream college. Generally, a portfolio is assessed based on factors like aesthetics, form familiarity, user interaction-function, and innovation. 

If you are just a beginner, let us define what is a portfolio? A portfolio is your best collection of artwork and design and it usually contains the recent projects done by you. Why do NID, IIT, and IISC colleges ask for a portfolio in an interview? The main purpose of portfolios is to gauge your creative spark and general interest towards design. It should clearly demonstrate your design potential. 

So, if you have successfully cleared the CEED exam, here are few excellent tips to reach the next level:- 

Tip – 1

Showcase your best work to the interviewer. It requires a few months of persistent hard work and commitment to building a portfolio that is sensational. Your work should talk for you and leave a lasting impression on the minds of the people. All your interests, ideas, experience, and abilities related to design must be on full display. Including a variety of work in your portfolio is a plus but do not go overboard with experimentation. Limiting your work to only the best is advised.  

Tip – 2

A nice presentation can go a long way to impress the interviewer. Labelling your portfolio is of paramount importance. Give an introduction which is not more than a line. Let the interviewer quickly comprehend what the design is all about and jump on to the visuals. Labelling also helps in conveying your thought process and usability of the design. 

Tip – 3

Print vs Web vs Laptop. There are pros and cons to all the three ways you can communicate your portfolio to the interviewer. A printed portfolio is a method which is generally considered to be more effective. There are several websites where you can upload your work and share the link. The downside of weblink is that without the internet it would be possible to access it. You can show it on your laptop as well. All in all, make sure that it isn’t cluttered and everything is laid down in a presentable manner.

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Tip – 4

If you have created something fantastic or out of the box models or prototypes, share it with the interviewer and explain how it can benefit or bring change. It doesn’t need to be perfect. As mentioned before, the creativity carries weight and it sure can earn you some brownie points. 

Tip – 5

Awards or Appreciation for your work can give a big boost to your credibility as a designer. Certificates, awards, honours, scholarships, newspaper articles or anything that shows or reflects your achievement must be included in the portfolio.

Other than the above-mentioned tips, there are several other things you can include such as career summary, future goals, educational qualifications, work experience, workshops & conferences attended by you, collaboration with eminent designers or personalities in the fashion world. This will show your range of skills and how versatile you are. Nowadays, your work posted on social media platforms and the engagement it garnered can also impress the interviewer. 

So, if you have cracked CEED exam, and awaiting interview call-ups from the best design colleges in India, start working on your portfolio right away with the help of these excellent tips shared above. For guidance and support for design career, join Silica institute, providing best design entrance exam training in different parts of India.

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