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Want to prepare for NIFT in 4 months? Here’s how to do it

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The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) is a group of fashion colleges in India. It is a highly reputed institute for fashion technology and is the preferred choice for every fashion student. So, students who want to prepare for the NIFT exam 2020 must read this article.

You must have a passion for fabrics, colors and various fashion styles to expect success in the NIFT entrance exams. Are you a trend-setter among your peers and are you able to get your unique ideas across through your sketches? These are a few questions you must ask yourself. If the answer is yes, then you have made the right career choice.

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Fashion designing as a career

Fashion designing transcends creativity, glamour and current trends. A talented fashion designer creates styles that become classics and stand the test of time. A fashion designer needs to constantly reinvent and set new benchmarks in the fashion world.

To have a career in fashion, one must first pursue a course in fashion designing. The National Institute of Fashion Technology offers various graduate and post graduate degree courses to help nurture and develop student skills.

Tips for NIFT entrance exam

One has to crack the NIFT entrance exams to earn a seat in the institute. Mentioned below are helpful tips on how to prepare for NIFT entrance examination.

  1. Be well-averse with the syllabus

Each and every NIFT aspirant must be familiar with the ins and outs of the syllabus. A student must study every topic that is covered in the general Ability Test (GAT) and Creative Ability Test (CAT).

  1. Take your sketching skills very seriously

NIFT aspirants need to keep pushing their sketching skills and take it to the next level. Working on quality and speed of your sketches will come handy during solving of multiple choice questions. Since sketching is one of the prerequisite skills in fashion industry, one needs to be able to create quality sketches of their ideas otherwise creativity is of no use.

The pencil strokes should be clear and straight and should not have traces of erasing. The figures should be in proportion. Be innovative and unique with your sketches.


  1. Observational skills

Candidates who will clear CAT and GAT will have to appear for a situation test that will test their ability to handle materials.

  1. Comprehend the paper pattern

Analyzing and understanding the paper pattern is imperative for solving the paper with least amount of time. The candidate will be able to answer the questions quickly and effectively and save time for revision if he/she is familiar with the type of questions that come in the examinations. Practice previous years question papers to get familiar with the style.

  1. Time Management

Since time for answering the test paper is limited, a candidate must pick up pace and maintain accuracy while solving the questions. So, a lot of practice is necessary in the last 4 months of NIFT preparation.

Keep anxiety and stress at bay

Staying calm and composed is the trick to performing optimally during the exam. It is completely normal to get a little nervous before exam. Slight nervousness actually helps perform better. Take a deep breath and drink some water before you approach solving the previous year question paper. Let the process be as if you are sitting for the actual exam. In this way, you will program yourself and perform well at the actual day of exam.

  1. Seek expert guidance

A candidate may have a few queries with respect to the syllabus. In such a case, it is advised to seek the NEFT coaching of a mentor. A mentor will run you through the entire syllabus, clear confusion and also advise you on how to answer the questions. It will boost your confidence significantly.

  1. Make notes for revision

During the final 4 months before the exam, a candidate should make notes of the study material. The notes will help save time and enable the candidate to revise quickly and avoid going through the long drawn syllabus. It will also help brush up quickly on the day of the exams.

  1. Focus upon getting your basics right

Only learning the course material superficially will not do. A candidate must focus on the fundamental basics and build a solid foundation. Having in-depth knowledge across each and every topic is crucial for performing well in the entrance exam. Focus more on logic than formulae.

While specific books cannot be mentioned for the purpose of covering the entire NIFT syllabus, books for NIFT by Silica will definitely help for practice and reference.

The first round of the NIFT exam will include the basics of Mathematics, English, and reasoning. These are all school-level questions. This round will also test your creativity and drawing skills.

The second round to follow is the situation test. This test will decide your rank. Out here the candidate will be given various options to choose from such as designing and making a 3D model of a poll booth or room interior and so on. The candidate will have to make do with the limited supply of materials such as scissors, glue, cardboard, paper and paper within 3 hours.

So, prepare hard and best of luck!

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