NID Entrance Exam Pattern – How it has changed?

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National Institute of Design, one of the best institutes in India has produced many professionals in the design industry. The NID entrance exam which is the gateway to this prestigious institute is highly anticipated by design aspirants from all over the country. The NID exam is a design aptitude test which checks the creativity as well as the knowledge of the aspirants. The exam paper in recent years consisted of objective as well as subjective questions. Time and again, the experts have questioned the need for aptitude questions when design career is all about creativity and innovation. But, the exam officials have maintained that they want to test the verbal and visual competencies of the candidates.

NID entrance exam contains a Preliminary exam, Mains and the Interview after that. Those who qualify after successfully clearing all these phases get admission to the NID institute. For the past 3 years from 2016 to 2018, the same pattern was followed for the NID exam. The multiple-choice questions –MCQ’s carried 70% weightage and subjective questions carried 30%. But those students who did NID preparation for the year 2019 were in for a big surprise. The NID entrance exam conducted on January 6 th , 2019 saw a complete reversal of the exam pattern. The subjective questions constituted 70% and objective questions, in turn, carried 30% weightage. The students who attended the exam didn’t expect such a drastic change in the exam pattern. What this meant was the students had to spend more time drawing and sketching while less time attending the aptitude based questions. The syllabus for the subjective section consisted of Visualization &  Spatial Ability, Observation & Design Sensitivity, Analytical & Logical Reasoning, Environmental & Social Awareness, Design Thinking & Problem Solving and also Language and Creativity. This year, the exam paper consisted of perspective drawing, stamp design, communication design. Those students who rigorously practiced drawing while doing NID preparation found it relatively easy to attend the questions.

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The students, who attended the NID entrance exam, unequivocally were of the opinion that though the drawing questions were more in number, it wasn’t a constraint as such. Sufficient time was available to finish all the questions. The aptitude questions were also said to be fine. The only possible concern felt was that they couldn’t show their creativity in the best way possible. Most of the students were not expecting the pattern change this year and this was a challenge for them. Since the mark scheme was already revealed by the National Institute of Design, this was nothing short of a surprise. Those who took NID coaching classes also felt the same. On the other hand, few felt that the exam pattern was too much different and they didn’t enjoy the exam. More general knowledge and spatial ability questions were asked.
Some experts pointed out that it is a welcome change and this should be the away forward. Students who are doing NID preparation must focus more on drawing and design. The aptitude can be part of the questions for sure. This changes the mindset of the students and they develop the design and creative aptitude to clear the exam.

All in all, it can be deduced that the NID entrance exam pattern saw big changes but students found it reasonably easy to deal with. Those who attended NID coaching classes must have found it easy to attempt the exam. Since coaching institutes like Silica give equal importance to both the objective and subjective questions, the students can face any challenge. The expert mentors with top-rated tips and tricks and great design experience assist students with strategy and any eventual change of plan. When students get to study in a streamlined approach, the results are always positive. The modules in NID coaching classes are also dedicated specifically for drawing, designing, visual thinking with the latest software and more.
Silica one of the well-known coaching institutes provides NID coaching classes. The advanced design aptitude development, special workshops and high-quality course modules for NID entrance exam preparation will help you achieve your NID dream.

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